Why Are Jeep Patriots So Cheap? You Can Also Afford it!

Jeep patriot was incredibly popular in the USA, Canada, and Europe till 2017. They sold 121,926 pieces of jeep only in the USA last year of their manufacturing. Patriots had been one of the top-selling jeeps in the related category until the second-generation Compass came.

You may know patriots were extremely affordable not only in the USA but also in the whole of Europe in its selling time. Looks, engine, and average features make patriots quite affordable to its customers.

Why are jeep patriots so cheap? Did you ever ask yourself as a regular jeep rider? Okay, don’t worry, I will talk about every possible thing that makes this vehicle affordable. 

Why Are Jeep Patriots Affordable

8 major causes are given below that make jeep patriot cheap than others.

Beginning Of Compact SUV

Jeep patriot Is slightly larger than a mini SUV but smaller than a mid-SUV; that is why patriot is called a compact SUV. After ending the era of the jeep XJ in 2001, the compact SUV idea is getting popularity all over the west.

Beginning Of Compact SUV

Patriot manufacturers planned to have these larger customers in their selling reports. Moreover, traveling with an offroad vehicle like a jeep was also getting much admiration from US people, so the manufacturer abated patriot’s price from a business sense. 

Satisfying Large Consumers

The jeep wrangler is a beautiful jeep with many updated features from their walking to the jeep industry. Manufacturer jeep company got travelers’ trust though the price was not in hand. Every off-road traveler always admires having a jeep wrangler as he can also drive this one by lowering the wrangler suspension.

So, jeep company invented their new vehicle patriot to satisfy their vast customers by reducing prices. As jeep Cherokee and patriots are almost closer in looks, it can be called a marketing strategy to survive in this business.  

Less Powerful Engine

patriot less powerful engine

Though this is an off-road and all seasonal vehicle, the manufacturer did not use a powerful engine compared to other jeeps. From the beginning, they used a 2.4 L World I4 engine with 172 hp, while jeep wrangler JK used a 3.8 L EGH V6 with 202 hp.

So, a less powerful made them obliged to minimize the price though patriots 2017’s engine was much more powerful in every aspect. 

Multiple Models With Common Features

Jeep patriot has produced three primary models sport, latitude, and limited in a closer price range. But there is not too much upgrade without rim size for satisfying riding taste in patriot models.

Rim size has improved from 16 to 17 inches, CD player to Bluetooth telephone system, Cloth Seating Surfaces to leather seating surface though many features remain hidden. There is no significant engine upgrade In patriot’s three models; that is why the price is still limited. 

Less Fitment Of Aftermarket Accessories

Do you want to buy something newer for the jeep wrangler or Grand Cherokee? you will get everything from a bright led headlight for JK to a lightweight roof rack for Grand Cherokee.

But you cant do the same as jeep patriots used some ten years older parts and sometimes which don’t fit with popular aftermarket accessories. So, always you have to find older products for a better fitment that makes patriots cheap.

Using Typical Interior

Using basic interior in patriot’s three major models makes the jeep inexpensive. The manufacturer had used Vinyl seating surfaces, a normal CD, and a radio player with some problems in patriots sports and latitude though they tried to upgrade interior parts in patriot limited.

jeep patriot standard interior

Jeep limited manufacturer used power front driver’s seat with cloth seating surface, U Connect hands-free Bluetooth telephone system and power sunroof though that was not enough for interior designing. After all, poor interior design combination was one of the major causes of an economical price. 

Using Manual Windows, Doors, And Seating

rather than improve the vehicle fitting, the jeep company prefers to polish up jeep looks. Jeep patriot’s first version, Sport, used manual roll-up windows with manually adjustable front bucket seats that were too wired in a modern county like the USA.

They also used Tinted windows with a low-quality door lock system at the beginning of the manufacturing which also made consumers hesitate.

jeep patriot manual window

So, manual windows, doors, and seating had reduced vehicle prices in a long-range though they tried to make it feasible next. Patriot latitude applied power door lock and one-touch power windows to convince patriot consumers. 

Patriot Is Not A Lavish Vehicle

the world is rotating too fast that robots are driving a car without others helping, and engineers are planning to create flying cars. There are many off-road vehicles with a lot of features in the different price ranges.

Some of them are too much luxury with bulletproof glass features, and some have advanced sensor systems.

Now, you can easily make coffee inside your vehicle and keep a champagne bottle in the vehicle refrigerator. In a word, you can do every possible thing in today’s modern vehicle. 

But, the jeep patriot is not the type of vehicle where you can fulfill all of your desire. It is beautiful but a basic jeep by which an off-road traveler can satisfy his traveling purpose. (www.newslive.com)

Some basic necessaries are still missing compared to a jeep Rubicon or Willys. It’s an inexpensive factory-made vehicle, not a luxury one. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Jeep Patriots have a lot of problems?

If it is an older version of jeep Patriot, then the headlights are not working, and jeep radio problems are very common. But, new jeep patriots have solved most of the issues as their customers are not satisfied.


Now you are at least 30 percent clear about why are jeep patriots so cheapAs it is not a luxury jeep-like Grand Wagoneer, some advanced and essential ingredients are still missing. Maybe, there are some business policies that keep patriots still affordable. 

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