Why Jeep Key Fob Not Working Or Detected? (Fix It Easily)

A key fob is one of the most popular and versatile accessories for the modern commuter like a car and jeep. An electric key fob that allows you to control your keyless entry system, arm or disarm alarm systems, start your car, turn lights on and off, and maintain heating and air conditioning.

But sometimes, the key fob fails to provide its desired service in your jeep wrangler and Grand Cherokee. If you’re having problems with your Jeep key fob not working or detected, then you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, I will talk about the issues that are faced by jeep users who have problems with their Jeep Key Fobs. If the key fob problem is very basic, then this article can save your time, money, and money. 

Major Causes Of Jeep Key Fob Not Working Problem

There are some issues that can occur with your key fob, and it can be quite annoying. I have discussed some popular causes of key fob issues below. Most of them are closers to jeep radio problems. You just need to relate which symptoms are familiar with your jeep key fob. 

The Empty Or Dead Battery In The Key Fob

A battery with an electric connection is the main power source for running any electric device. So when you fail to provide that power to the electric device, you will definitely find some issues.

The Empty Or Dead Battery In The Key Fob

If you are using your key fob for an extended period of time, it is likely that the battery is dead. If this is the case, you will need to replace the battery. 

Using The Key Fob In The Wrong Way

Key fob provides a lot of features in the automotive industry. It also differs from jeep to jeep and trim level to trim level. So you have to learn everything about how to use the key fob in your jeep.

If you are a new owner and always press the wrong key, your key fob won’t work the way you want. Maybe the key fob and vehicle both are okay, but you don’t know how to use them perfectly. 

Wrong Key Fob Programming

Key fobs are small, portable, and fantastic devices that allow owners to control a vehicle remotely. A fob has two main functions: it must be able to store a security code that provides access to the jeep, and it must transmit that code to the vehicle to unlock the doors.

So, the key fob is all about programming. If something is wrong with the security code of the vehicle, the whole key fob system is abortive. 

Broken Button Or Keys In The Fob

Is there any key broken or miss-aligned in your key fob? it can happen anytime when the key fob falls from your hand. If you find a tiny crack or a minor scratch on the fob, then that may be the reason why it is not working.

Broken Button Or Keys In The Fob

One of my friends saw that the battery was covered by some plastic and the cover was broken off.  

The Problem With The Door Lock System 

when we say only the faulty key fob is responsible for each problem, that would be one-sided. Sometimes, you can find key fob issues if the door lock system or panoramic sunroof is faulty.

When every feature in the key fob is working pretty well without the lock system, maybe the key fob is okay, and the problem is arising from the door. 

Using Multiple Wireless Devices 

The jeep is the place where we tend to keep our electronics, but having multiple wireless devices in the vehicle can ensure quality riding, commuting, and jeep anti-theft system.

Using Multiple Wireless Devices 

When you’re driving, especially on the highway in Sport mode, distractions are everywhere by text messages, social media alerts, and news updates. All wireless devices like wifi, radio, and Bluetooth use different frequencies to keep the system alive.

Sometimes, the key fob faces problems in ensuring its services among all the frequencies. So, it could be one of the causes of key fob problems in jeep Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Rubicon, or Willys

Weak Or Dead Jeep Battery 

Without a working battery, you can not drive to a nearby dealer to purchase new batteries; that’s why a Jeep battery is a critical part of the vehicle.

When your vehicle battery is weak or dead, all the electronics systems fail to run until you fix it. Sometimes, a weak battery will not allow you to run a key fob system in your jeep. 

How To Solve Jeep Key Fob Problems

Meet Your Supplier

if the key fob is broken or older enough to use in your jeep wrangler or Cherokee, then you should meet the vehicle’s dealer. They can easily fix them or give you one of the new items with or without cost. Remember, talk to the dealer politely and bring all the documents with you. 

Change Batteries From Time To Time

A key fob is a fantastic accessory to have easier jeep riding, but most of us never replace the batteries in our fobs because we forget. To keep your fob looking its best, always replace the batteries when they’re completely dead and never use cheap items.

Recharge Or Change Jeep Batteries

A Jeep battery should last around 3-4 years with normal use. and if you are facing a key fob problem due to a bad jeep battery, The best solution is that recharge it again or simply purchase new batteries.

Recharge Or Change Jeep Batteries

If you have been using batteries for many years, you should invest $200 to $300 to have better services in all of your electrical devices. 

Reset Jeep Key Fob Programming

A common problem with older fobs is that their programming has become corrupted over time so that the buttons aren’t being recognized and/or processed correctly. You can simply solve this problem by resetting your jeep key fob.

but resetting key fobs in all the jeeps is not equal, and it varies from jeep wrangler to Grand Cherokee. I have provided a video about the jeep wrangler resetting process that might help you. 

Use It According To The User Guide

User manuals are essential parts of any electronic device like jeep key fobs that help users to understand how to use the product or how it works.

When you don’t understand the key fob’s behavior, you should read the user guide book or see an adequate tutorial about that. This will help you to detect any key fob problems and ensure a quality user experience. 

Always Take Care Of The Jeep Key Fob

Taking care of any electrical devices in your jeep can enlarge its durability. Make it a habit to clean up your jeep key fobs every couple of days, and don’t keep it until the holiday comes. Before the keys go into your pocket, check that they are clean, dry, and working.


With many different styles and colors, the Jeep Key Fob has become an essential accessory for all Jeep owners until it is working. I think this article is enough to find out the exact cause and solution of key fob problems in jeep wrangler, Cherokee, and Grand Cherokee.

Still, your jeep key fob not working or detected! No more web researching, and please take your jeep to an auto expert.

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