Jeep Wrangler Temperature Gauge Fluctuates: What Can Be The Possible Reasons?

jeep wrangler temperature gauge fluctuates

A temperature gauge plays an essential role in managing the engine’s temperature. But a defective temperature gauge fails to keep up with an immediate response from the engine. So, what are the possible reasons a jeep wrangler temperature gauge fluctuates? The significant reasons for temperature gauge fluctuation are a damaged thermostat, broken cylinder head gasket, …

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Dodge Ram V10 Engine Problems: 5 Common Issues!


When you are thinking of buying a new pickup or renting a truck, there are not many options without a dodge ram. Wanna travel Montana’s muddy land, New Mexico’s hilly surface, or Miami’s sandy area with an offroad vehicle? I know Dodge will be one of some offroad vehicle options for its cool performance and …

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Rain Sensing Wipers not Working: Here Are the Most Possible Reasons!


Rain sensing wipers in the four-wheel industry have made a clear indication that the future world is going to be controlled by different quality sensors and artificial intelligence. BMW to Audi, jeep Wrangler X to Sport, the rain-sensing wiper, is one of the most common but effective vehicle features in the modern automotive industry. When …

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Uconnect Bluetooth Audio Not Working? – Fix ASAP!


You might have wondered what you get for spending so much time in your car or Jeep? Yes, Uconnect will fulfill all of your desire, from controlling the vehicle to watching tv and checking fuel to using the internet. Having Uconnect ensures more control over your vehicle, like changing the radio station, checking the oil …

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