Silverado Turn Key Nothing Happens: All Reasons For This Problem

The Silverado is a fantastic car providing outstanding performance for years. This car is equipped with some unique features, and the engine’s durability has earned the respect of the drivers.

However, some Silverado exhibits issues with time. Do you know why your Silverado turned the key, but nothing happens?

The Silverado turn-key issue arises due to starting issues, fuel pump problems, quick charge draining, a damaged alternator, and a broken glow plug. Sometimes, a dead battery and defective ignition switch are at fault, especially in winter.

Fixing Seilverado’s turnkey problem isn’t a complex job. You can fix them with the proper tools if you know the reasons behind them beforehand.

Reasons Behind Nothing Happening While Turning Silverado’s Key

Well, it’s frustrating if your Silverado doesn’t start while turning on the key. And not knowing the reasons behind this situation is even more frustrating.

So, tighten your seat belt to discover why nothing happens when you turn your Silverado’s key.

Starting Issue

Your Silverado starter is the prime issue if you can’t start it with a fully charged battery. The engine won’t turn on with a faulty starter. Irritating noise, the smelly smoke, and a turned-on engine, even after a running starter, indicate the Silverado’s starting problem.

Damaged Fuel Pump

Damaged Fuel Pump

Sometimes the fuel can’t reach the cylinder due to problems in the fuel pump system. Consequently, it’ll result in the engine overheating. The engine runs slowly, delivering unusual speed while driving. Plus, the fuel mileage decreases significantly if the fuel pump is damaged.

Fast Battery Charge Draining

Fast Battery Charge Draining

It’s a common problem in winter if your vehicle has an H7 or H8 battery. Your Silverado will exhibit signs like blurry headlights, charger touchscreen issues, backfire, and delayed cranking. Though these symptoms are similar to other vehicle problems, you shouldn’t ignore them.

Defective Alternator

Defective Alternator

A damaged alternator fails to charge the battery and supply electricity. Engine stalling in Paccar or Cummins engine, dimming lights, a burnt rubber smell, and an illuminated battery warning light indicate the problematic alternator issue.

Ignition Switch Problems

Ignition Switch Problems

The Silverado won’t have enough power due to a defective ignition switch. Your car will be in start-stop mode all the time. Sometimes, the Silverado won’t even start for key fob issues. Plus, it’ll often stall due to a damaged ignition switch.

Faulty Glow Plug

Problems while starting, idling, misfiring, and decreased mileage are the most common signs of a damaged glow plug. Hence, resulting in starting issues while turning the key.

Engine Stalling

The Silverado’s engine stalls due to various reasons. But it’s the ultimate result of all the symptoms mentioned above. When the engine receives less power than the required amount, it stalls. Sometimes, the glow plugs, ignition switch, and alternator combined cause engine stalling issues.


As stated earlier, the turnkey problem is elementary to fix. However, it can become a severe issue if you don’t solve it ASAP. There’s a high chance it can affect the engine performance since most reasons are related to engine parts.

Hopefully, the discussion about the Silverado turn key and nothing happens has provided accurate info about the symptoms. You should diagnose the Chevy 305 engine carefully to confirm the issue. It’ll 

help you to come to an easy fix. Contact an expert mechanic to fix the problem if you lack experience.

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