What Is the UConnect Hard Reset Procedure? [Everything Explained]

Hard resetting the Uconnect is a pretty straightforward process. All you do is get to the engineering menu and factory reset the system to do a hard reset on it. A factory reset should get the system back to its default state. 

Now, the tricky part about all this is to find the factory reset through the engineering menu. That’s why, we suggest getting into the details to find what is the Uconnect hard reset procedure and how you can do it step by step. 

Things to Keep in Mind Before Hard Resetting Uconnect

Hard resetting Your Uconnect may come with three different consequences. Before you go ahead with the process, make sure to consider the following scenarios with the hard reset –

Chance of Losing Upgrades

In one of our failed attempts at hard resetting a Uconnect, we lost the system’s upgrades. 

It happened because we used the wrong process for the make and model of our Uconnect system.

So, pay attention to the model of your Uconnect and follow instructions based on that.    

All Information Will Go Back to the Default

Another result of a different Uconnect reset we experienced was the loss of all application data. This means the pairing information and contacts were all wiped.

Whenever you hard reset a Uconnect system, it returns to its default state with no stored data.

It Might Not Fix Issues

A very common mistake is to use the wrong method for the wrong make and model of a Uconnect. 

When you do that, it won’t reset your Uconnect. Instead, it may pose several other problems with your system.

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How Can You Hard Reset Your Uconnect?

It’s time we got into the actual procedure for hard resetting the Jeep Uconnect system

Even though the process is quite simple, we recommend being very careful about it. If you are not confident, then take your car to a mechanic.

Having said that, let’s get through the steps you need to follow –

Step-1: Put your car in park and turn on the power

The first thing you have to do is put your car in park. Make sure to keep the electrical power in your car on. Also, don’t turn on the engine or start the car while attempting a hard reset.

Step-2: Opening the engineering menu

To hard reset the Uconnect, you have to get into the engineering menu of the system. Usually, it’s not accessible through the menu. Here’s how you access it –

You have to hold down your system’s hot and cold buttons (i.e., temperature buttons) for about 5 seconds, which will bring up the engineering menu, from which you can find the factory reset settings of the Uconnect system.

Step-3: Find the factory reset option

After accessing the engineering menu, navigate to the factory reset option. Once you find it, select the option, and it will start the resetting process. 

Remember that it will erase all your system’s settings, contacts, and information.

Step-4: Finishing the process

Don’t be hasty with it, and the factory reset can take up to 30 seconds to complete. 

So, be patient until the process is completed. Your Uconnect should reboot once the factory reset is fully complete.

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Do You Really Need A Hard Reset on Your Jeep Uconnect?

Whether you need a hard reset on your UConnect or not depends on your issues with it.

If there are some minor issues, like a failure in the Bluetooth connection or the system hanging, a soft reset should fix them.

But a hard reset becomes mandatory if you are dealing with major issues like buggy software or faulty settings. 

You might want to look out for the signs of a necessary hard reset on your Uconnect –

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5 Signs That You Need to Hard Reset Your Jeep Uconnect

Let’s check out 5 signs that indicate you should do a hard reset on your Uconnect –

1- Pairing Problems

Having issues while pairing your phone with the Uconnect is a telling sign to hard reset your Uconnect. 

When you can’t connect your phone to the system, you will definitely have a hard time using your UConnect. 

A hard reset might return the Uconnect to its default state and resolve the issue.

2- Audio Problems

Similar to the other issue, if you notice problems with the audio system of your Uconnect, then a hard reset might be overdue. 

Usually, software bugs or some random faulty settings cause these kinds of problems. And a hard reset can be the solution for that.

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3- Faulty Navigation

Another telling sign indicating the necessity of a hard reset is trouble with the navigation. 

Well, we mostly use the Uconnect for navigation purposes, and if it’s not working, we go through a lot of trouble. 

4- Uconnect Glitches

If you notice any glitches on the Uconnect system, chances are you have some issues with the software. 

In that scenario, a hard reset can help. Besides that, you can either try to upgrade the version or roll back to the previous version.

5- Soft Reset Fails

After performing a soft reset on the system, if you notice the problem persisting, a hard reset might get the job done because the soft reset doesn’t do that much, whereas the hard reset is quite impactful.

Note: Most of the time, we suggest doing a soft reset before jumping right into a hard reset to fix any issue with your Uconnect system.

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Differences Between a Soft Reset and a Hard Reset

Let’s check out the differences between the two resets to get a better idea of it –

Soft resetHard reset
It doesn’t remove or erase any data or settings.completely changes the settings and data to make everything default
Very easy to doRequires a bit of knowledge
Not much riskyIt can be quite risky
Resolves minor software issuesFixes some major software issues
Doesn’t take much time to rebootIt can take some time to load up the system again.

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We have given you valuable information about the Uconnect hard reset process. The only thing left to give are answers to some popular questions regarding Uconnect. Here are some of them.

Can I reset Uconnect myself?

Yes, you can reset the Uconnect system all by yourself. However, we suggest not doing it by yourself. Because the wrong process can disable the Uconnect system and cause further problems, it’s better to rely on professionals for resetting the Uconnect system. 

What is the latest Uconnect system?

Uconnect 5 is the most recent Uconnect system, with many improvements over the previous versions. One of the major advantages is that it’s much faster than its predecessors. Another cool feature is the personalization of the user screen.

How to set up your phone with Uconnect on a Jeep?

First of all, ensure that you have enabled Bluetooth on your phone. Keep your Jeep in the park. On the Uconnect, push the Phone button. From there, select “add device” and go to settings. You will get a pin. Use it on your phone to establish a connection. 

Can you change your Uconnect code?

Yes, you can change your Uconnect code easily. All you have to do is go to Mopar.com and log in. Then, go to your account and choose Uconnect Access on the menu bar. There, you should get the option to update the pin.

Final Words

All in all, knowing about the hard reset process can be quite helpful, even though it’s always better to go to professionals for it. But if you are confident enough, you won’t have too much trouble.

Always be careful that you are using the right process for the right version of Uconnect. And also, don’t do the whole thing with a running engine.

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