Why Jeep Patriot Throttle Body Recall? [Explained]

The Jeep Patriot’s throttle body is recalled due to its faulty functioning, which poses a safety risk. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the Jeep model should be recalled whenever a lousy throttle body makes the Jeep prone to engine stalling, starting failure, or power surge while accelerating.

The concept of recalls and warnings associated with Jeep may be little known to you. Let us have comprehensive discussions in the sections below to learn more.

What is Jeep Patriot Throttle Body Recall All About?

A recall on your vehicle means that there’s a potential safety risk associated with your vehicle or the equipment of the vehicle. 

The vehicle manufacturer notifies you by mail that a particular part of your vehicle poses a threat, which can lead to severe implications. 

The recall of Jeep Patriot vehicles is meant to notify you that there is an unreasonable risk due to a faulty throttle body. 

Over the years, a good number of Jeep models have been affected and recalled. Among all these models, only some have been recalled for different reasons.

Multiple things might lead to the recall. Among those, the first and foremost thing is safety. 

The throttle body’s main task is regulating air intake on the engine. If that is not ensured, it is unsafe for the driver and passengers in the vehicle. Due to this issue, there are high chances of engine stalling or unexpected acceleration.

There are also significant problems like reduced acceleration or deteriorating fuel efficiency. Since the problem impacts engines and emissions, regulatory bodies have a say. 

It can result in the manufacturer getting sued, and the best possible solution would be to recall the vehicles to avoid this.

Recall History of Jeep Patriot Models

Over the years, there has been a number of Jeep Patriot models recalled. We have added a table below, that’ll give you a better view of the things relevant to recalled models.

Recall NumberRecall YearReason
17V8240002017Faulty fire extinguisher
16V9070002016Crankshaft or camshaft sensor only working irregularly
16V6680002016OCR module prone to short circuit
15V8780002015Incorrect hose installation of retention clamp
13V5520002013Faulty balance shaft module
13V1200002013Incorrectly manufactured transfer tube
12V1420002012Damaged roll-over valve
11V3150002011Incorrect installation of column pivot rivet
10E0430002010Improper setting of airbag
08V5280002008Improper adhesive use in PCM
07V196002007Rear wheel hub bolts improper mounting

How to Figure Out If Jeep Patriot Is Affected?

There is every possibility of you having no clue about your vehicle being a part of a recall. Regulators often notify vehicle manufacturers to inform users about recalls based on a particular problem. 

In the case of your Jeep Patriot, you may get mail, a message, or a call about the recall from the manufacturer. 

It doesn’t matter whether you bought the Jeep Patriot new or second-hand. Recalls happen all year, and your vehicle might be a part of them. 

In this regard, you can try some methods to check whether your Jeep Patriot is part of a recall. Those methods are listed below:

Method 1: Find the VIN of the Vehicle

The VIN in a vehicle stands for Vehicle Identification Number, which is there for every particular model. You can locate a serial number of 17 digits on the windshield corner on the driver’s side.

Another easy way to find the VIN is by checking the registration or insurance card of the vehicle. You can even opt for Android or iOS apps that provide regular updates. 

These apps will let you scan the barcode of your vehicle and let you know about the information you seek.

Method 2: Visit NHTSA’s Database

Since NHTSA is the regulatory agency for recalls and anything relevant to the road and driving safety, you may check their database. 

They constantly have updated vehicle records and track all the registered vehicles.

If you feel your Jeep Patriot is prone to a possible recall, you can simply visit nhtsa.gov/recalls to check whether your vehicle is listed. 

You must input your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and see if anything appears.

Method 3: Set Alerts

Another smart option would be to set up a Google alert for the recall of your Jeep Patriot model. You must set this with “Recall” as an alert. 

You’ll automatically be notified if any recall relevant to your Jeep Patriot model is published. 

Method 4: Regularly Check the Mailbox

Everything in your vehicle might seem alright, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t prone to recall soon. The mail from NHTSA is the most common way to learn about the recall.

You must sign up and input your email address in the database, eventually alerting you. You can get alerts for up to five vehicles in a similar process.

What Can You Do If Your Vehicle Is a Part of a Recall?

The dilemma of where to take your vehicle when there is a recall is legitimate. To get the recall service, you should contact your car dealership very soon. You should schedule an appointment with them by phone.

In this process, try not to delay the appointment. You must ensure that your vehicle gets into the shuttle services of the dealership. 

There can also be the necessity of the vehicle getting towed when the recall issue is severe.

All the repairs done by the dealership will be free, and it even includes replacing certain parts. 

Lastly, if the problem for which the recall is issued cannot be fixed, the dealer/manufacturer will either have to refund you or replace the vehicle with an identical model.


There have been recalls on Jeep Patriot models previously. Due to a bad throttle body, your model can be part of the recall. This might invoke a lot of queries, but we have added a few for your convenience.

Let’s check those out!

How long does it take for the dealership to fix the recall?

The repair for the recall depends on how severe the issue is and how quickly you schedule an appointment. A longer time frame is necessary when you aren’t getting a dealership schedule.

What are the symptoms of a bad throttle body on a Jeep Patriot?

If the throttle body is having issues on your Jeep Patriot, there will be things like – engine stalling, warning lights beeping, or hesitation while accelerating.

Will the Jeep Patriot recall cost me anything?

Fixing any parts associated with a recall of your Jeep Patriot won’t require any costs. Since it’s a technical fault on the manufacturer’s part, they will bear it.

Final Thoughts

Vehicles being recalled for specific issues are expected. Regulatory agencies do it to ensure road and passenger safety. 

If you are concerned about your Jeep Patriot getting recalled, enlist it on the NHTSA website for the alert.

It will be the best solution for the recall due to the throttle body problem. We hope you got your answer, and let us know if you have any queries.

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