Jeep Radio Not Working Problem: Try These Methods To Fix!

Jeep radio is a helpful accessory for every off-road traveler for better communication and refreshment. However, sometimes it doesn’t work well for a lot of causes when you use a factory-made radio, though you can find it in an aftermarket jeep radio technology.

If your jeep radio is not working, try to find out what type of radio problem you are facing in your jeep. So, stay some moments on this page, and you will find the very basics of radio problems with solutions.

Why Jeep Wrangler Radio Is Not Working?

I will talk about wrangler’s radio as I have tested a lot of crucial metrics on jeep JK and JL. So if you are Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, or even patriot owners, don’t be the sad cause; this article can help you in the same way.

Low Key Problems And Solution

The low-key problem is very common in a factory-made jeep radio. Sometimes, if the radio is on and the screen shows data but keys are not working well, it is called the low key problem. Channels are not changing, and volume is not raising how hard you try!

If all the wires are totally okay, the problem is from the motherboard. First, remove the plastic cover over the radio in the jeep dashboard. Then try to open all the bolts connected to the dashboard and pull the radios from the board.

Please don’t do it too fast as there is a chance of cable losing. Finally, disconnect all the wires that are connected to the jeep by a normal pulling. Wanna keep hassle-free? Take this radio to an electric expert who can work in electronics chips.

Water In Radios: Solution 

Sometimes jeep radio doesn’t work after rain or water inside the vehicle. If your radio is from a battery-oriented technology though it is not possible in a modern jeep-like Rubicon or Willys, it might be a common issue.

Water In Radios

So, when you look rains enter into the driver side, and the radio is almost dying, try to ensure these steps. First, pull the wrangler from the watery place and erase water from the key side of the radio.

Then, open the dashboard cover and remove the radio from both board and wires holes. Then, erase remnant water and keep the radio in a dry place until it is useable. Don’t heat it manually because it might damage the whole system.

Resetting Problem 

Sometimes radio screen lags, and the sound becomes noisy after a long time using. Even all the systems change automatically, and you might find the whole process complex.

Resetting Problem

You need a quick reset for solving this type of problem. But, the problem is reset system varies from jeep to jeep and radio to radio; as a result, there is no standard process for resetting.

I know a method that I have told below for jeep radio resetting

  • Press the hot and cold button for 3 to 5 seconds until the main menu comes.
  • Then, touch on the radio rest option
  • Select factory default reset program
  • Then, the automatic reset function will start

CB Antenna And Cable Errors 

Remove the jeep wrangler’s spare tire, and you will find an external antenna included in a bracket behind the tailgate. Check the antenna that can also produce noise in the radio, and if you don’t see any error, ground this antenna on the jeep again.

Recheck the cable from CB antenna to radio that has gone to underfoot carpet, including power and speaker cables. In some cases, you need to read the warranty card and user manual again to find out whether you are using it in the wrong way.

Ignoring A Portable Radio

Indeed, a bigger radio fits well in your jeep dashboard though maintaining it quite hard as factory radios are not too trusted. It is made of multiple cables, bigger attachments, and a mouth speaker so that you can’t fix any flexible error without taking it to an expert, and that is the worst part of using a big-sized radio.

Ignoring A Portable Radio

So, try to use a handheld radio for your jeep that can make your purse control providing excellent support.


Still, Jeep radio not working? Then, it is not a basic problem that you can fix by reading an article. Take your jeep radio to an expert or buy a quality radio, and don’t forget about regular maintenance. Because, like other automotive tools and accessories, radios need care.

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