Jeep Wrangler Rattle Over Bumps: Follow The Steps To Fix It

Jeep Wranglers are one of the favorite vehicles among adventurers and regular drivers. Its lifespan, durability, and features have earned the respect of consumers.

But the rattling issue while going over bumps is critical and annoying for drivers and passengers. Do you want to know why the Jeep Wrangler rattles over bumps and their remedies?

Various issues like driving habits, road conditions, weather, and vehicle parts quality are responsible for the rattling problem. Primarily, regularly driving over bumps affects the exhaust joints causing rattling. Damaged struts, rod tie vibration, and rusted sway bar joints are the prime crosschecker of this issue.

You can DIY the rattling issue with proper help. Plus, fixing the rattling issue is relatively cheaper than other engine issues. It would be best if you took the Wrangler to an experienced mechanic to replace any parts causing rattling issues.

Method To Confirm Jeep Wrangler Rattle Over Bumps

Are you sure about rattling issues? Sometimes, different sounds might come when you are using soft tops like black twill or black diamond. Did you try to interchange jeep wheels with ford or others? It is possible that interchanging parts or bad installation might lead to an irritating sound in your jeep.

You should identify your Wrangler’s rattling issue to fix it quickly. A proper diagnosis means you’ve fixed your Wrangler’s noising problem 50 percent.

What causes banging in the Jeep is tough for newbies to identify. So, don’t be afraid if your hands are still fresh. We’ll help you confirm the rattling issue so you can fix it quickly.

Perform A Rough Test

You should apply force on the Jeep’s hood before starting the diagnosis. It’ll help you to find out the rattling reason. Most times, the strut is the only culprit causing rattling issues.

Find Faulty Struts Or Strut Brush

Ask one of your friends to apply force on the engine bonnet. If it’s a defective strut, you’ll hear a cranking sound.

Find Faulty Struts Or Strut Brush

If you don’t hear any sounds from the strut, wear gloves and check the coil spring’s vibration. Most likely, a damaged strut mount will vibrate during a rattling issue.

The strut bushing is on the top of the strut. Open the hood and give it a soft shake. Your car’s strut brushing is causing rattling problems if the strut mounting shakes but doesn’t make any sound.

Inspect Inside And Outside Tie Rod shaking

First, use jack tools to lift the vehicle. Give the tires a side-to-side shake from 3 to 9 o’clock. Remember to ask for a helping hand to check rod movement while moving the tires. The tie rods are defective when you feel a movement.

Moving The Ball Joints

Still can’t find the reasons behind rattling? Then observe the ball joints. First, use jack tools to lift the car. Try to move it from the 12 and 6 o’clock positions. If you can’t observe the movement, ask for a helping hand.

Moving The Ball Joints

Adjustable pliers make the work even more accessible. Use it to compress the ball joints. Don’t have an adjustable plier but pry bars are available? You can use the pry bar, too, to check the ball play of the joints.

Look For Damaged Control Arm Bushings

You can test the control arm through a pry bar. In this scenario, check out the play and try to distinguish the knocking sound. If you hear any, time to change the control arm.

If your jeep wrangler is older, like CJ or TJ, there are chances to have control arm bushing issues. Sometimes, rusted or cracked arm bushings are responsible for rattling issues. It’s pretty simple to detect the over-rusted arm bushings with the naked eye.

Damaged Sway Bar Connections

It’s a common issue that sway bar joints make noise while driving over bumps. A loud rattling noise is a prime symptom of a damaged bar link.

Damaged Sway Bar Connections

Even if you fail to detect the rattling issue, grab the bar joints with both hands and shake them. An ear-piercing cranking noise will confirm the rattling problem.

Broken Sway Bar Bushings

First, hold the sway bar and jiggle it up and down. The sway bar bushings have decayed to an alarming level if you can move them without resistance. Also, don’t forget to check the vehicle axle and remember Detroit or Moog axles are well-built-in axle industry.

Procedure For Fixing Jeep Wrangler Rattling Issue

Fixing a rattling Wrangler is an easy job. A mechanic needs 30 minutes at most to fix it. However, a guideline is a blessing if you’re a newbie and want to DIY it. Mainly fixing the defective tailgate resolves it.

So, do you want to solve the Wrangler’s rattling problems like a mechanic? Then, try to follow this guideline as accurately as possible.

Tools Needed

It would help if you gathered all the essential tools to fix the rattling problem. As you know, it’s easy to fix any problem with ideal tools.

●      Torque driver

●      Torque wrench

●      Sockets

●      Driver bits

●      Electrical tape or silicone

Now, let’s hop in to fix your Jeep’s loud noise problems after you’ve gathered all the tools above.

Step 01: Observe The Exhaust System

First, take a deep inspection of the exhaust system. Observe the length of it, and look for free joints, leaks, and damages. Check out the heat shields while going through the exhaust system.

Step 02: Inspect The Catalytic Converter

Inspect the catalytic converters both at the passenger and driver’s side carefully. Sometimes, a damaged catalytic converter causes the rattling issue.

If you find any defects in any converters, install a new one. Follow the owner’s manual while you’re at it.

Step 03: Tightening The Y-pipe Bolts

Tighten the Y-pipe bolts to prevent the Wrangler’s rattling issue. Remember to use the ideal tool mentioned above. Also, tighten the driver’s side bolts connecting the loop and Y-pipe.

Step 04: Weld Fixing

Look for damaged weld spots in the front and back of the heat shield’s exhaust crossover. Insert new 2″ clamps and fix them tightly.

Step 05: Solving The Exhaust Clamp

Sometimes the Y-pipe’s exhaust clamp gets loosened with time. Use the wrench to tighten the clamp. If it’s worn out, replace it with a new one according to the measurement.

Step 06: Resonator’s Condition

It’s bad news if the resonator is touching other parts around it. Don’t forget to check the hanger and isolator supporters while inspecting the resonator. Ask a mechanic to fix the resonator and the supporters since it’s a complex issue for newbies.

Step 07: Replace Rusty Bolts

Replacing rusty bolts is quite elementary. First, go through the whole exhaust system and look for corroded bolts. Replace the old ones with new ones of the exact diameter. When any part of the bumps is not swappable, use Woolwax or fluid film to keep the metal stronger.

Cost Of Repairing A Wrangler’s Rattling Problem

It’s very cheap to fix a Wrangler’s rattling issue. You don’t have to pay a labor fee if you can fix it yourself. However, replacing any element and using spare parts can affect the price.

Generally, a repair shop will charge you around $80 to $110 to solve the rattling issue. Some automotive repair shops charge for parts even though your Jeep doesn’t need them. So, knowing your car parts thoroughly will help you to avoid this scam.

As stated before, various reasons are responsible for the rattling issue. So, changing some parts can be necessary. It’ll increase the repair cost. As a result, the total rises from $230 to $335.

Most Jeep Wrangler models have almost the same features and structures. But sometimes, popular repair shops charge extra for their reliable service.

Bottom Line

Hearing loud noises while driving off-road is a mood killer. Free exhaust parts can affect the engine while driving. So, it’s better to fix the problem as soon as you notice the signs and confirm them through inspection.

We hope the discussion on Jeep Wrangler rattle over bumps has cleared your doubt regarding the issue. Try to confirm the problem even before you fix it. You should do a routine check to keep the exhaust links tight. Keeping the loosened joints tight will help you to avoid the rattling issue.

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