Why Are Jeep Patriots So Cheap? 6 Reasons Explained

We all know about Jeep and its rugged and luxurious design, but with rugged design comes an expensive price tag. The Jeep Patriot, introduced in 2006, opposes this idea as it comes at a fairly cheap price, and this might lead you to think, why are Jeep Patriots so cheap?

Because Jeep Patriots are small, compact SUVs without many more costly and luxurious options, so they are cheap. Additionally, they are designed for those who don’t care much about luxuries and fully plan to use them as a daily vehicle.

So, if you are thinking about getting a Jeep Patriot and are confused about the low price, then this guide is for you. We will discuss everything you need to know about Jeep Patriot. 

Overview of Jeep Patriot

One of the famous vehicles that formerly controlled the highways is the Jeep Patriot. The Jeep Patriot received a lot of attention since it was the least expensive SUV. 

It soon became the most popular vehicle since it was conveniently priced within many people’s means. The model was maintained from 2006 till 2017. 

Although it sports a more vertical design, this tiny SUV is connected to the Jeep Compass and Dodge Caliber. It makes use of the same four-cylinder, 2.0, and 2.4-litre engines as the Caliber. 

The primary goal was to create a small SUV that could serve as a daily vehicle while being affordable and providing the same dependable engine performance as Jeep’s other models.

Despite its limitations, the Patriot received several accolades and praises over its ten-year manufacturing run. The Patriot directly competed with other small SUVs by being less expensive yet providing acceptable off-road capabilities.

Why Are Jeep Patriots So Cheap

To be honest, a Jeep Patriot isn’t necessarily cheaper than other cars in its class, but it is cheap compared to other Jeep models. So why are they really so cheap? They are inexpensive for various reasons, all of which are discussed below.

1. No Power windows or doors

The number one reason for the cheap price is that the Jeep Patriot doesn’t have any power windows or doors. The windows and doors of the Patriot are manually controlled. 

On the inner surface of every door, there is a button that can be pressed to manually lock and release every door as well as manually open or close the windows. 

This variant was significantly less expensive than previous Jeep cars since automation sensors were not used.

2. Entry Level Compact Suv

Jeep Patriot is an entry-level compact SUV, unlike the bigger models offered by Jeep. This entered the market when compact SUVs were becoming more popular. 

Due to its tiny form, it doesn’t have a ton of trunk space, which lowers its cost. People desired an SUV more than a sedan, and Patriot provided customers the option to fit 4-5 people in one comfortably.

3. Simple Interior design

The inside is really simple. It lacks any unique characteristics or glitzy extras that set it apart from other cars in its price point. 

Moreover, the Patriot’s interior and seating are not opulent; do not expect fancy, leathered cushions as other pricey Jeep models provide.

It comes loaded with a radio that can pick up Am or FM channels and a simple speaker system. There were no pricey speakers, CD players, or cassette players. 

All the standard amenities that you would anticipate from an economy-class automobile are still present. 

You will also discover amenities like an anti-lock brake system and a tire pressure gauge system despite the vehicle’s low price.

4. Smaller Less powerful engine

The Jeep Patriot’s engine is reduced in size, which results in lower manufacturing costs. Making a smaller engine is less expensive than making a larger one. Its two and 2.4-liter engine produces a rather small amount of horsepower. 

Moreover, It is not intended to carry you on long journeys, climb mountains, or take you through off-road terrain.

5. Riding Experience is not that good

The Jeep Patriot is cheap, and that affects the overall riding experience. It has a boxy Cherokee design, as is customary for Jeep vehicles. The overall driving experience is decent but not outstanding. 

Additionally, the gearbox and acceleration are both smooth and capable of handling some off-road tracks. But if you drive it too far, it won’t provide a fun ride.

Because of the cheaper materials, the shocks might not be capable of supporting you, and you risk causing damage to the automobile.

6. Doesn’t feel luxurious 

Patriot is inexpensive since it is a simple car. Do not forget that it is a highly reliable vehicle with many high-quality features. However, it won’t have the same amenities as other bigger, more costly Jeeps. 

There are no power seats, which is a drawback. Furthermore, no rear window wipers nor back window defrost are fitted.


Down below we will talk about the most commonly asked question that can pop up after you have read the whole guide. 

Are Jeep Patriots reliable?

The Jeep Patriot has an above-average dependability score, notwithstanding its mediocre resale value. Serious Jeep Patriot fixes are also rare, and the number of trips to repair facilities is 0.3 times a year, which is relatively low for a vehicle of this age.

Why did Jeep stop making the Patriot?

The absence of technology was one of the main factors contributing to the Jeep Patriot’s poor sales. While competing vehicles in the same price range featured considerably superior technology, Jeep chose not to upgrade its technology in order to lower the price point.

Are Jeep Patriots good in snow?

The Jeep Patriot’s Freedom Drive II powertrain enables it to operate effectively in a variety of weather and driving situations. Thus, it has the capacity to drive across 19 inches of standing water, heavy snow, and muck.

What is the biggest problem with the Jeep Patriot?

The Jeep Patriot’s primary issue is early CVT breakdown. The constantly variable transmission of the Patriot is subject to malfunction. The drivers reported excessive heat alerts, screeching sounds, and problems with acceleration were some of the issues.


You cannot find new Jeep patriots anymore, as they have been discontinued since 2017. But, if you are thinking of buying a used unit and wondering what makes them cheap by now, you should have a complete idea of that.

So far, we have discussed all the factors that make them cheap compared to other Jeep models. Even though It is an entry-line compact SUV, it still offers decent performance with more than enough power under the hood to be used as a daily driver.

Thus, if you ask us about the Jeep Patriots, we will vote for it, especially if you want to drive a Jeep without making a hole in your pocket. 

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