Why Are Jeep Wranglers So Expensive With High Mileage?

In the kingdom of offroaders, the Jeep Wrangler is considered a king. Jeep has been producing wranglers since 1986. Many wranglers are hitting the road, even with very high mileage. But the price is lower than a high-mileage car.

Jeep wranglers come with world-class engineering and reliable machinery. So, these jeeps have a good demand in the market. But due to their lower supply and high production costs, wranglers are expensive even after hitting a high mileage on the odometer. 

This article will explain production costs and consumer demand factors impacting the higher price of the wranglers with high mileage. Also, you will get insights for buying and some alternatives to the Jeep Wrangler with high mileage.

Is It A Good Idea To Buy A Jeep Wrangler With High Mileage?

Wranglers are reliable offroaders. Most cars start to fall after getting a six-digit on the odometer. But Wranglers are built differently. There are some points for that. Wranglers are for power, for off-roading. It’s not your comfy sedan to drive on the freeway. 

So, a high-mileage wrangler can fulfill your desire if you need the power and an extreme off-roader but are not on a brand-new budget. 

They can be old, but their services need to be updated. They still can hit on the road better than the new other cars. Here are reasons to buy a wrangler with high mileage.


They made very powerful engines from the beginning of the Jeep Wrangler. In 1995 wranglers put an engine in the car that could make 123 HP. 

In the upcoming years, they started producing engines to make more power. Here’s a simple table to show the increase of Wrangler’s power from 1995 to 2023.

Model YearEngine Power
1987 – 1996114 HP -184 HP2.5L 5MT AWD – 4.0 L 5MT AWD
1996 – 2006118 HP – 177 HP2.4L 5MT – 4.0L 5MT
2006 – 2018177 HP – 200 HP2.8L CRD 5AT – 2.8L CRD 6MT
2018 – Present285 HP3.6L V6  6MT  and 3.6L V6 8MT

If you take a look here, you can see, from the very beginning, they were making super powerful cars. It can ensure the best off-roading experience. So, if you want to go with a 1900s wrangler, it will satisfy you with enough power.


Still, many countries use the 1900s wranglers. You can find a lot of old wranglers in the USA also. They are best for their reliability. The old cars are still hitting like the new ones. Their engines can produce heavy power even if they are old. 

Wranglers are made for off-roading. Snow, mud, and water, almost nothing can damage it if you know to care for your wrangler. 

There is a video following of driving a jeep wrangler underwater. You can rely on this beast even if it’s old. It won’t let you down if you know to take care of it.


Though Wrangler is considered the best off-road, it has a lot of versatility. It is also used as a perfect towing car. An excellent towing vehicle is a must if you like to camp in your van in the woods. 

Luckily Wrangler is a perfect towing car. If your area is covered with winter snow, you need to plow them badly. Just add a plow with your Jeep, and really, you are good to plow like a pro. 

Moreover, the Wrangler can be used as a perfect daily driven car also. You can drive the wrangler to the super shop to the bar. It’s always versatile to use. 

Strong Construction

The Jeep Wrangler is a solid car. In the woods or snow, mud or desert, it’s strong everywhere. With the very engaging power delivery, it really can do almost anything. 

The metal body of the car is also made with the highest perfection. Let alone the inner parts. 

These strong metals and Engineering make the car strong enough to sustain over decades. Even after hitting six digits on the odometer, it is strong as new.

Brand value

In the market of off-road cars, Jeep is a renowned name. In some parts of the earth, off-roading cars are addressed as Jeep cars. This thing happens just because of their supreme level of engineering and services. 

Jeep doesn’t make fancy cars for your comfort ride. They built cars to hit the extreme. Their cars are reliable, strong, and powerful. So, the brand value matters here.

Why Are Jeep Wranglers So Expensive With High Mileage?

There are many reasons the Wrangler costs more than average cars. These cars come with the finest care and world-class engineering. Even the materials are also the finest on the market. 

They use expensive materials to make the car more reliable, from the body to the wheels and headless to the engine. Here are some possible reasons that make the Jeep Wrangler expensive, even if it has high mileage.

The cost of production

Jeep is built with the highest-grade materials. From every angle, they put their best into making their car sustainable. It’s an offroader. So definitely, it requires more care than a typical car. 

And the manufacturers really take care of that matter. If we talk about engineering, it’s also perfect. So, all these things make Jeeps more costly than average cars. Moreover, Jeeps don’t believe in quantity. 

Every car ensures the best quality. So using the highest materials and the perfect engineering make the production costlier. So the price increases.

Demand and supply

In 2021 in the USA, 204,609 units of jeep Wrangler were sold. It is a very good example of the demand for the Wrangler these days. But a new car is costlier. Therefore, people started to find pre-owned models. 

So automatically, the demand increases. And we all know the business policy. The less supply and the more demand makes a product costlier. 

This thing happens with the Wrangler pre-owned model. So a wrangler with high mileage can be cheap. Yes, it is more affordable than the new models, but definitely, it’s more expensive than other cars.

The Jeep Wrangler’s reputation and branding

In the realm of offroaders, the jeep Wrangler is considered a king. This magnificent beast is used for various purposes. 

Even the military uses a lot of jeep Wranglers. Jeep is known to make the highest quality of off-roading cars. There is no strong competitor also against them. They have a great brand value on the market for offroaders. 

And really, they are worth it. They put the highest effort into their cars. This thing is also a reason to make a high-mileage Wrangler costlier.


Still, a lot of cars of 1990 are hitting the road smoothly. So, for sure, they are reliable even after hitting 6-digit mileage. All because of the Jeep’s longevity and reliability. 

Jeep has the versatility to be an extreme off-roader, a perfect daily driver, and a towing car. The power of the engine is always extreme. Most Jeep cars come with at least more than 150 horsepower. 

This magnificent power delivery makes it a beast off-road. In snow, mud, woods, or desert, they are compatible. So, these capabilities of a jeep Wrangler make it costlier.

Some Alternatives to the High Mileage Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler doesn’t have so many competitors. But it is also true that you can find some alternatives. They can perform well, but they are different from the Wrangler. Here are some common alternatives to Wrangler.

AlternativesCar Top SpeedMileage
Jeep Gladiator130 mph22-28 mph/gallon
Land Rover Defender149 mph8.58-11.42  km/l
Ford bronco132 mph20-21 m/g
  • Jeep Gladiator 

It’s the best alternative to the Jeep Wrangler. They have the same mother company. Even they have the same look. From the front, you really can confuse it with a Wrangler. 

It also has 285 HP, which is similar to the Wrangler. The brand-new prices are also in the same range as the Wrangler. But the pre-owned models are slightly less costly than the Jeep Wrangler. This is a good alternative.

  • Land Rover Defender

This car is also a perfect offroader. It can deliver more power than the jeep Wrangler. Its defender can provide 395 HP. But the defender is costlier than the Wrangler. 

And Land Rover cars require more care than Jeeps. But you can drive a Defender with comfort and luxury. It is also a good option. They are also good at versatility. But the fuel cost is slightly more than the wrangler.

  • Ford bronco 

This car is another beast of the off-road also. It comes with a 300 HP Turbocharged 2.3L 4-cylinder engine, and another version provides 330 HP. 

The price of a brand-new ford bronco is in the range of a jeep Wrangler. It also has an offroader look. But the previous models could be more attractive to look at. However, it depends on the viewer. So, bronco is another good option.

  • Toyota 4runner

Toyota 4runner provides a 270 HP 4.0 v6 engine. It looks good, but this car isn’t perfect for heavy off-roading. 

If you need to get a car with a stylish look, comfortable to ride, and for usual off-roading, the Toyota 4runner can be a good choice. 

But the price is costlier than the wrangler. Even if it has less horsepower, the older models are not perfect for off-roading.

Is it possible to lower the cost of a Jeep Wrangler with high mileage?

The cost of a Jeep Wrangler usually depends on several factors associated with the wrangler’s performance. Therefore, it is necessary to understand those factors determining a wrangler’s price. Here are the crucial factors for buying a wrangler with high mileage.  


Check the mileage first. You can save your money by buying a jeep wrangler with lower mileage. Thus, find the odometer and get an idea. 

Usually, wranglers with modifications can offer lower mileage. So, you can also check the service record and MOT certificates to ensure it. 

Check engine

Check the engine. Check the engine oil. Because a car of a careful owner is always good. Check the inner compounds of the engine. An experienced mechanic can help you to do this. 

Check the transmission

Mostly wranglers can have issues with transmission if the owner doesn’t take proper care. While off-roading, transmission, and suspension perform the most vital role. So check this with experience. 


There can be a lot of options for modification on a jeep Wrangler. The most common modification is lifting the Jeep up. Remember, a suitable modification can save you thousands of dollars. Ask directly to the owner about the modifications. And check these one by one. 

Electric circuits

Check for internal electric circuits. Also, check the condition of the headlight, indicator lights, windows, steering, and other electrical options.

Test drive

Nothing is more important than a test drive. A test drive can ensure the appropriate idea about the vehicle’s condition. So always go for a test ride before purchasing.

It would be best if you had a clear idea about the problems of the Wrangler you are willing to buy. Pay while considering the renovation cost. Please point out the issues and figure out how much you need to spend to fix them. 

Sometimes simple faults can make a car cheaper. So grab that hook to find a better deal. But finding a new car is always the best decision, even if it’s costly.


Before purchasing a high-mileage Wrangler, there are many things to consider. Some common questions will arise in your mind. Here are some common questions with their answers.

How can I tell if a Jeep Wrangler with high mileage is in good condition?

To determine whether a Jeep Wrangler is in good condition, you should first look at the engine and the transmission. Then get an idea about the car’s gas mileage and the odometer. Last but not least, ensure all electrical issues and the car’s sound are okay.

Are high-mileage Jeep Wranglers more prone to breakdowns?

The high mileage is a minor matter here. The matter is the condition of the car and the maintenance of the car. A nicely maintained old car can last much longer than an unmaintained new one. So, get in good condition.

What is the average lifespan of a high-mileage Jeep Wrangler?

Wranglers can perform very well even after hitting 6-digits. Normally the average lifespan of a wrangler is around 10 years. Or 100,000 miles to 280,000 miles. But still, the 1990’s cars are hitting the road. If you can maintain your car, you can easily use it for up to 400,000 miles.


Jeep wrangler owners mostly don’t care about the mileage. Wranglers can easily perform very great, even with high mileage. That’s why the demand for a high mileage wrangler is not less than a brand new one.

But due to the much demand and less supply, the price of a high mileage Wrangler has stayed the same. But this price is also reasonable. Because this high mileage won’t affect the performance of a wrangler.

If you are considering getting a high-mileage wrangler, just be sure you properly maintain it. It can be costly, but this can provide what you badly need. 

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