Ripp Supercharger Problems: Give it a thought!

Are you planning to add extra horsepower to your Jeep Wrangler engine?  Yes? Then you might be wondering about buying a supercharger. Ripp supercharger? Before that, you should know the possible problems that might bother you if you own them.

Ripp supercharger problems are nothing surprising. People on different online platforms share what they face with the Ripp supercharger. The most common problems are void warranty, faulty air filter, splitting out oil, extreme installation cost, low horsepower power at low RPM, etc.

So now, let’s briefly learn about the problems! 

Most Common Ripp Supercharger Problems

According to many car owners, the Ripp supercharger is a well-renowned power induction product, which we also believe.  You can add satisfying efficiency to your vehicle engine with the help of a Ripp supercharger. But for this, you might have to deal with some issues. 

1. Void Warranty 

The moment car owners decide to buy a Ripp Supercharger; they usually have second thoughts about this matter. The Ripp supercharger can void the warranty of any parts of your car. Moreover, Ripp can’t guarantee anything about the warranty. 

Now, hang on a minute! It’s up to the dealer. In this case, searching for an authorized dealer is always essential when buying a Ripp supercharger. 

Additionally, Ripp State,

“If a dealer is not performance friendly, something as simple as a head light replacement will “void” your warranty.”

Therefore, if your vehicle is comparatively newer, it’s better to consider the warranty issue of the Ripp Supercharger before making a purchase. It’s your money!

2. Splits Out Oil

Recently, some users have reported that their Ripp Supercharger is spitting out oil. This is a common issue that a variety of different problems, including a worn-out seal, a leak in the supercharger, or a malfunctioning oil line, can cause. And this issue becomes acute when you accelerate hard. 

This can be dangerous for both the driver and those around them, as it can leave an oily residue on the road, which could lead to an accident. In addition, the problem seems irritating as well. 

Additionally, we were discussing with one of the Ripp supercharger owners. He claimed he often noticed old particles underneath the hood of his car. And, for this, he must pop the hood from time to time. And, he was in a huff. 

3. Less Low-End Power

Having a Ripp supercharger might be annoying when you drive your car at a low RPM. While creating adequate horsepower at lower RPMs, the Ripp Supercharger falls short of expectations. Instead, you’ll have the extra horsepower mainly on the mid and high RPM.

What’s the bottom line? The higher the RPM, the higher horsepower you’ll get from the Ripp Supercharger. It might hit you like a ton of bricks if you are unaware of this fact. 

4. Annoying Installation Issues

The installation of the Rig Supercharger is an expensive process. It requires a high up-front cost for the necessary materials and the labor required to install the supercharger.

The installation of the Ripp supercharger on your car is estimated to cost you between $70000 to $8000, which is expensive compared to other superchargers.

Besides, few shops do the installation around, so you only have a little variety when it comes to the installation, and the same goes for tuning.

In addition, installation procedures seem challenging to you. And, for this, you might hire a technician if you’re not from mechanical background. If anything is wrong while installing the Ripp Supercharger, it might cost you too much money. 

5. Irritating Issues with the Air-filter

People on numerous forum sites are seen discussing their worries regarding air filters on their Ripp Supercharger. They all claim to witness an enormous blow coming into the air filter. Interestingly, one of the members wrote that his air filter had turned into an oil filter. Funny!

In most cases, the air temperature sensor or everything past the filter can be coated in oil due to the issue. And that’s just sad!


If you are up to the mark regarding maintenance, you might avoid some Ripp Supercharger problems. In case of facing any problems, you should contact the dealer if the issues fall under the warranty criteria. 

A Ripp Supercharger can be a fascinating automotive part you can install on your car. But knowing what problems occur is always essential when dealing with them. Besides, ensure you go with a professional mechanic when installing the supercharger. 

So, what have you decided now? The choice is yours!