Ripp Supercharger Problems: Give it a thought!

Are you planning to add extra horsepower to your Jeep Wrangler engine?  Yes? Then you might be wondering about buying a supercharger. Ripp supercharger? Before that, you should know the possible problems that might bother you if you own them. Ripp supercharger problems are nothing surprising. People on different online platforms share what they face …

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Jeep 3.8 Engine Problems: All Possible Causes

jeep 3.8 engine problems

A Jeep with a 3.8 engine is people’s choice vehicle for various reasons. Its outstanding performance in diverse conditions has made it a reliable car. However, the engine can’t perform up to the mar due to multiple reasons indicating critical engine problems. Do you know about the Jeep 3.8 engine problems? You can face problems …

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Heated Seat Turns On and Then Off: What To Do

Heated Seat Turns On and Then Off

Seat heaters are like a blessing, especially in winter. A heated seat provides ideal comfort and luxury to the vehicle’s driver and passenger. But, sometimes, it turns on and off, causing optimum consumer discomfort, especially in trucks like Peterbilt 378 and 379. So, why does the heated seat turn on and off? What’re the solutions …

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Why Jeep Wrangler Temperature Gauge Fluctuates: Reasons?

jeep wrangler temperature gauge fluctuates

A temperature gauge plays an essential role in managing the engine’s temperature. But a defective temperature gauge fails to keep up with an immediate response from the engine. So, what are the possible reasons a jeep wrangler temperature gauge fluctuates? The significant reasons for temperature gauge fluctuation are a damaged thermostat, broken cylinder head gasket, …

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