How to Troubleshoot & Fix C148f-1D Jeep DTC Code? (Ultimate Guide)

You may know that the check engine light illuminates your Jeep’s dashboard for multiple reasons. These causes will be recorded as DTC codes by the jeep’s computer in contemporary vehicles. 

The C148f-1D is one of the DTC codes. When the code is present it requires troubleshooting and fixes to be eliminated. Keep reading this article to find out what you want to know about the code C148f-1D.

What Does the Jeep Code C148f-1D Mean?

C148F-1D on the Jeep is an enhanced diagnostic trouble code that stands for “Rear Differential Measured Motor-Circuit Current Out of Range.” 

The error code C148F-1D from Jeep can also mean that the “Electronic Control Unit Software Security Access Is Not Activated.”

In modern vehicles, the eLSD (Electronic Limited Slip Differential) is used to deliver higher torque and improve stability and drivability. This system contains an eLSD module that monitors the rear differential motor position sensor. 

When the eLSD module detects the motor position or circuit current is outside the factory range, it sets the code C148f-1D on the Jeep. 

The eLSD also contains an electronic control unit that monitors the activation of the controller software of the module. 

A C148F-1D Jeep code can also be triggered if the ECU determines that the software is malfunctioning. 

Here’s a breakdown of the code C148F-1D on Jeep:

  • C = Chassis that includes mechanical systems and functions.
  • 1 = Manufacturer code (also called enhanced).  
  • 4 = Additional systems for emission reduction.
  • 8F = Specific error (in this case, rear differential measured motor position or circuit current out of range).
  • 1D = Extension fault.

What Causes C148f-1D Code On Jeep?

There are two different issues that can cause C148F-1D on Jeep vehicles. These problems include motor position or circuit current that is too high or too low, and software security access that is not activated. 

In addition to that, here are other possible reasons for these errors on Jeep:

  1. Faulty Electronic Limited slip differential (eLSD) motor
  2. Mispositioned eLSD motor 
  3. Defective Electronic Limited slip differential (eLSD) module
  4. Improper configuration of the control module
  5. Outdated controller software
  6. Faulty connectors or wiring harness

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How to Troubleshoot and Fix C148f-1D Jeep Code?

Knowing the potential causes of the Jeep C148F-1D trouble code, we can now look at some potential solutions for troubleshooting and fixing it. So, let’s see how they go.

[Note: Before doing these troubleshooting steps and fixes, make sure that the electric source of your jeep is turned off].

1. Inspect the Wiring Harness and Connectors

It’s very common that the connectors and wiring of a jeep can become loose, rusted, and filthy over time. 

If the wiring and connectors of the rear differential on the Jeep are damaged, it can cause the circuit current to be too high or too low. 

In this case, the eLSD module can trigger code C148F-1D on the Jeep. So, start by checking the wiring harness and connectors of the eLSD system to troubleshoot the error C148F-1D on your vehicle. 

If the wiring harness is broken, overhaul the broken part or replace the harness if the repair doesn’t work. Then, lubricate the connectors and make sure that they are tightened enough. But if you find them broken, replace them with new ones. 

On average, the replacement cost of a bad wire harness in a Jeep rear differential is between $139 and $180. The labor cost is estimated between $75 and $100, while the parts will be accounted for at $64-$80.

2. Examine the Controller Software

If the connectors or wire harnesses are suitable, check the controller software of your jeep’s eLSD. This software is used to determine the data coming from different wheel sensors. 

Somehow, if the software is malfunctioning or outdated, it will fail to monitor the inputs, resulting in an abnormal circuit current range.

So, check the software to see if it is functioning properly or not. If the software is outdated and not functioning, then it may need to be reflashed.

If you take help from the dealership to diagnose the eLSD software on your Jeep, it may cost around $140 on average.  

If you are advised to reflash the software after diagnosing it, the cost may be around $900.

But unfortunately, if you are still unable to correct the code C148F-1D on your Jeep, the problem should not be the software. At this point, try out our following guidelines.

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3. Inspect the Position of the eLSD Motor

Next, The electric motors used in the eLSD system on Jeep are necessary to turn the rear wheels faster or slower as required. These motors can be misplaced if the plugs are fouled or dirty. 

If the position of the eLSD motor is not right, it can cause damage to the circuit and result in a C148F-1D code on the Jeep. So, check the plugins and position of the motor and repair it if it is not positioned properly. 

But if the position of the motor on the eLSD is absolutely alright, then the motor itself can be the culprit. If it is, proceed to the troubleshooting step. 

4. Check the Electronic Limited Slip Differential Motor

The eLSD motors are used to generate power in the circuit of the rear differential of the jeep. But it can be faulty because of the lack of lubricant or the wrong lubricant. It also has a limited lifespan. 

Hence, if the eLSD motor becomes a failure, it won’t be able to generate enough current for the circuit. 

As a result, the eLSD module will detect a wrong calculation in the circuit current and set the code C148F-1D on the dashboard. 

So, check these motors to see if they’re the problem. First of all, inspect the bearings if they are able to spin accordingly. 

If they are jammed and cannot spin, lubricate them and try again. But if the problem is still there, test the resistance of the motor with a multimeter or ohmmeter. 

If there is no resistance or the resistance is disparate, then the motor is faulty. So, install a new eLSD motor to correct the error code C148F-1D on your Jeep.  

Generally, the cost of installing a new eLSD motor on Jeep vehicles is between $762 and $802. Here, the new eLSD motor is estimated at $662, while the labor cost is expected around $100-$140.

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5. Check the Configuration of the Control Module

After replacing the eLSD motor, if you are still experiencing the error C148F-1D, then the eLSD module might be the main culprit. So, for now, determine the electronic limited-slip differential module on your Jeep.

First of all, check the configuration of the module. The eLSD module can be misconfigured for various purposes such as poor configuration, environmental issues, or software concerns. 

So, examine the configuration of the eLSD module and reconfigure it if the module is misconfigured. After that, check the dashboard to see if the trouble code C148F-1D has been removed. But if the code is not corrected yet, try the next step.

6. Inspect the Electronic Limited Slip Differential Module

Like the PCM, ECM, or ignition module on a jeep, the electronic limited-slip differential module can also fail over time. So, check the module to see if it is functioning properly.

Generally, it will be located beneath the driver’s seat. The module comes with three spark plugs. Test these plugs with a multimeter. 

If the reading on the multimeter is not between the range as needed, then the module is faulty and needs to be replaced.   

The average cost of replacing a bad electronic limited-slip differential module on a Jeep will be around $900. Here, the parts are priced to be about $800, while the labor cost is estimated at $75-$100.

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There are still many things you may want to know about the code C148F-1D on Jeep. Hence, here we will give answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the Jeep error code C148F-1D. So, keep reading the article further.

Can you drive a Jeep with the C148f-1D code?

Sometimes you may be able to drive your Jeep with the C148F-1D code, but this is not recommended. Because of a bad electronic limited slip differential, the wheels will fail to spin accordingly and causing accidents on the road and damage to other parts of the jeep.

How much does it cost to fix the Jeep C148f-1D code?

Generally, the cost of fixing code C148F-1D on Jeep will depend on its problem type. On average, it will cost approximately $650 to $900 to fix the C148F-1D Jeep code.

Is it normal getting a C148F-1D code on my Jeep?

Yes, it’s normal to get the code C148F-1D on a Jeep. As the name suggests, the electronic limited-slip differential is powered by electricity. Its circuit current can be too high or too low for multiple reasons and cause the code C148F-1D on the dashboard.


Hopefully, fixing this error won’t be challenging as we have already discussed the troubleshoots and possible solutions to correct the code. 

In most cases, the C148F 1D code on the speaker is always caused by a bad eLSD motor or wiring harness. Do troubleshooting carefully to find out the main culprit and fix it to eliminate the code.

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