Dodge Charger Touchscreen Not Responding: How To Fix It


The Dodge Charger is a popular vehicle among drivers due to its fantastic service and superb features. But the touchscreen sometimes disappoints the customers through its mediocre performance, and you might not be able to operate it at all. So, what are the reasons behind a Dodge Charger’s touch screen not responding? Software issues, short …

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Heated Seat Turns On and Then Off: What To Do

Heated Seat Turns On and Then Off

Seat heaters are like a blessing, especially in winter. A heated seat provides ideal comfort and luxury to the vehicle’s driver and passenger. But, sometimes, it turns on and off, causing optimum consumer discomfort, especially in trucks like Peterbilt 378 and 379. So, why does the heated seat turn on and off? What’re the solutions …

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Toyota JBL Sound System Problems: Causes and Solutions

toyota jbl speaker problems

Toyota makes impressive vehicles, and JBL provides its features by providing a reliable custom-made sound system for each Toyota model. Though recently, users have been complaining about their sound systems. To comprehend the matter thoroughly, you should know the Toyota JBL sound system problems. A sudden halt in music is one that many have faced …

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Cobra 29 lx Antenna Warning: 3 Causes and How to fix them?


Though today’s world is totally dependent on the internet and artificial intelligence, Some old devices are still relevant to vehicle drivers and owners. CB radio is one of them, and truckers still find this electronic device helpful.  CB radio is an easy-installing device, and truckers mostly use this device for quick communication, weather monitoring, and …

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Ram eTorque Problems: How to Fix Them Easily?

Ram eTorque Problems

The Ram eTorque is an excellent feature helping a driver to start the car faster. But this feature gets dull over time and can cause severe problems with other vehicle parts, consequently affecting overall vehicle performance. Ever thought about what are the common ram eTorque problems? A malfunctioned engine, system failure, damaged AC, voltage reading …

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