Diehard Vs. Interstate Battery: Which One Is Better?

Battery plays one of the most crucial roles in a vehicle, from starting to running electrical devices. A bad one can create headlight problems, panoramic sunroof issues, and voltage regulator problems in your jeep or car.

Different people will suggest the names of different battery brands for your car. You might get confused quickly about which one to buy. Both Diehard and interstate batteries are popular among customers for their outstanding performance. But in comparison to Diehard vs. Interstate Battery, how are they different?

Diehard, as well as Interstate, manufactures its batteries using AGM technology. They provide the additional benefit of being environmentally friendly. Diehard batteries tend to have a lower average CCA and CA rating (685 CCA, 885 CA) than Interstate batteries (800 CCA, 1000 CA). However, Interstate has a lower reserve capacity.

Both of these batteries will serve you to their total capacity. Read this article in detail to know which battery will be more efficient for your vehicle.

An Overview of Diehard Battery

Diehard batteries promise to meet your high-power demand keeping their construction solid and long-lasting. These batteries have a supply capacity of 12 volts. Built with AGM technology, they produce batteries you can depend on, eyes closed.

Diehard Battery

Unlike other competitor brands, Diehard is concerned with the environment’s safety. So, they manufacture batteries that produce 20 percent fewer greenhouse gasses.

Diehard set on its course in 1967 and has managed to maintain its fame for this long. So, you can be sure of their batteries’ high quality and reliability.


  • Ensures 60 percent more energy flow
  • It has a maintenance-free design
  • Environment-friendly
  • Can power automobiles with heavy power usage
  • Provides higher reserve capacity


  • It has lower cold cranking amps and cranking amps
  • Few batteries fail to hold a charge

An Overview of Interstate Battery

Interstate is a pioneering battery manufacturer and distributor in today’s economy. Their batteries are manufactured using the latest AGM technology. These batteries can hold a charge of 12 volts. They come in different sizes, like H7 or H8, to fit perfectly in your car.

Interstate Battery

Interstate is famous for producing high-quality and dependable car batteries, generators, man lifts, security systems, etc. So, Interstate will meet your demands for anyone with a high-power requirement.

However, Interstate batteries are slightly more expensive than others with similar characteristics. But the service these batteries will provide will be worth every penny.


  • It comes in various sizes
  • Dependable construction
  • Functioned for heavy-duty power vehicles
  • It has higher cold-cranking amps


Diehard Vs. Interstate Battery – Comparison Table

Do you want to cover everything in a matter of seconds? Take a glance at this chart to find the information you need.

TopicDiehard BatteryInterstate Battery
Construction TechnologyAGM technologyAGM technology
Reserve Capacity170 minutes140 minutes
Cold Cranking Amperes685 CCA800 CCA
Cranking Amperes885 CA1000 CA
Caution to EnvironmentEnvironment friendlyNot environment friendly

Comparison Between Diehard And Interstate Battery

Diehard and Interstate batteries have a lot in common. Batteries from both these brands come in various sizes. So, they fit perfectly into your car. Other than giving you a wide range of variants to choose from, their availability in almost every store and shop has made it consumer friendly.

The AGM-built technology immensely contributes to their safe and efficient construction. This has made the batteries spill-proof. This ensures the security of other parts of the vehicle.

But there are some prominent differences between these two batteries. Let’s know them and find the better-suited one for you.


The batteries from Diehard and Interstate are built with AGM technology. Their glass plate module fastens the power supply to the car. So, both batteries can effectively handle cranking and stopping operations.

AGM technology makes these batteries spill-proof and resistant to mechanical damage. So, you can mount them in any position inside your car.

However, a fundamental difference in their construction is the energy flow. Sixty percent increased flow is ensured in Diehard batteries.

Also, it declines the level of greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent. On the other hand, Interstate batteries make no such promises.

Average Cold Cranking Amps

Cold-cranking amps illustrate the capacity of a battery to start an automobile at a challenging temperature. The Diehard batteries fall behind in the run regarding CCA ratings.

Interstate will give you an average cold cranking amp of 800 CCA for their batteries. But for a Diehard battery with similar specifications, the number falls to 685 CCA.

Cranking Ampere

Like cold cranking amperes, the cranking ampere of a battery denotes its ability to start up an engine. The higher the rating, the better it is.

Interstate also leads in CA ratings. Diehard gives you an average of 885 CA. Interstate, however, provides an average of 1000 CA in its batteries. Thus, starting and stopping operations are more manageable if an Interstate battery is installed.

Reserve Capacity

A battery can power your automobile even after it dies for some time. This capacity to store and supply charge after the battery dies is the reserve capacity. It is wise to purchase batteries with higher reserve capacity.

Batteries manufactured by Diehard have higher ratings in a reserve capacity. It is about 170 minutes for Diehard. On the contrary, Interstate batteries provide 140 minutes of reserve capacity on average. While it is a good rating, it still lacks much compared to Diehard batteries.

Eco-friendly Batteries

Automobile batteries make a considerable contribution to rapid global warming. So, to ensure a safe environment, Diehard took the initiative to produce batteries that reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent.

Eco-friendly Batteries

Interstate has yet to produce environmentally friendly batteries for its customers.

Diehard or Interstate Battery – Which One Should You Choose?

Both of these batteries will meet your varied needs in a battery. While Diehard and Interstate are renowned for their excellent products, it is up to you to decide which one you should buy per your car’s specifications.

If you want a battery that will give you a higher reserve capacity, go for a Diehard one. It will come relatively cheaper and amicable to the environment. Also, they have greater longevity and durability.

But, if you are looking for more start-up power, Interstate will provide you with that. With its higher CCA and CA rating, Interstate batteries will power you through any heavy-duty job.

So, consider the needs and specifications of your car, and purchase the battery that serves you better.

Bottom Line

People usually do not give much thought to their car batteries. But it is one of the most vital parts of your automobile. Your car will not run unless you have a good battery and create key fob problems, navigation system problems, Uconnect audio problems, rain sensing wiper problems, etcetera.

So, it would be best always to buy batteries with appropriate knowledge. Do a little digging and find out if it is what your car requires. Misfitting batteries can significantly damage your automobile.

From the article Diehard vs. Interstate Battery, you know the detailed specs of batteries produced by these two companies. While they both make durable and high-quality batteries, not all are appropriate for your vehicle.

Now that you have all the information, install your chosen battery and take your car out for a spin!

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