Detroit Truetrac Vs Locker: What Should You Pick?

What is the most notable difference between the Detroit Truetrac and Locker? Though the differentials are from the same manufacturer, the Locker is more off-road friendly than the Truetrac. But, there is more to consider while differentiating these differentials.

You should be careful when choosing a differential for your car. This is because you might want smooth performance from your car. And in this case, a differential can play a huge part. 

When choosing the differential, the Detroit Truetrac and the Locker can be the two prominent options. When choosing one, what should you choose? Let’s find out!

Detroit Truetrac vs. Locker: Comparison

The first thing we need to do is compare the Detroit Truetrac and Locker side-by-side. Then, we will elaborate on the compassion table later in this article.

Differentiate factors Detroit Truetrac Locker
Mechanism Helical gear style limited slip differential 100% automatic differential.
Performance Improved traction in low grip conditions. Ensures an impressive amount of traction.
Application On-road or regular vehicles.  Off-road vehicle.
Maintenance  Difficult to maintain Easy to maintain
Price Affordable Price More Price


When comparing the Detroit Truetrac and Locker, the first fact to discuss is the mechanism because there is a huge difference. In terms of the Detroit Truetrac, it is a Helical gear style limited slip differential. On the other hand, the Locker is a 100% automatic differential. Now, you might be wondering what they mean. 

The Helical gear style limited slip differential is designed to allow some wheel slip to occur while providing the benefits of a locking differential. Regarding this type of differential, if one wheel struggles to get enough traction, it transfers power to the wheel, which gets more traction. 

You will probably notice one wheel can spin either faster or slower based on the road condition. However, in terms of the automatic or full locking differential, it transfers the power (torque) to both wheels together. ( And this is why you can see that both wheels run at the same RPM or speed.

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Both the differentials are pretty much impressive when it comes to performance. However, as there are two different mechanisms, they are supposed to perform better in specific conditions. Detroit Truetrac, for instance, improves traction in low-grip conditions.

Additionally, as the Truetrac is a limited-slip differential, you can have a smoother and quicker operation, which is suitable for on-road driving. Besides, the Truetrac is also not ideal for the rear axle. 

On the other hand, the Locker can handle a high power level, allowing decent torque to both wheels simultaneously. 

You need more torque when driving in off-road conditions, and the Locker makes it an excellent choice for those who frequently drive off-road. Plus, the Locker is entirely up to the mark regarding wheel control. 


The type of vehicle you have is a crucial consideration while choosing the correct differential. The Detroit Truetrac is quite suitable for on-street or regular passenger cars.

On the other hand, the Locker is ideal for off-road vehicles because of the built mechanism and advanced locking mechanism.

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You will find a lot of ease while maintaining the Locker compared to the Detroit Truetrac. This is because you can open the Detroit Locker. And according to the manufacturer’s claim, the Locker comes with maintenance-free parts. More precisely, you can have an open gearbox with the Locker. 

On the other hand, you won’t be able to open the Detroit Truetrac for maintenance, which makes it challenging to repair. 


There is a notable difference between the Detroit Truetrac and the Locker. You can buy Truetrac for around. On the other hand, you need to pay about $1000-$1200 in order to buy the Locker.

Detroit Truetrac or Locker: Which One You Choose?

Now it’s your turn. You need to decide what differential will be better for your car and in what driving conditions.

If you want to hear from us, we can suggest you go with the Locker if you tend to drive off-road more often. Detroit Truetrac will be a decent choice if you prefer driving on the streets.

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