Why Jeep Radio Won’t Turn Off? – Try These Methods To Fix!

The Jeep Radio won’t turn off is a common problem in some models like jeep wrangler, cherokee, gladiator etc. Although this problem is not severe, it can create very annoying consequences for Jeep users.

The faulty Power off button, bad radio, and the ignition switch are the main reasons the Jeep radio won’t turn off. Check these parts if there arises a problem.

However, this issue has some manual but tricky solutions that will help you turn off your Jeep’s Radio. So, keep reading this article to learn what you need to do to get out of this trouble.

Why Won’t The Jeep Radio Turn Off? 

There could be numerous reasons behind a Jeep radio not turning off. So, let’s see the reasons that prevent a Jeep radio from turning off.

  • Head Unit Wiring – Double Power Wires
  • Faulty Ignition Switch 
  • Faulty Ignition Cylinder
  • Faulty power Off button
  • Bad Radio

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5 Easy Solutions For Jeep Radio Won’t Turn Off

It usually happens when you have an old Jeep, or the radio has undergone technical damage. However, sometimes you may need to mess with your radio to make it normal again. Use these solutions to see if your Jeep’s radio turns off.

#1- Head Unit Wiring – Double Power Wires

This problem often exists since the installation. It is simply a wiring problem that needs some rearrangement. Now, every car radio comes with a single ground and double power wires.

One of the two power wires always stays hot, whereas the other gets power during driving or when the ignition switch is in the ACC position. The ACC position allows you to use your radion even when the engine is turned off.

However, if you notice that the head unit’s primary power wire is linked to a power source, you will encounter a similar technical issue with your Jeep’s radio. It will not turn off even when you turn off the engine. To detect and avoid this problem, follow these steps:

  • Take a voltmeter or test light and check the wires.
  • Check if both wires stay hot all the time.
  • Rewire the radio and ensure it receives power from a wire which is hot only when the ignition is in the ACC position.

#2- Faulty Ignition Switch

Here we present the proper solution for the faulty ignition switch. Let’s follow the steps properly.

  • Step 1: Check if the radio receives accessory power even when the key is in the off position.
  • Step 2: Try realigning the cylinder and check if the problem is solved or not.
  • Step 3: If step 2 doesn’t work, try replacing the ignition switch. If the problem remains within the previous ignition switch, replacing it will entirely solve the issue.

The Replacement cost for the Ignition switch can stand around 150$ to 250$. However, the price can get a little lower sometimes.

#3- Faulty Ignition Cylinder

The ignition cylinder can sometimes prevent your radio from turning off. It happens when accessories are powered up even after turning the switch off. Due to this, turning the radio off becomes a pain.

When you turn the ignition switch off, your accessories should stop receiving power. However, if you have a faulty ignition cylinder, you can remove the key as usual, but the switch is not in the off position as it should be.

However, this is a minor problem and can be fixed by ensuring your ignition switch is in the off position after removing the key. Also, change the worn-out cylinder, and this will fix the problem.

Replacing the ignition cylinder can cost you around 250$ to 300$. However, it depends on your Jeep’s generation.

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#4- Faulty power Off button

Your radio power off switch may fault it. Unfortunately, this often happens to old Jeep radios. It will occur when your radio’s power switch gets corrosion or has malfunctioned. 

However, you can fix this issue by simply repairing the radio. You can also replace the radio to avoid other problems with the old one. It will surely solve your Jeep and won’t turn off trouble.

#5- Bad Radio

Won’t your radio turn off? You may have a malfunction in your radio. It is noticeable in old radios. If your radio’s logic board is worn, you will face similar problems where you can’t turn off/on the radio.

The best suggestion to solve this problem is to replace the radio instead of repairing it.

The Jeep replacement cost may be around 550$ to 700$. However, this price depends on the size and model your Jeep is compatible with. It can cost you more if you want the job done by professionals.

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After resolving Jeep Radio won’t turn off the problem, some relative questions are directly or indirectly connected with the radio turning-off issue. Let’s find out the relevant question and answer.

Is It Possible To Turn OFF the Jeep Radio?

It is possible to turn off the Jeep Radio with some repairing and fixing the wiring problems. 

Is the Jeep Not Turning Off a Permanent problem?

In simple words, No! If your Jeep’s radio isn’t turning off, you may have a faulty Ignition switch or a malfunction in the radio’s logic board.

Is It Possible to Replace Jeep Stereo?

Yes! It is possible to replace the stereo in your Jeep. However, a good quality Stereo can cost more than 150$.

Is the Ignition Cylinder related to Jeep Radio that won’t turn off the problem?

Yes! Sometimes a faulty ignition cylinder can cause problems with the radio and prevent it from turning off. To detect the problem, check if the ignition switch is in the off position after removing the key. (Tramadol)


Radio won’t turn off is noticeable in many Jeep. But with some manual steps, you can fix your radio and solve the issues. However, for some people, Jeep radio repair can become challenging and messy as it requires good automobile experience.

Hire a professional car mechanic to avoid these challenges and keep yourself from messing with the radio. A professional can fix your Jeep radio and won’t turn off the problem in the best way possible.

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