Jeep Wheel Spacers Pros And Cons (Before And After)

When you look at wheel spacer price, you might think, why do people buy this instead of a wheel? What are Jeep Wheel Spacers Pros And Cons? Is it safe, is it mandatory? Okey, wheel spacers are not a mandatory upgrade for the jeep.

But it can provide a lot of advantages to the rims, braking system, and overall looks. Also, as the jeep is an outdoor vehicle, it gives a better riding experience in the driver’s seat.

Jeep Wheel Spacers Before And After

Stay with me to know what changes come when you install spacers. Owners use it deliberately to have catchy looks and pure riding quality. (Adipex)


Fitment, appearance, and performance are the main reasons for using wheel spacers. But there are some others you may find interesting.

1. Fitment

Your jeep’s rim might be in the inner, center, or otter side, depending on what model or wheel you have. So wheel spacers can change rims position to have quality fitment. Also, including spacers can give you chances to ensure proper offset for the vehicle.

In most offroad vehicles, Wheels can be closer to the wheel wells, and sometimes it rubs the wheel well and fender flares. So proper wheel spacers can enhance wheel durability.

2. Appearance

Appearance is a great factor related to spacers. As the jeep is an outdoor vehicle, you would like to have an aggressive looking. If your wheels are something forward to the jeep body, it changes the overall look.

If you take a 2-inch spacer, it will bring your wheels more forward to the chassis.

3 . Performance

Wheel spacers give extra width to the jeep. As a result, the driver will have more grip and traction and feel the true value of the spacers when cornering. The driver will be happier when he sees the full wheel in his driving period.

Wheel spacers can provide a bigger size wheel so that a driver can get more handling advantages.

4. Larger Brake Caliper

Larger Brake Caliper

Wheel spacers bring the wheel slightly forward from the brake rotors and the total suspension so that the brake pad can get extra space. It increases the total durability of the brake pad and decreases its chances of brake pad crashing.

A better or bigger sized brake pad can easily be installed. When someone is thinking about a brake kit, wheel spacers can make it more comfortable.

5. Multiple Choices With Quality

There are several spacers in the market at different prices. But, the good matter is that the best spacers are made from more durable billet aluminum. When everybody is talking about safety, I can assure you that billet aluminum-made spacers are safer than the others.

Moreover, spacers are made in different sizes as vehicle size. A normal car user can go with simple-made spacers.

Still, the off-road vehicle needs something more. A driver will not regret who spends adequate money according to the jeep model and doesn’t search for cheaper aluminum-made spacers.

6. Adjustment

Safety and adjustment are relevant words in wheel spacers. That means if you can adjust the spacers, you are safe. Neither Jeeps spacers installation is hard nor a time-consuming process.

Anyone who can open the wheels can also fit a spacer with the suspension. It doesn’t need an extra dilling process, but the driver should be careful when tightening the lug nuts.


Don’t think it is useless When you are thinking about Jeep Wheel Spacers Pros And Cons. On the contrary, if you mount this product in a healthy way, it is totally appropriate.

1. Changes Ride Quality

Engineers say every vehicle has its uniqueness. When you use spacers in your jeep, your previous riding experience will fade depending on the vehicle models. But the manufacturer company also keeps enough room so that anyone can add aftermarket accessories.

So, it depends on what type of experience you want and the vehicle model you have. You shouldn’t select the same spacers both for wrangler and Grand Cherokee. 

2. Narrow Roads And Heavy Steering

Jeep is a giant size vehicle. So when you use spacers, it becomes wider, especially the jeep wrangler. As a result, it narrows down the roads and creates a little bit of problem when you go to a less width road.

Narrow Roads And Heavy Steering

So sometimes the driver needs slightly much time when he is cornering. Moreover, you can find the steering heavy when you move the wheels. Think about the jeep wrangler, which is a heavy and large vehicle. So when you use spacers, it becomes wider. 

3. It Needs A Proper Set

You might not use a wrangler spacer in your car. So, you have to find out which spacer fits according to your vehicle type. As spacers seem pricier, a usual owner will go for a cheaper one, which can jeopardize the jeep and your life.

It would be best if you find out billet aluminum-made spacer that is safer than the others. 

4. Proper Installation

one of the main problems Is that anyone can not use one or two spacers on a trial basis. Without using four spacers, the jeep’s tork, grip, and traction will be changed, which can bring major loss.

Also, the lug nuts need further check. Still, there is a chance of cracking. So, you will have to be more cautious when you are using the extra component.


Finally, every accessory has some positive or negative facts. Wheel spacers do not change the driving experience drastically after installation. But, it changes overall jeep looks from before.

I have listed the most crucial facts about Jeep Wheel Spacers Pros And Cons. if I miss anything that matters much about jeep wheel spacers, don’t forget to comment below.

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