Jeep Rubicon vs Willys: What Are The Differences Between Them?

Jeep Rubicon and Willys are some of the most popular off-road vehicles in the USA. From inside and outside, both of them are almost similar.

If you are a new jeep owner, you will not even find anything that makes a major difference between them. But, from history to price range, still, you have something to know about both of them.

Similarities And Differences Between Jeep Rubicon And Willys

There is not much difference between them without Willy’s iconic history. So, stay with me to get knowledge about Rubicon vs Willys, it will not cost much time.

1. History: 

it was 1941; the US army was looking for a vehicle that could go in any rough area to keep their land secure. So, Their army and civil engineer planned for an aggressive and all-terrain vehicle. Yes, it is jeep Willys, and today’s jeep wrangler is from that design.

After ending the world war, they released it to the country’s people with some major upgrades. Their Jeep CJ became one of the most popular jeeps in the USA. Today’s Willys is more updated, but you will get the same quality and design of world war.

On the other hand, Jeep Rubicon and all other wranglers are from Willy’s design. It was first created in 1986 with their wrangler YJ. They have been trying to upgrade all the accessories with exciting riding taste from then. In one line, Rubicon is one of the most popular jeeps in the USA, but they don’t have a glorious history like Willys.

2. Engines:

if you compare a 2010 Willys with a 2020 Rubicon, you may find some major differences because they should not be the same. But if you generally compare a Willys and Rubicon, there is no vital difference. Both of them are from a 3.6-Liter V6 24-Valve VVT Engine with 285 hose power. In Jeep Willys, 3.6 liters v6 goes through an eight-speed automatic transmission.

In world war two and the Korean war, jeep Willys had used the go-devil engine, which became one of the trusted engines both for the army and civilian. Willys first civilian version jeep CJ became more popular only for that reason. Rubicon always tried to make something better from their previous version and Willys. So, you can not call a question about any engine.

3. Looks: 

normally, you can not find the difference in your eyes until you see jeep names on the body. Looks are less distinguishable between them when you have the most recent version of them. But if you look cautiously, you may find something interesting.

Generally, you will see a Jeep logo on the front grille of the jeep front side in the Rubicon. But, in a Willys, you will not see that logo until you put it custom. You can easily distinguish them with vehicle names on the front hood.

It is true that as an army vehicle Willys always try to give a more aggressive stance than Rubicon. But, both of them are always similar and exciting.


4. Wheels and rims: 

what you get from the factory still matters, though you can adorn your Jeep anytime. Willys is more aggressive and beautiful than Rubicon for its tire size and position. They used 7″ Black Wheels with 35″ BF Mud-terrain tire for the perfect lift and looks. Sometimes they used 32″ tires too in an older version.

They used a quality shock absorber for ideal fitment. Rubicon used 17″ Aluminum Wheels with 32″ BF Mud-terrain tires though it can be swapped. You will see some jeep logos or badges, both of their tires.


5. Headlights:

it is not a significant issue for discussion in the automotive industry as you can exchange it anytime and buy one of the best headlight set for your jeep Rubicon or Willys. But, I am only talking about it for Willy’s beautiful headlight set. Willys used the led headlight that is really beautiful than what Rubicon got from the factory. They also used beautiful signal light in the fender flares. 

6. Axles and gear ratio: 

Willys and Rubicon both used next-generation Dana 44 Heavy-Duty Front and Rear Axles that are the most upgraded axles among them. Willys used to put Dana 30 Solid Front Axle before, but now they want to try one of the best in the market.

Willys and Rubicon gear ratio is not equal. Willys use 3:73 when Rubicon use 4:10

7. Riding experience: 

both of them used quality absorbers and perfect fitment from the body to the engine. You can also put some aftermarket accessories from CB radio to transmission fuel so that you can get a much better riding taste. So, as an off-road vehicle, no one compromises with quality riding. You can drive both of the vehicles in mud, trail, or rock with fun. 

8. Interior design:

Rubicon is slightly forward from the interior design part. They used everything for a jeep from popular air condition to digital cluster display, including a wi-fi system. On the other hand, Willys always try to keep their army design alive. I think they put less pressure on modification than designing. 

9. Door types: 

2 doors or four doors have always been a discussion in jeep wrangler. Every model is available both for Willys and Rubicon. If you are thinking about buying a jeep, it is not a major fact when looking for Willys or Rubicon. 

10. Aftermarket accessories: 

Can I include aftermarket accessories to Willys or Rubicon? Yes, you can try everything from beautiful halo headlights to your favorite tailgate table for your Jeep. Today’s Jeep can consume everything from the heavy engine to hub-centric wheel spacers. So, don’t ask about jeep capability to wear aftermarket accessories. 

11. Weight and price and warranty: 

Willys and Rubicon weight is from 2050 kg 2500kg. There is not much significant difference between price and weight. Rubicon’s price is slightly higher than regular Willys. When you buy a Rubicon, you will get five years warranty per 75,000 mi, where Willys offers three yr./ 36,000 mi.


After all, I can say that there is no drastic difference between Rubicon and Willys from the engine to the riding experience. Moreover, you can swap almost everything between them.

But, if you want a historic and vintage-looking vehicle, I can assure you that you select Willys. On the other hand, if you believe in popularity with a more considerable warranty, Rubicon will be more acceptable.

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