6 Jeep Wrangler Key Fob Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind

Modern cars come with more cutting-edge technology features as standard equipment than ever before, including those in the key fob. The gadget can now do much more than just unlock or lock doors. However, if these functions are activated unintentionally, they may also be annoying or even destructive.

From closing windows and unlocking the boot to mirror folding, several Jeep wrangler key fob tricks will blow your mind. These functions can be great if the user is aware of the correct key-fob button-pressing order.

Some key fobs can come with so many functionalities that their users might not even be conscious of all of them. We will discuss several key fob tricks in this article to simplify your life.

6 Jeep Wrangler Key Fob Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind

Modern automobiles are packed with several technologies and functions. The Keyless function in current passenger cars is one of its noteworthy characteristics. 

A key fob is provided with keyless cars that may be used to unlock doors and start the engine. The key fob controls and communicates with your automobile using radio frequencies. This key fob also serves as both identification and access to the car’s numerous features.

You’ll be surprised to discover how much you can accomplish with this useful piece of equipment. Here are a few hidden functions for your automobile key fob which you might not have thought about. Continue reading this section to learn more about them, then give them a try.

1. Control Windows

By pushing a couple of buttons, several modern key fobs have one of the most frequent hidden features that allow you to simultaneously slide down all of the windows and open the sunroof. It is useful on a scorching summer day and keeps the car cool.

The user may simply add this functionality by making a few modifications with after-market accessories, even though it isn’t typically indicated on the fob and isn’t a standard feature of the Jeep Wrangler.

With this feature, users can easily lower the jeep’s window. In order to do it, you have to press the “lock and unlock” key once. After that, you have to hold it pressed for at least 10 seconds.  

2. Panic alarm control

On your vehicle’s dashboard, or any other suitable position, such as sections adjacent to the entrance or next to the seats, you may find the panic button. This will make it simple for passengers to access and utilize in an emergency.

Moreover, the key fob contains a similar button. You may remotely enable this functionality using this. This panic button on the key fob enables you to safeguard the safety of your passengers against unexpected events while they are in the car with you.

It is really simple to utilize this panic button in an automobile. When an emergency arises, all you have to do is activate it. As soon as you set it on, a warning will be sent to everyone who could help, such as the police, urging them to act right away.

3. Climate controls

The word “Climate Control” could be heard more frequently than before if you’re looking for a new automobile. As technology advances, a function that was formerly exclusive to the higher base models of some automobiles is now more widely available.

Using a key fob climate control technology, the inside of the vehicle could be set to a pleasant temperature and relative humidity level that is individual to the passengers. 

Thermometers in climate-controlled vehicles monitor the temperature within the vehicle, just like a thermostat does in a home. With the key fob, you can quickly adjust the temperature. 

4. Remotely start and off

The remote start function on the Jeep Wrangler key fob enables you to start your car’s engine from a distance in order to cool or warm the inside of your car before the occupants arrive.

In order for your Wrangler’s engine to start, the wireless start method must be carried out within around 330 feet or 100 meters of the vehicle. Weak batteries inside the ignition key or interference from outside signals might be the cause of the range being limited.

To wirelessly shut off the ignition of the Jeep Wrangler, push the Power button on the ignition key once. The doors are kept closed while the engine is turned off. The remote control has to be within the smart entry system’s range in order for this to function. If the key fob is outside of the range, the engine won’t shut off until the allotted time of fifteen minutes has passed.

The remote starting function in the Wrangler will automatically switch on the front and back defrost for no more than 15 minutes when the outside average temperature is 40°F (4.5°C) or below. 

5. Lock and unlock the vehicle

This is another essential trick that might be known to all. Use the lock button of the key fob to use to lock the Vehicle. Ensure all of the doors are closed by pressing the button twice within three seconds. In order to make sure everything is safe, you will listen to the horns and watch the lights flash.

On the other hand, pressing the unlock key will unlock the Vehicle. Simply click it one time to unlock only the driver’s door. And press the button twice in a three-second period to open all doors. As the doors open, the lights will begin to flicker.

6. In-built Mechanical Key

The majority of key fobs that contain physical keys usually keep that inside of the fob. By depressing a trigger on the fob and afterward taking out the key, you can get to this. 

Sometimes the key just pops out by itself. In other circumstances, you’ll need to take it out. Knowing where the secret key is and using it when necessary could save you time if you have one.

For automobile owners who have this kind of key fob, having an alternative key comes in handy in a variety of scenarios, particularly when you need to open the driver’s side entrance lock in the situation that the key fob breaks down or its batteries run out completely.

Advantages Of Knowing About Jeep Wranglers Hidden Tricks

There are a ton of benefits to being aware of the Jeep Wrangler’s hidden tricks. You will be able to drive your jeep more skillfully and safely as a result. Additionally, this will simplify your life. You don’t even need to use your hand most of the time. 

Several major incidents can be avoided by using these strategies. You can stay secure from thieves with the use of several methods. In situations when it would be impossible to manually search the car, this might potentially assist you in locating your jeep.

In actuality, the advantages of these tactics are innumerable, and you can’t even begin to imagine how effective they are. So, if this is your first time hearing these tactics, don’t wait. Just grab your fob key and enjoy its maximum benefits.


After reading this article, you might still have some questions. We tried our best to address the queries that were raised the most in this part. For the clarification, you require, read this FAQ.

Can I operate my Jeep Wrangler even with a dead key fob?

The Jeep continues to function normally even if your key fob’s battery is dead. You may immediately start utilizing your smartphone. However, there are several steps you need to take in this circumstance. 

What should I avoid doing with the key fob?

As soon as your key fob is within range of your car, it establishes a connection with the sensor module; therefore, you should never leave it in your car overnight. As a result, both the key fob’s battery and the car’s batteries can become discharged.

How can I reset my Jeep Wrangler’s key fob?

To properly reset it, simply hold down the power button for three seconds. After resetting it, this will operate more effectively because all of the previously programmed information will be removed from the fob.

How do I configure my Wrangler key fob?

Visit the Wrangler webpage, select the Owner’s tab, then insert your Jeep’s VIN to configure the Wrangler key fob quickly and easily. There you will get a step-by-step tutorial on how to configure the key fob.


You may at least test out which functions are accessible on your key fob because not all of them are available for all key fobs. It’s crucial to understand that after discovering your key fobs’ secret capabilities, you should utilize them with even more caution going forward.

You are suggested to often check out our website if you want to get additional details and advice regarding your Jeep. 

In the end, purchasing an automobile includes getting a key fob. Be aware of everything it can and cannot accomplish to make the most of the money you spend on the vehicle.

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