10 Common Ram eTorque Problems: How to Fix Them Easily?

The Ram eTorque is an excellent feature helping a driver to start the car faster. But this feature gets dull over time and can cause severe problems with other vehicle parts, consequently affecting overall vehicle performance. Ever thought about what are the common ram eTorque problems?

A malfunctioned engine, system failure, damaged AC, voltage reading error or voltage regulator problems, defective oil pump, complicated cooling system, and a damaged rocker arm are the most common issues in a ram eTorque. Sometimes it is responsible for a broken cylinder head and transmission problems.

The number of eTorque-related issues might’ve scared you. But don’t get afraid! Know more about these problems and solve them quickly with the help of an expert mechanic.

What Does Ram eTorque Mean?

The Ram 1500 full-size pickup truck are equipped with a “mild hybrid” eTorque system. It’s simpler and less expensive hybrid technology than a hybrid powertrain but offers unique advantages.

This electrically controlled system has six different operating modes. The stop-start engine feature is the most significant among them. However, the engine stop-start function in the eTorque system with 48-volt electricity is seamless and essentially undetected.

eTorque provides up to 90 lb.-ft. Of extra torque to the engine crankshaft during engine restarts to ignite the engine. This is more than twice as quickly as in standard engine stop-start systems.

10 Most Common Ram eTorque Problems

Ram eTorques exhibit many issues with time. Some of these problems are common, and some are different that hardly occur in a Ram eTorque. Don’t worry if you aren’t aware of these ram eTorque issues.

Check out these problems that frequently occur in a ram eTorque explained below.

1. Engine Malfunction

Engine malfunction, also known as automatic engine shut-off, is the most familiar issue among drivers. Drivers face this issue when driving at moderately low speeds or on a highway. The engine makes a piston slap or rod-knocking sound if the driver tries to turn left or right at a low velocity.

Engine Malfunction

Due to the engine stalling, the ignition turns on the ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control), but it fails to prevent serious accidents. Consequently, still it is risking drivers’ lives due to sudden engine problems, especially in dodge V10.

2. Sudden System Failure

System failure is a daily event in older models. However, it’s becoming common in newer models and creating engine and Uconnect problems in your dodge ram. In the older models, the battery fails to supply power to the system due to usage for a long time.

Sudden System Failure

The battery gets damaged if you’ve kept your car in the garage for some time. Also, the eTorque system decays as time passes, failing even if you have a fully-charged battery.

3. A Broken AC

A damaged AC issue is generally found in the 2020 RAM 1500 eTorque. The system fails to turn on the AC while using the eTorque system. 

However, you’ll get an alert message when the eTorque system fails to perform while AC is turned on.

4. Battery Voltage Reading Error

The eTorque system interrupts the voltage reading process when it’s completely new. Sometimes, the problem stays even if your vehicle gets compatible with the eTorque functions.

5. Defective Oil Pump

Low oil pressure can damage essential vehicle parts. Not all vehicles with eTorque functions create leaks in the defective oil pumps. But the 2021 eTorque system often creates leaks in the oil pump.

Defective Oil Pump

6. Cooling System Issues

Sand accumulation around the cylinder head is the prime reason behind cooling system issues. Engine manufacturers sometimes leave sand deposits while building up the engine. 

Consequently, it accelerates the sand accumulation process leaving a defective cooling system. 

7. Damaged Rocker Arm

There are many factors responsible for a damaged rocker arm. However, it’s not uncommon for a rocker arm to get damaged due to the eTorque. If there are cracks in the rocker’s arm, it could get damaged.

A defective timing belt related to the eTorque system is a prime culprit causing a broken rocker arm. The eTorque blocks the ignition process and damages the valve during the process.

8. Broken Cylinder Head

Engine failure is the outcome of a broken cylinder head. The cylinder head gets damaged due to the eTorque system resulting in defective cooling and overheating of the engine.

9. Activating Emergency Break

This problem is similar to the engine malfunctioning issue. The emergency brake activates automatically while driving at a low velocity, turning the vehicle, and speeding up.

10. Transmission Issue

Defective electric relays and loose wires cause transmission issues in the vehicle. There’s a possibility the eTorque system can damage the internal electrical parts leading to transmission problems.

Easy Solutions For Ram eTorque Problems

Like other vehicle problems, eTorque issues can be solved quickly. You can solve some of these problems instantly, but some eTorque cases will cost you time and money. Remember, you can’t DIY most of these eTorque-related problems.

However, look at these solutions to fix the eTorque problems quickly and for good.

Fixing Engine Shut-Off

Restart the engine if the engine shuts off while driving. The engine may stop again after some time. Generally, it’ll take up to 7 minutes to permanently solve the issue.

Battery Replacement

An H7 or H8 damaged battery fails to supply the required power to the engine. So, replacing the battery with a new one is the best solution. 

You can replace the battery yourself if you’ve enough experience. However, ask an experienced mechanic to replace the battery safely.

Solving AC Issues

AC problems are susceptible and tough to fix. So, it’ll be best to contact a mechanic ASAP to fix the AC.

Replacing The Voltage Reader

You can’t just fix a voltage reader but replace it. You can follow the manual or pay a mechanic to replace the voltage reader. Contact the dealer to install a voltage reader if you’ve bought a new car.

Inspect The Damaged Oil Pump

It’s pretty elementary to fix the leaks of an oil pump. All you’ve to do is use sealants properly around the leakages. 

Try using quality sealants to close the holes properly. If the oil pump is damaged severely, contact your local mechanic.

Clearing The Cooling System

Extract all the coolants from the cylinder before fixing it. Next, clean the sand inside and around the cylinder with water. As a result, once you fill up the cylinder with coolant, it’ll be able to circulate the coolant efficiently.

If the cooling unit is damaged and the parts are worn out, replace them with new parts.

Replacing The Cylinder Head

As we said, you can’t DIY most eTorque-related problems. Replacing a cylinder head is considered a tough job, especially for fresh mechanics. Ask a local mechanic to replace the cylinder head as soon as possible.

Replacing The Cylinder Head

Solving The Emergency Brake Issue

Even for an expert mechanic, solving the emergency brake activation issue is a Bermuda triangle. According to veteran mechanics, there’s no code present related to emergency brake activation problems.

It’s a manufacturing issue. So, until the producers come up with a solution, you must drive cautiously with an emergency brake activation problem.


The ram eTorque comes in handy if the issues are fixed properly. As you can see, most eTorque matters are tough to solve in your backyard. But regular maintenance can save a chunk of money.

We hope the discussion on the ram eTorque problems has given you a clear visualization regarding the issues you might face. Don’t try to fix acute problems if you lack knowledge. Remember, a mechanic can find an easy and better solution for eTorque issues faster than you.

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