Why Jeep Wrangler Seat Warmer Won’t Stay On?(Causes & Fix)

The seat-warming is a wonderful feature added to most new models of Jeep Wrangler to keep their users warm during a drive. However, this feature can stop working without any notice due to some unavoidable circumstances. 

Sudden issues related to the seat warmers can be easily taken care of by replacing the damaged fuse, faulty switch, defective wire, or the entire seat heater. Any break in the connections causing the problem can be diagnosed with an electrical tester like a multimeter.

If you can’t seem to understand the reason why suddenly your Jeep Wrangler seat warmer won’t stay on, it is better to seek a professional’s assistance to diagnose the problem and find a solution.

Why Won’t the Seat Warmer on a Jeep Wrangler Stay On?

Jeep Wrangler is a great vehicle to cruise around, drive into the city, or go for some off-road adventures. 

However, you have to stay warm as you drive especially during a cold winter day and this is where the feature where you can warm the seat of your vehicle comes to play. 

But, it can be such a hassle if the feature suddenly comes to a halt and you fail to turn it back on. There can be multiple reasons why it won’t stay on.

  • Damaged fuse
  • The broken seat control module 
  • A problem in the wiring 
  • Faulty seat element
  • Faulty heat control switch 

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4 Easy Solutions for Jeep Wrangler Seat Warmer Won’t Stay On

It is always best to take a professional’s help when you are dealing with any internal problems regarding your vehicle. 

Moreover, you should identify the cause first to opt for different solutions. Some easy solutions to tackle these issues are listed below.

#1- Changing the Fuse 

It is quite common for a damaged fuse to disrupt the performance of a vehicle. If you face any issues with the seat warming, you should go for the fuse to see if it has expired or not. 

You can go to the user’s manual to discover the fuse and check thoroughly for damage.

If it is out of order, you will have to replace it. The new one should match the amperage of the previous one. 

Also, cover the bare wire ends with any suitable medium. Adding up the labor cost, changing the fuse can cost you around $100.

#2- Replacing the Seat Heating Element 

Sometimes, the problem can lie within the seat heating element as it’s responsible for producing heat. If there’s a defect in the element, you may need to replace it. 

To find out if there’s a problem or not, you should locate the element first and then check it with an electrical tester.

Getting a new seat heater for your Jeep Wrangler can cost around $235-$277. 

After adding up the labor cost, it may be anywhere between $400 to $700. However, it is best to consult a professional to get the right estimate.

#3- Inspect the Wiring 

Oftentimes, a connectivity issue with the wiring can cause the corresponding seat control module to malfunction. 

To discover the issue, you will need to locate and dismount the seat control module first. You can find it below the seat so you will have to do this carefully to get to the wiring.

As you get access, you should observe the wiring to rule out any connectivity issues. See if the wiring appears to be dirty as dirt can interfere with the performance.

Also, test the ground-wire and get a new one if the current one doesn’t function properly.

#4- Replace the Faulty Heat Control Switch

After long-term use, the heat control switch can become faulty. This can result in the shutting down of the warmer without notice. 

Also, if the switch stops working, you may be unable to use the feature anymore. 

The best idea of avoiding this problem is by getting a new one. You can make your way to the switch, examine it with an electrical tester, and change it if it has gone bad.

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Seat warmers are very important for staying warm while driving especially if you live in a colder region. Following are some of the questions asked frequently by Jeep Wrangler users from all over the world.

Can a Damaged Seat Warmer Affect the Jeep Wrangler’s Performance? 

A damaged seat warmer has nothing to do with the performance of the Jeep Wrangler. But, it could  be uncomfortable to drive around when it’s cold. Therefore, it’s better to solve the problem immediately.

How Long Can the Jeep Wrangler’s Heated Seats Last? 

With proper care, heated seats can last anywhere between 10 to 30 years. You should make a habit to clean your car seats regularly, refrain from using anything harmful, and avoid harsh or too fluctuating temperatures.

Can You Fix the Damaged Heated Seat in a Jeep Wrangler?

You can fix a damaged heated seat in a Jeep Wrangler. You should remove the seat and replace all the parts related to the seat warming. Then you can put the seat back together again. 

Do Heated Seats in a Jeep Wrangler Use More Fuel? 

The heated seats in a Jeep Wrangler use more fuel, but not an alarming amount. The heat that warms up the heated seat is basically the engine heat. It’s just that the fan that helps the heat to reach the seats runs on electricity. 

Do Seat Warmers Damage the Seat’s Leather? 

Seat warmers don’t damage the leather of the seat. The seats are designed to tolerate the heat generated by the seat warmers. Seat warming can make the leather appear to be a bit dry but it takes time and happens steadily over the years.

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It can be quite frustrating to drive around in a vehicle with the seat warmers not working properly or at all, especially on a cold day. However, the problem with the seat warmer of a vehicle not staying on is often because of a faulty seat element that is responsible for promoting heat.

Some easy solutions that may resolve the issue include examining and changing the fuse, wiring, heat control switch, and any other element. 

If the situation persists, it is better to seek help from an expert who can determine the actual problem and take the necessary steps. With just a little bit of supervision and attention, you can enjoy the comfort of your Jeep Wrangler’s seat warmers for a long time. 

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