How To Fix Jeep Wrangler Uconnect Phone Not Available Issue?

If you have a Jeep Wrangler, you may have experienced the frustration of trying to connect your phone to UConnect. As you may already know, UConnect is the infotainment system in Jeep Wranglers that allows drivers to use their smartphones to make calls, send texts, and play music. 

Unfortunately, many Jeep Wrangler owners have had difficulty connecting their phones to the device. The most common way to solve the issue is to simply reset the system by holding down the power button for a few seconds. 

Another way to solve the issue is to update the software on the Uconnect system. In this article, we will explain how to solve this issue for Jeep Wranglers.

5 Ways to Solve Uconnect Phone Not Available Issue on Jeep Wrangler 

There are a variety of ways that you can solve your UConnect issue for your Jeep Wrangler. One way is to take it to a professional or talk to other Wrangler owners who’ve had the same issue. However, to save you the hassle, we’ll be explaining five solutions you could opt for. 

#1- Use Compatible Devices

When it comes to in-vehicle technology, few companies offer as much variety as Uconnect. This system is found on most Jeep vehicles, including the Wrangler. To use Uconnect, your device needs to be compatible. This means that if you have an iPhone, for example, you’re out of luck.

The good news is that several devices are compatible with the Jeep Wrangler. Android phones, for example, are compatible with Uconnect. So are certain BlackBerry and Windows phones. If you’re unsure whether your phone is compatible, you can check the Uconnect website or ask your local Jeep dealer.

Uconnect is compatible with certain Android, BlackBerry, and Windows devices. The system can make hands-free calls, stream music, and even get directions

#2- Enter Pairing Code Quickly

To connect with Uconnect, you have to enter the pairing code quickly. To activate the pairing code, follow the prompts on the device. When you connect your device to Uconnect for the first time, you will be prompted to enter a pairing code. Be sure to have your device, and the Uconnect app installed.

Delaying the input of the pairing code may prevent a successful connection to Uconnect. If you have not already done so, install the app on your device and enter the pairing code when prompted. When you connect your device for the first time, you will be prompted to enter a pairing code. Be sure to have your device, and the Uconnect app installed.

Pairing code input can be delayed for a few reasons. For instance, if you’re running low on battery, you may not want to interrupt your session and input the code. Make sure that doesn’t happen.

You can also delay inputting the code if you don’t have Uconnect installed on your device. To activate the pairing code, follow the prompts on the device.

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#3- Update Bluetooth Driver And Software

Your car’s Bluetooth system is an important part of staying connected while on the road. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be finicky. 

If you’re having trouble with the device, one of the first things you should do is check for updates. The process of updating the Bluetooth driver is a quick and easy way to see if that will fix the problem. Updating the software for your Uconnect system is important for many reasons. 

Reasons You Should Update Your Uconnect Software

  • First, updates can provide new features and functionality for your system. 
  • Additionally, updates can help improve the overall performance of your system and fix any bugs that may have been present in previous versions of the software. 
  • Finally, by keeping your software up to date, you can help ensure that your system is compatible with the latest versions of other software, such as your smartphone’s operating system.

#4- Reset The Device

If you are looking to reset your Uconnect device on your Jeep Wrangler, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First and foremost, it is important to note that there are a few different ways to reset your Uconnect device. 

You can either do a hard reset, which will erase all of the data on your device, or a soft reset, which will preserve your data. Here is how you can do a hard reset: 

  • You need a USB drive to perform a hard reset on your Uconnect device.
  • Once you have done this, you will need to go to the Uconnect website and download the latest software for your Uconnect device. 
  • Upon downloading the software, unzip the file and save it to your USB drive. 
  • After you have saved the file to your USB drive, you will need to insert the USB drive into your Jeep Wrangler and turn on the ignition.
  • Next, you will need to press and hold the Voice and Mute buttons on your Uconnect device for approximately five seconds. 
  • Once the buttons have been held for five seconds, you will need to press and release the Voice button. 
  • Then, you will need to wait for the reset process to be completed, which may take a few minutes.
  • Then, in the Settings menu, select the Restore option. 
  • Finally, follow the prompts on your Uconnect device to complete the hard reset process.

#5- Hire A Professional To Inspect The Issue

There are many reasons why you should ask a professional to find out why your Uconnect is not working. 

Asking a professional can help you figure out if there is a problem with your car that needs to be fixed. It can also help you save money on repairs. On the other hand, this can also help you avoid wasting time on repairs you do not need.

You should ask a professional to help you with this issue because they have the knowledge and expertise to help you figure out what is wrong. 

In addition, a professional can help you determine if any other issues could be causing this problem. Finally, a professional can assist you in determining the best course of action to fix the issue.

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Still have some questions about Uconnect not connecting to your device? Well, let us try to answer some of the common ones many people ask.

Which Devices are Compatible with Uconnect?

Although Apple users get the shorter end of the stick, Uconnect is compatible with a bunch of androids, blackberries, and windows phones. Among the brands, Samsung, LG, Motorolla, HTC, and Sony are notable. 

How Do You Refresh Uconnect?

If you want to update Uconnect, remove all SD cards and USB ports and insert the drive. Make sure the ignition is set to Run. If your Jeep has a button starter, bring your foot off of the brake and simply press the button two times to activate Run. It should take about 15 minutes or so to refresh.

Do you Have to Pay for Jeep Uconnect?

Yes, you have to purchase a membership to access Uconnect Services. The monthly price for this subscription is $14.99. Unfortunately, this pricing isn’t available to OEM, volume licensing, or commercial customers. 

How do I Update my Uconnect?

Updating your Uconnect is a fairly easy process. Here is a video that should help: How to Update your Uconnect 8.4 System

How long does it take for Uconnect to work?

Well, depending on whether you are resetting the device or simply getting it paired to your compatible smartphone, it should take anywhere between 2 minutes to 15 minutes. 

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In order to fully enjoy the features of Uconnect, make sure you are using compatible devices and that all the software and Bluetooth drivers are up to date. If, after trying out our solutions, you still struggle with connectivity issues, definitely contact a professional from the Jeep customer support team. They will undoubtedly be able to help you, albeit not for cheap.

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