Jeep Wrangler Back Door Won’t Lock or Latch – What To Do?

Door lock problems are common in jeep wranglers that often suffer the passenger. But through some common checkups, one can easily identify what is causing the lock problem. Sometimes it’s difficult to do so since many technical matters are involved.

Generally replacing jammed hatch and faulty lever parts solves the back door won’t lock problem of Jeep Wrangler. However, For a long-term solution door lock actuator replacement is the best option. 

Let’s help you with why the jeep wrangler back door won’t lock and  5 easy solutions for this issue.

Some mechanical problems may be fixed if you follow the upcoming tips carefully. But some problems are much more technical than they are. In that case you may take nearest mechanic services.  

Why Does The Jeep Wrangler’s Back Door Not Lock or Latch?

Jeep wranglers door lock system runs by some series of gears. Also, there are some items associated with the lock system like a fuse, handle, hatch, and many more. As you can guess there might be several reasons behind not working the back door lock. Here are some possible reasons:

  1. Damaged door lock actuator
  2. Broken fuse
  3. Faulty handles
  4. Jammed hatch
  5. Broken Lever
  6. Too tight doors.

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5 Easy Solutions For Jeep Wrangler Back Door Won’t Lock or Latch Problem

Locking the back door is important. Opened doors or windows will allow poisonous gas inside while driving. This gas will exhaust the passengers. So if you sense some problem with the lock do not delay. 

As we have listed the common reasons, now let’s get to know them in detail and what you have to do if you face one. 

#1- Fixing the damaged lock actuator 

The actuator is a component of the electronic door lock system. It handles the locking and unlocking part of the door. An actuator connects and runs the lock system with gears.  As it interconnects the lock switch and the actual lock, you can realize that a damaged actuator will freeze the lock system. 

Our best suggestion is to replace your actuator with the nearest mechanic or car repair service. If the whole replacement procedure goes wrong it will waste both money and the lock system But if you are confident or have the experience go for it.

Actuator replacement will cost in total $250, $132 for the actuator and the remaining for the labor (if you take car service); this part may vary. 

Some modern Jeeps have a complete lock system that can be divided into parts or components. Hence the whole lock system has to be replaced. 

#2- Fixing the broken fuse

Broken fuses are highly responsible for the frozen lock system. As you can guess, over-exertion of electricity causes the fuse to break. Notice the fuse element inside, for a break or melt.  An electric signal can not be sent through the wire if the fuses are broken.

As before the recommendation is not to fix the fuse by yourself. Since it requires some technical knowledge. There are many fuses in multiple locations.  If you have experience, test the fuse with a test lamp and remove and place the faulty one.

Remember that the original (blown fuse) has the same amp rating as the replacing fuse. Otherwise, it may cause injury and property damage. 

Make sure that the ignition is off so are all other services. After replacing the fuse if it blows again contact the authorized dealer. Besides the labor fuse replacement cost $99 with $4 for parts.

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#3- Fixing the handle

The lock system needs a properly functioning handle. Frequent use of doors may damage the handles for a long time. Swing gate handles may break sometimes from any physical accident. 

You may only replace the visible part of the handle if needed. But in that case, the part which handles the mechanism is damaged and the interior part will also need to be repaired. 

First, remove the back door panel then replace the door handle. Check out the door latch. If it’s not working properly, replace it. Then reinstall the panel. 

Sometimes the door won’t lock for some loose screws, if you sense any take a crew and tight it. Good quality jeep wrangler handle replacement will cost $49. 

#4- Losing the tight door

The long inactivity of the back door causes tighter stiffness to the door. Dust or sand gets wrapped around the joints if it has not been properly cleaned for a long time. Fixing this problem does not require much money but some technical knowledge. 

First, take a wet microfiber cloth. Wipe the joints with it to clean the dust and sand. Then take a dry cloth and pour some right amount of lubricant in it. Start rubbing the joints until they are shiny. 

#5- Fixing the jammed hatch

Dried lubricants and excess dust cause the hatch to jam. The back doors remained uncleaned for a long time that’s why jamming latch is a common scenario. With a screwdriver open the hatch. Place them in a safe place or in a  cloth. 

Take thin cotton bars, and pour them in lubricant. Clean every component of the hatch including the small one. Let the clean parts dry. Once it’s done, reinstall everything in its place.

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Until now we have discussed some possible reasons and easy solutions for jeep wranglers back door problems. But here are some relatable questions that may have already gone through your mind:

Can you put power locks in a jeep wrangler?

Power locks can be put in jeep wranglers. But some technical alterations will be required. Maximum old jeep wranglers come with manual door locks. This means the door needs to be locked by hand. But the manual locks can be replaced by power locks if needed. Since the job is very technical, take a mechanic service. The sports jeep wrangler does not come with a power lock.

Does the jeep Wrangler have anti-theft?

Latest Jeep wranglers are secure. It always stays on guard. It has a feature called SiriusXM Guardian. Which has an installed theft alarm system. When it triggers it will notify you via email or text. So you can always check on your wrangler. 

How much does it cost to install power locks on a Jeep wrangler?

On average a DIY power lock costs $70. But this price will vary if a professional installs it, about $400. Replacing the manual one and then installing a power lock cost varies from car service. Just the door power lock will cost $70. The price will increase if the labor mechanic service costs are included. 

Does the Jeep wrangler have keyless entry?

There are in total many jeep wranglers which have keyless entry.  Most new models have a lock system that allows them to lock and unlock with a remote. So it’s better to check before you buy one if it has a keyless entry feature in it. Because most experts don’t recommend installing it later because it may cause property damage. 

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It’s often seen that the lock won’t work for some malfunctioning components. In that case, no parts may not need to be replaced. Relatively the lock system of the back door is rather simple than Jeep’s other parts. Sometimes they don’t work because of a malfunction of the lock switch or the actuator. 

An experienced mechanic can tell the problem just by hearing or sensing some unusual noise. So it’s better to call the nearest mechanic services. But if you have some slight technical knowledge you can follow the described instruction, hope your problem solves.

Until you fix the door lock don’t leave anything valuable inside. 

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