Where is Jeep Cherokee starter located?

The starter works to turn on your vehicle engine by transmitting power from the battery. If the starter fails to maintain its proper functionality, you cannot start your vehicle and may need to tow it.

So, if you want to fix or replace your Jeep Cherokee starter motor, you should know the exact location to execute the fixing task. For this, keep reading the article to know where the Jeep Cherokee starter is located. Also, you’ll know how to replace the starter if it fails.

Where is Jeep Cherokee starter located?

On the Jeep Cherokee, the starter is located on the passenger side near the back of the engine compartment, where it blocks bolted to the transmission. You can visually inspect the starter by opening the hood. But, if you want to access it, you should go underneath your vehicle.

Also, if you follow the thickest battery-positive cable, you’ll reach the starter. Another way, you’ll see the starter just behind the front passenger tires. Just slide in about 20 inches and look straight up.

What are the signs of a failing starter in a Jeep cherokee?

Below are some common symptoms which indicate your vehicle is facing issues with the starter.

  • No crank, no start
  • You will hear one click sound when starting the engine
  • Slow crank when starting
  • The starter will freely spin, but the engine won’t start
  • Grinding noise
  • Smoke from under the hood

What to check before replacing the starter in a Jeep Cherokee?

When the starter and other parts of the vehicle face any issue, they, most of the time, provide common signs. So, before going to a replacement process, check whether they are in good condition. The parts are:

  • Starter fuse and relay
  • Anti-theft system
  • Ignition switch
  • Clutch switch or Neutral safety switch

How to replace the starter in a Jeep Cherokee?

The starter isn’t damaged easily, and sometimes it survives a lifetime in a Jeep Cherokee. But, when it fails to operate, you should replace it. Here is a complete overview of how you can replace the Jeep Cherokee starter.

Step 1: Disconnect the battery

You should disconnect your car battery when doing any replacement or repair task. As the battery is directly connected to the starter, if you touch it, it will cause your car’s computer to die. Even you’ll get shocked by it.

For this, just remove the negative terminal from the battery using a half-inch wrench. And make sure the removable terminal doesn’t touch the battery when doing the replacement task.

Step 2: Jack up the vehicle

You already know the exact location of your Jeep starter. To access it, you need to go beneath the vehicle. For this, jack up the vehicle using jack stands.

Step 3: Remove the old starter

After locating the starter, you need to remove two wires which are directly connected to the starter. Push the red clip to remove the black ignition wire. Then, remove the red battery wire using a 13mm socket.  

Then, remove the lower mounting bolt located near the bell housing. Then, remove the upper mounting bolt located furthest out of the ear on the transmission. Use 14mm and 15mm sockets to remove lower and upper mounting bolts.

After removing the wires and bolts, pull the starter forward and bring it down.

Step 4: Install the new starter

Once you remove the old starter, the installation process is quite easy. You just follow the reverse procedure to install the new starter. Use your hand to mount the bolts first.

Then, provide 35-foot pounds when tightening the upper mounting bolt and 30-foot pounds for the lower mounting bolt. Then, properly connect both the battery’s wire and the ignition wire. 

After that, connect the battery negative terminal to the battery. You are successfully changing the starter in your Jeep Cherokee. 

Note: The replacement process is shown for the 1984 to 2001 model. You’ll get a little different if you have other making year Jeep Cherokee models.

Quick fix for starter problem in Jeep Cherokee

If you’re stuck on the road and assume that your vehicle starter brushes are worn out, you can use a simple trick to fix the starter by driving to a nearby auto repair shop. For this, take a hammer, go underneath the vehicle, smack on the starter, and ask others to turn the key. 

If you are lucky, the smacking can move the brushes and make better contact with the commutator, and the current will pass properly to start the vehicle.

Jeep Cherokee starter replacement cost

The replacement cost depends on which year of Jeep Cherokee you own. According to RepairSmith, On average, you need to spend around $373, including the labor cost. The cost may increase if you have a newer model.

Final words

You don’t need to access the starter frequently on your Jeep Cherokee as it can outstand the life long of your vehicle. If you find symptoms related to the starter, the relay and wiring are usually the culprits. However, if your starter needs to be fixed and you want to access it, the article would help you know its location in your Jeep Cherokee.

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