What Kind of Jack Does a Jeep Wrangler Use?

Jack is popular and must need an accessory in the automotive industry. But there is a huge variety from vehicle to vehicle and jack to jack.

If you are a wrangler user, you may want to know which jack fits your vehicle most and what facilities jacks have.

Modern technology has created different jacks to taste, but the most popular are floor jack, high lift jack, bottle jack, and scissor jacks. There are also few others, but owners don’t trust them well.

From first-generation jeep wrangler YJ to the last generation jeep JL, the wrangler’s weight is from 1295 kg to 2400 kg, and today’s most of the jack is capable of holding the weight. So, choose an updated version of jack, and you will be able to use it in your wrangler.

Types of Jacks for Jeep Wrangler

There are different kinds of jacks that might fit with your jeep. I am talking about that below:

1. High lift jack:

High lift jack

High lift jack is one of the most popular jacks not only in the jeep industry but also in others. You can adjust it with the body for wheel removal to pull the jeep from big holes. There are mainly three types of jacks according to their manufacturing process.

Typically, it is made of solid cast steel to enhance its durability the most. Some of them are also from Powder-coated finishes and zinc-plated hardware that makes the jack adept.

This jack can take your jeep from 6 inches to 40 inches which is fairly enough for any daily driver. And its loading capacity is from 2100 to 2400 kg, which can help you to finish any work under your jeep.

The high lift jack has a multi-functionality for boat lifting to woodworking. It has an elementary science in its manufacturing with an easy using process. So, all professional loves this jacks.

But, sometimes, if it removes from its position under your jeep, it may bring significant loss to both you and your vehicle. But, overall, this is much suitable, as wrangler is an off-road vehicle.

2. Floor jack: 

floor jack

Most of the jeep owners use floor jack instead of the others for lowering jeep wrangler to exhaust changing. It is easy to use and much secure in your garage. You can put stands under your wrangler by lifting with a handle.

Stands make the jeep much safe because there is almost zero chance of position and teeth loss. Floor jacks are also made of cast steel or quality aluminum. So there are fewer chances of cracking when you let it work.

You can do multiple modifications, from tire changing to exhaust changing under your jeep.

A floor jack can take your jeep high from 3 inches to 20 inches with perfect positioning. And it has 3 tons loading capacity that is more than wrangler weight. So you don’t need to think about whether it is suitable for your jeep.

It is the best for garage and usual activities but not for all outdoor activities. If security is your main goal, I suggest that you go with that.

3. Bottle jack:

bottle jack

The bottle jack mechanism is much similar to the floor jack. But you don’t need a stand to put all the weight on the stands. Still, there are lees chances of teeth losing, but I will say stands are the most secure.

The hydraulic bottle jacks are made of alloy steel with 2 to 50 tons loading capacity that is much from the weight of your vehicle.

It can take your jeep 5 to 22 inches from the ground if you put it in the perfect place. What else do you want? Product weighty is less than 10 pounds so that you can put it anywhere in your jeep toolbox.

Finally, if you feel comfortable using a floor jack, then you will also be happy to use a bottle jack. It can be your needed friend in every offroad riding with the highest loading capacity.

4. Scissor jack: 

scissor jack

Like the other jacks, the scissor jack is one of the highest demand in the automotive industry. But, It is slightly less using jacks in jeep wrangler. Its maximum weight capacity is 1 to 2 tons.

Though drivers are using it without having significant accidents, I still say it is not much secure for the jeep. When you turn the handle clockwise, it will high your jeep body.

Its highest lifting capacity is 30 inches, where the minimum is 15 inches. Popular brands are manufacturing scissor jacks from alloy steel with immense customer satisfaction.

So, I don’t argue against its material. But, surely, you can not work well under the middle position of your jeep because you can only turn the handle outside of the vehicle body, not beneath the jeep.

So, anyone who wants a jack only for tire changing can select scissor jacks.

Now you have a better idea about jeep jacks. Jacks are not much pricy and also don’t take much space in your vehicle. You can try each of them according to their features or know them well.

Still, you ask what kind of jack does a jeep wrangler use? I can suggest that you go for a high lift jack or floor jack.

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