Can you drive a jeep without doors on the highway?

You may have noticed Jeeps roaming around without doors on hot summer days in your valley. And you get the urge to remove your Jeep’s doors because it looks so cool. But you are hesitating, thinking if it is illegal to drive a Jeep without doors on the street.

There is no constitutional or federal law for driving Jeeps without doors. But it can vary on the geographical location because some regions have laws for this modification. But there are some general rules that you must follow everywhere.

So if you want to drive your Jeep without the doors, you will love this article. We will tell you how you can drive your jeep like this without getting a ticket. 

Is It Legal To Drive A Jeep Without Doors?

People tend to modify their Jeeps by removing their doors and sometimes roofs that can be detached. But all owners have the same doubt before driving their jeep without doors, and most think driving a Jeep without doors is not legal.

But it is only partially true because, according to our research, most states allow a Jeep on the road without doors. However, there are some laws and rules for different types of modification due to safety concerns. 

We will discuss different rules for driving a Jeep on the road without doors and mention some places where it is necessary.

At Least One Mirror Laws

Many places in the world allow driving a Jeep without doors without any concern. Maybe that happens because of the Road conditions, and the people are not much into that. It can be rare, so the government is not very concerned about this feature.

But some countries or regions are concerned about this; they only allow you to drive a Jeep when you follow their rules. In some parts of the world, you need at least one mirror on the driver’s side so that they can see vehicles coming on the mirror. This increases safety at a very high level.

We cannot mention all the places around the world, but we will drop some examples in the United States to give you an idea of where it is required to have at least one mirror to drive a Jeep without doors. 

Examples: Utah, Indiana, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Hawaii, Delaware, and more.

At Least Two Mirror Laws

Some states or regions may have challenging roads in their traffic system. Or, the rate of road accidents is much higher than others. Following this issue, some authorities decided to put the rule that two mirrors are necessary for driving a Jeep without doors or a roof.

Two mirrors mean two on both sides (passenger and driver’s seat), one on the driver’s side and the other on the center. Two mirrors give more visibility to the driver and allow them to be alert for the vehicle behind.

This law is rare in most places because many states allow the one-mirror rule. Few places in the United States are under the rule of the Two Mirrors Jeep without doors. Some of them are:

  • Washington
  • Oklahoma
  • Colorado
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Philadelphia 

You will notice that the One Mirror Law is mostly in the countryside, whereas the Two Mirrors rule is applied in cities mainly.

Additional Laws

There are a few different laws for specific places. These states applied their own rules depending on their road system. There are even rules for three mirrors, and New York is a very dense city. 

So, it is evident that if you are driving a Jeep in New York City, you must have three mirrors to have complete visibility.

Some states require grills on doors for safety concerns. Other states have speed limits for Jeeps without doors. Some states have rules for using wide mirrors on their Jeep. 

You can find lists online that will tell you about additional rules for Jeeps without doors in different states. You will also see if driving with this modification is legal or illegal.

Why do Jeep owners take off their doors?

There are many reasons why Jeep owners take off their doors and roofs. First of all, it’s amusing, and besides, it gives a very new and adventurous look to your Jeep. There are some more reasons for modifying your Jeep and removing it, here are below.


In earlier times, Jeeps were initially made without doors. If looking for any vintage Jeeps, you will notice that most of them are without doors. Some collectors want that vintage look, so they remove the Jeep doors.

Besides collectors’ stuff, Jeeps without doors are popular among the general user because of their looks. Jeeps look classy and open when the doors are removed, and owners love that.


When you slide down your Jeep’s window, it allows you to enter the air, which is very enjoyable to people who love fresh air. 

So, what is better than sliding down regular windows? Yes, removing your door creates a vast open space for air to enter, which is fun on highways. 

It also creates an immersive experience that cannot be explained through words unless you feel it yourself.

More Space For More People

Usually, a Car or Jeep is four or 5-seater if you push each other because when you close the door, there is no more space left. 

So, if you have more friends and want to swoop them in, you can remove the doors and open the room, creating more space for everyone.

A Jeep with an open roof and doors can fit almost six people comfortably. They can hold the Jeep’s cache for safety and even stand up and enjoy the breeze.

Is it safe to drive a jeep without doors?

Even though driving a Jeep without doors is much more fun, it is less safe than you might think. There are certain things that you need to be aware of and compromise when you are deciding to remove your Jeep’s doors.

First of all and most crucial compromise is the weather. Yes, the wind and the cold breeze are delightful, but the sunlight will hit you directly when the doors and roofs are open. Also, it’s not only the sun. 

Closed Jeeps save you from Rain and Snow. Open Door Jeep will make you face trouble during bad weather.

Doors provide safety on any vehicle and Jeeps and protect you from dust and other debris flying outside. So, when you remove the door, you have nothing between that dirt and you.

The dirt will directly hit you, and if some solid debris comes flying and hits you badly, it can result in a significant accident.

You won’t have an Air Conditioning system without doors. As a result, you will lose the comfort your Jeep offers, like an air cooler or heater in winter. Driving a Jeep without a door is almost impossible in winter.


Removing a Jeep’s door is exciting and adventurous, and it also comes with some risks and brings questions to people’s minds. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions we found online:

What do you call a Jeep without doors?

There is no specific name for doorless Jeeps, but some models come without doors. Some popular models are Jeep Wrangler Sport, Wheeler, and Sport S. These models come straight doorless out of the factory.

Can a child ride in a Jeep with the doors off?

Most people drive Jeeps in extreme conditions, which is not ideal for children. So, it is never okay to bring a child with you off track. But for highways, some states allow children to ride with child seat belts, and some are restricted to Children’s Safety Belts.

Can you take the doors off all Jeeps?

Yes, it is possible to remove all four doors of a Jeep. So, most people remove all doors, giving them a balanced look. Besides, it creates more space for seating.

Do you need mirrors on a jeep without doors?

Mirrors are the most important thing to drive a Jeep without doors: safety and visibility around and behind the jeep. Because of the Laws, you cannot drive a Jeep without doors and mirrors.


After removing doors from your Jeep, you will compromise many things, such as safety and comfort. Sometimes you might regret removing them, but sometimes you will enjoy the breeze so much you won’t regret the decision. 

So, it’s entirely up to you if you want to drive a Jeep without doors. If you buy a Jeep without doors, remember that you cannot attach doors later but can put them on a soft roof. 

But some Jeeps come with detachable doors. If you plan to remove doors from a regular jeep, consult an expert because it is not easy to remove by yourself. Enjoy your ride.

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