What Size Air Mattress Fits in a Jeep Wrangler?(Full Guide)

Is it frustrating? No, it’s not frustrating to choose the exact size of the air mattress in a jeep wrangler where factories track the clear standard sizing rules. It’s not always true to size, even from several of the popular name brands. That’s why you ensure the size. 

Alternatively, Jeep Wrangler is an excellent option to come with a large space to fit the air mattress properly. 

What size air mattress fits? From the multiple sizes, the 66” x 52” x 10” dimensions are the best sleeping area that can fit inside the Jeep. Not only this, other heavy-duty inflatable air mattresses are available to use. 

To help out, in this text, we deliver a lot of info about air mattress size and explain other related data you need to know. 

Jeep Wrangler Air Mattress Size: Ultimate Fitment Guide 

Nonetheless, the Jeep Wrangler is familiar due to its superficial design, excellent dimensions, and off-road powers. 

It has enough space to fit a standard air mattress smoothly. What size air mattress fits in a Jeep Wrangler? Before learning this main point, you have better to know more about Jeep Wrangler.

We discuss the interior space of the two types of Jeep Wrangler that are helpful to know. 

2-Door Style Jeep Wrangler 

The dimensions of the 2-door style jeep wrangler is below:

Front/Rear HeadroomApprox 42 inches 
Front/Rear Hip RoomApprox 50 inches 
Front/Rear Shoulder RoomApprox 56 inches 
Front/Rear LegroomAverage 38 inches 
Cargo Volume (Seats)Seats Up: 12.9 cubic feet Seat Down: 31.7 cubic feet
Total Passenger Volume104 cubic feet 

So, this type of Jeep wrangler has enough space to fit an air mattress. 

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4-Door Style Jeep Wrangler 

Here is a table of 4-door style Jeep Wrangler interior space.  

Front/Rear HeadroomAverage 42 inches 
Front/Rear Hip RoomAverage 55 inches 
Front/Rear Shoulder RoomAverage 55.7 inches 
Front/Rear LegroomApprox 40 inches 
Cargo Volume (Seats)Seats Up: 31.7 cubic feet Seats Down: 72.4 cubic feet 
Total Passenger Volume104 cubic feet 

Note: There are some differences between the two-door style and the four-door style in terms of internal space.

Now, it is easy to calculate what size air mattress fits. Here are the exact dimensions of the air mattress that can fit your jeep wrangler.  

  • Length: 66-inches 
  • Width: 53-inches 
  • Height Inflated: 10-inches  

So, here is a length 66-inch suitable for most of the jeep wrangle. The 53-inch width is always perfect for sleeping comfortably. On the other hand, you can’t avoid height-inflated 10-inch. 

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Air Mattress Size Chart 

How big can an air mattress be? Will a king-size or queen-size air mattress fit in my Jeep Wrangler?

Air mattresses are available in multiple sizes made by top manufacturers. All sizes are not fitting your Jeep Wrangler. It is better to see the size chart to understand it clearly. 

Size NameLength (Inches /Centimeters)Width (Inches /CentimetersHeight (Inches /Centimeters
Twin Size 75 / 190.538 / 96.527-25 / 17-63
Twin XL Size80 / 203.238 / 96.527-25 / 17.78-63.5
Full Size74 / 187.9654 / 137.167-25 / 17.78-63.5
Queen Size80 / 203.260 / 152.47-25 / 17.78-63.5
King Size 80 / 203.276 / 193.047-25 / 17.78-63.5

A twin air mattress is perfect for limited camping space. The width of 38 inches is a perfect fit for most of the jeep. 

But, a twin XL air mattress is not perfect for a jeep Wrangler due to the extra length. A full air mattress offers a tad more width suitable for maximum jeep Wrangler. 

Alternatively, the queen air mattress is a portable air mattress category but not perfect for a jeep Wrangler. The king-size air mattress comes with deluxe-level comfort including 16 inches of width to the dimensions of a definitive queen.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As a smart but new air mattress user, you have many questions on this matter. It’s natural. This is because we accumulate here some common questions-answers on the topic of air mattress size that fits in a Jeep Wrangler. 

Can You Sleep Inside Of A Jeep Wrangler With An Air Mattress?

Yes, you can sleep inside a jeep Wrangler easily and comfortably by using a high-quality air mattress. There are a lot of benefits to sleeping in your Jeep. You can go on multiple trips where the climate is worse. 

Is a Jeep Big Enough to Set Air Mattresses?

Of course, some Jeeps are big enough to set up an air mattress along with fit people who are six feet tall or more. Alternatively, small Jeeps are not comfortable for sleeping taller and larger people. 

Will 66″×52″×10″ Fit a 4-Door Jeep Wrangler?

Yes, 66 inches long x 52 inches wide x 10 inches thick air mattress fits a 4-door jeep wrangler. Although it is better to measure your jeep first before setting the air mattress.


So, you have already got a lot of info about what size air mattress fits in a Jeep Wrangler although the size depends on the type of Jeep Wrangler and other things. The average size of 66-inch x 52-inch x 10-inch can fit in the maximum Jeep Wrangler. 

Remember, air mattresses are great for temporary use while camping but you don’t attempt to use them as a permanent bed replacement. The shortcoming is that some air mattresses don’t support stiffness or back pain. 

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