How To Remove Roof Rack Cross Bars Jeep Grand Cherokee

Every jeep grand Cherokee has a factory-made roof rack from first-generation jeep grand Cherokee (ZJ) to last-generation jeep grand Cherokee (wl). As it is an outdoor vehicle, sometimes you need to carry goods or heavy outdoor recreational products like kayaks or canoes.

After the vacation, you might not want to have the roof rack cross bar or full roof rack. Removing roof rack cross bars is easy and safe than removing the entire roof rack in jeep grand Cherokee. if you want to know how to remove roof rack cross bars jeep grand Cherokee, I am here to help you.

How To Remove Roof Rack Cross Bars Jeep Grand Cherokee

There are many types of roof rack cross bars in the market, but each of them has a similar installing module. All the steps are given below:

Unload The Vehicle:

You must unload the vehicle both from the roof rack and the inner side of the jeep. put a cloth under the roof rack crossbar if your roof rack is rusty.

unload the vehicle

Close The Sunroof.

close the sunroof

Some jeep Cherokees have a front or rear sunroof. Close it not to take any risk.

Open The Plastic Cover Of The Roof Rack:

You will find a plastic cover front or rear side of the roof rack. Open it with a screwdriver or some solid metal. After opening both of the covers, you will see one or two screws. Loose them, and the roof rack crossbar is ready to come out.

Remove The Crossbar:

There is a key on every side of the crossbar. Unlock the key by pressing or loose the nuts with drilling. Now simply pull the crossbar from both of the roof racks. It will come out with sliding. Remove every crossbar from the rack.

In some updated crossbars like moper, the removing process is slightly different, which is given below:

Unlock The Rubber Cover And Lose The Bolts:

Like the others, it also has a key in the crossbar. Unlock the key and remove the rubber cover. There are two bolts: one is for sliding the bar, and another is for making the bars tight.

Turn them counterclockwise until they can be removed. Remove every bolt from the crossbar in the same process. Now remove it from the roof rack by pulling.

Keep It In A Safe Zone:

You have removed the crossbar. Now take both of the crossbars somewhere it is safe. And drop all the tools in the toolbox and close the box. you can also try to install a new roof rack crossbar for your jeep.

Why Should You Remove The Crossbar?

Normally, a jeep grand Cherokee can endure weight within 68kg, but it is useless when you do not need to put stuff in the roof rack. Besides, there might be some other reasons so that you want to take it off.

  • The crossbar covers a large portion of the jeep’s top. Sometimes you may find problems when you wash the jeep’s roof.
  • Sometimes, without a crossbar, the jeep looks more stunning and aggressive. So removing the crossbar is not a bad idea to make others impress.
  •  If you don’t feel your goods over the vehicle are not safe. Maybe you are interested in removing the bars. Moreover, the vibration over your jeep makes you more hesitant.
  • Sometimes, the weighty crossbars can rub your Cherokee’s top when you put some heavy products over them. Also, if the crossbar has solid metal, it can damage or scratch over your Cherokee.
  • Maybe you have the best roof rack for jeep grand Cherokee in your hand and you want to install it. so you need to remove the older one.

How Much Weight Can A Jeep Grand Cherokee Roof Hold?

Jeep Grand Cherokee’s holding capacity depends on its model and release year. It also depends on roof rack crossbar product quality. But normally a roof holds a weight of between 68kg.

I saw some of them can take nearly 74kg. whatever it is, you must distribute the whole weight over the top.

Do Roof Racks Damage Your Car?

I say no. the roof rack is given from the factory thinking about vehicle safety, beauty, and other issues. Nevertheless, sometimes it can damage your vehicle when you put stuff more than its capacity.

For example, if you put a comparatively bigger outdoor product like a kayak without planning, sometimes it can rub the car’s top. Without that, I can say it is 100 percent secure. 

How do I choose a roof cross bar?

You have already bought lower-class roof rack crossbars for your jeep grand Cherokee, and maybe this is one of the causes for removing crossbars. Roof rack crossbars provide essential support for your jeep though sometimes it creates one-touch leaking or panoramic sunroof problems.

If you want to add roof rack crossbars again, you can consider my following suggestions. Always buy a crossbar pair with enough durability and at least 68kg weight capacity.

Don’t go for a cheaper one and look for the easy installing process so that you can remove it whenever you want.

Do I need cross bars for a roof rack?

Crossbars are beautiful when you solidly add them to the top of your jeep grand Cherokee. When you have some additional pieces of stuff and have less space inside your jeep, I think only the roof rack is not enough.

If you have large luggage, kayaks, or bicycle, you may need a pair of crossbars for better alignment. There are various companies that produce a lot of offroad capable tools for your grand Cherokee including roof rack crossbars.

In one sentence, it can give your vehicle better loading capacity and make enough space for your family and friends.


Finally, you might think crossbars are noisy, especially when you ride on some rugged land. Maybe, you have bought a new one of better quality. Whatever it is, removing the roof rack crossbar of a jeep grand Cherokee is easy.

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