What Is the 4.0 Jeep Oil Type and Capacity? [All Models]

Any high-performance motor oil with a viscosity rating of 10W-30 or 5W-30 should work great for a 4.0 Jeep engine. The correct capacity is between 5.5 to 6 quarts, depending on the Jeep model.

The 4.0 Jeeps are known for their robust exterior and outstanding performance. While the rugged outlook looks attractive, the incredible performance of the engine enables the user to have a safe and comfortable riding experience. 

Despite everything, the oil efficiency of the 4.0 Jeep engines often came into question. 

What Type of Oil Does a 4.0 Jeep Need?

If you start researching the market, you can find a vast list of motor oil that promise to work best for Jeep 4.0L engines. 

The four most common types are – conventional, synthetic blend, full-synthetic, and high-mileage engine oil. However, not all of them are suitable for the best performance. 

The best way to determine the correct oil for your 4.0 Jeep is to consider a couple of factors. And these are – the viscosity of the oil and the API certification label.

The Viscosity of the Oil

Oil viscosity determines how resistant oil is to flow. It outlines the thickness or consistency of the oil. It is an essential measure that controls how the oil would perform in the engine.

Many experienced users shared that changing the oil regularly and maintaining the correct viscosity grade enhanced the durability and functionality of their engines. 

The best viscosity ratings for Jeep 4.0L engines are 5W-30 and 10W-30. Here, 5 or 10 before “W” defines the viscosity grade during cold temperatures. 

Conversely, the number 30 refers to the viscosity grade during warm temperatures.

API Certification Label

It is crucial to consider the API certification label before choosing the oil for a 4.0 Jeep. 

API stands for “American Petroleum Institute.” The institute examines and certifies oil based on its quality and performance. 

So, while choosing the oil, check for the “API Certified” tag carefully. This way, the oil can support the engine well.

Although a bit expensive compared to most other oil types, full-synthetic or high-mileage motor oil with 5W-20 or 5W-30 viscosity works best for a 4.0 Jeep.

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What Is the 4.0 Jeep Oil Capacity?

The 4.0 Jeep is a 4-liter, 6-cylinder engine with an oil capacity ranging from 5.5 to 6 quarts. Many presume the oil capacity to be 4-liter, but it defines the engine displacement. 

The actual capacity is 5.5 to 6 quarts, which, according to the U.S. metric system, equals 5.7 liters or 1.5 gallons. It can hold up to 6 quarts of oil if you want to completely fill the engine. 

But in most circumstances, 5.5 quarts is adequate. Also, most 4.0 Jeep manuals suggest filling the engine with 5 quarts of oil. However, you may need 6 quarts for a dry engine.

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Jeep 4.0 Oil Type and Capacity for Different Jeep Models (Table)

The oil change is essential to a 4.0 Jeep’s maintenance routine. But you can’t just use any oil. You need the right oil to get the engine running at its fullest and most efficiently.

Get an idea of the oil type and capacity for different 4.0 Jeep models in the table below.

4.0 Jeep Model Oil type (viscosity) Oil capacity (including filter)
Jeep Cherokee XJ (1987-1990) 10W-30;
5.5 quarts
Jeep Cherokee XJ (1991-1999) 5W-30;
6 quarts
Jeep Cherokee XJ (2000-2001) 5W-30;
6 quarts
Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ (1993-1998) 5W-30;
6 quarts
Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ (1999-2004) 5W-30;
6 quarts
Jeep Wrangler YJ (1991-1995) 5W-30;
6 quarts
Jeep Wrangler TJ/LJ (1997-1999) 5W-30;
6 quarts
Jeep Wrangler TJ/LJ (2000-2006) 5W-30;
6 quarts

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Why Is It Vital to Maintain the 4.0 Jeep Oil Type and Capacity?

Although the manufacturer stopped making the 4.0 engine in 2006, many people still love and appreciate it because of its reliability and longevity. 

You can enjoy the comfort of owning one if you maintain the correct oil type and capacity. 

Find out more as we talk about why it is so important to maintain the correct oil type and capacity in a 4.0 Jeep below.

Protect From Dirt Accumulation

As you use the engine for a long time, dirt, debris, and even sludge can accumulate and disrupt the engine’s performance. An oil change can eliminate the dirt and make the engine efficient again. (Xanax)  

Safeguard From Overheating

Adequate lubrication is essential for the engine to prevent abrasion. If your engine does not have enough oil, it can start to overheat, leading to engine failure. 

The right amount of oil keeps the engine’s moving components free from friction, preventing overheating.

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Ensure Better Engine Response

Rubbing metal components inside the engine can cause a tapping or rattling sound. Low engine oil can cause this issue. 

Sufficient oil will help the metal parts to stay adequately lubricated and avoid abrasion by contacting. It will make the engine perform and respond well. 

Moreover, the right oil can help enhance fuel economy, prevent oil seepage, and reduce emissions. This is why you should maintain both oil type and capacity for better engine performance. 

Prolong Engine Life

In order to protect the engine from deterioration ahead of time, you must replace the oil regularly while maintaining the correct oil type and capacity. 

With time, the oil starts to lose its viscosity, decreasing its capability to lubricate the engine components. 

A regular oil change can help prolong the life of your 4.0L engine by suspending contaminants and lubricating the engine more effectively.

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The 4.0 Jeep is an outstanding vehicle loved by many people worldwide. So naturally people have many queries regarding the performance and oil efficiency of the engine. Find some frequently asked questions regarding the topic below.

Can you use any oil for your 4.0 Jeep?

Although many experts advise using synthetic oil, you can also use other types of oil. Just ensure that the oil is top-quality and meets the viscosity grade recommended for your Jeep model. 

What is the right time to change the oil in your 4.0 Jeep?

The right time to change the oil in your 4.0 Jeep can be anywhere from 3000-7500 miles. It typically depends on the model and oil type of your Jeep. If you take your Jeep for short trips often, your engine may require an oil change sooner. 

When should you replace the oil filter on a 4.0 Jeep?

Most users replace the oil filter while changing the oil for their 4.0 Jeep. However, if you often drive on dusty roads, you may need to replace it earlier than that. Make sure to choose the oil filter according to the oil type specified for your vehicle.


The Jeep 4.0L engines proved their worth by showing incredible off-road and on-road performance for many years.

To enjoy this benefit for a long time, you only need to take proper care of the engine.

While the market is full of different types of oil, we suggest you opt for a good quality oil that matches the recommended viscosity grade for your specific 4.0 Jeep model. 

Maintaining the oil type and capacity can give your engine the life support it needs to be healthy.

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