Max Coupler vs Lock n Roll: Similarities And Differences

A trailer hitch is a mechanism on your vehicle that connects the tow bar to your trailer for carrying recreational items. There are many different types of trailer hitches available for your car jeep, and they each serve a unique purpose.

Max coupler and lock n roll are the most popular among all. Both hitches are equally useful for carrying trailers, towing other vehicles, and taking some outdoor recreational items with your car or Jeep.

In this article; I will talk about all the facts about max coupler vs lock n roll. So, stay a few minutes to choose the best towing accessories between them.

Benefits And Working Process

Max coupler and lock n roll, both Trailer hitches come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, but they share certain characteristics. Both are able to pull more than one vehicle at a time, tow large items like a generator or small boats, and tow trailers or cars.

So, it does not really matter what your purpose is, as both of them provide you with almost the same service. Max coupler and lock n roll both are being used when you need to transport something like cargo on a vehicle.

Coupler and lock n roll consist of two things: The ball and the receiver. Technically there is almost zero difference in their working process with installation.


if you are using a trailer hitch for the first time, maybe you can’t find any difference between the two items.

max coupler

Though both of them are steel-made, there is a red-colored wheel on the front side of the max coupler, which is absent in a lock a roll. So, give a vigilant look to find out what are other differences.

lock n roll

Installing Process

Generally, you need a perfect adjustment of the trailer ball with the hitch in every towing product.

But, installing a max coupler is slightly noisy and harder than installing a lock n roll. You need the perfect adjustment to the coupler wheel with a hitch.

Then you need to put the large nut of the coupler in the rolling wheel. Sometimes you need a better jeep wrangler jack for a perfect adjustment. 

On a lock n roll, you need to put the trailer coupler on the ball mount, though the process is not as easy as I have just said. Then, turn over the rolling lock on the mount ball and lock it with all nuts and bolts. 

Towing Capacity And Price

Lock n roll is from a famous US manufacturer, and they used solid alloy steel for long-lasting usability. As all the components are well installed with quality metal, it gives a maximum towing capacity. This trailer hitch can remain intact, pulling more than 5000kg.

Max coupler is a lightweight trailer hitch though it is also made of high-quality alloy steel. As it is slightly hard to install and sometimes you need to use a floor jack for perfection, still people are using max coupler with confidence.

Some experts said,” max coupler’s towing capacity is better than lock n roll.” but I don’t agree with this, and still, I am with lock n roll’s towing capacity. 

When you talk about trailer hitch prices, it is true that this is one of the most expensive auto tools. If you are thinking of buying a max coupler or a lock n roll, the price range is almost similar with the same warranty and customer support.

If you have a jeep wrangler x or sport, you can easily pull a jeep XJ or a TJ with both trailer hitches.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to put a hitch on a Jeep?

It depends on which trailer you are going to use back of your Jeep, and it is also a matter of fitment. It can cost $150 to $350 if you install it yourself. But, it costs more than $450 with a quality hitch when you need an additional mechanic.

What are the parts of a trailer coupler?

These are the main components of a trailer coupler:

  • Lever or Handle
  • Safety Clip
  • Tension spring
  • Lock nut
  • Ball Receptacle
  • Latch

Do all Jeeps have towing packages?

No, some jeep provides towing packages from the factory, and others don’t. But, all Jeep ensures towing hooks rear of the Jeep, which you can use for towing. So, you have to add jeep lowering kits to towing elements yourself.

Final Words

There are a lot of trailer hitches available for jeeps and cars on the market right now. But, when you are searching for something specific between max coupler vs lock n roll, I can say both of them are perfect for your off and on-road fun. 

Max coupler and rock n roll are strong enough and have a maximum towing capacity. So, you don’t need to keep any doubt about their capability and durability. The only thing that matters in max coupler and lock n roll is their installing process.

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