How to Troubleshoot & Fix P0522 Jeep DTC Code? (Detailed Guide)

Diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) that appear out of nowhere on your Jeep’s dashboard can be annoying. 

Additionally, it is a cause for concern if the code P0522 is discovered that indicates an issue with the oil pressure sensor. 

The code is considered moderately severe and needs to be fixed soon. Let’s dig in to find the relative causes and their potential fixes to get rid of the P0522 Jeep code.

What Does P0522 Jeep Code Mean?

The P0522 diagnostic trouble code in Jeep engines gets triggered when the oil pressure sensor detects an abnormal reading about oil pressure. 

An oil pressure sensor is installed within the engine, which detects and ensures the optimum oil level.

When the code P0522 is shown in the OBD2 scanner, the ECM has detected a low oil pressure signal from the sensor. 

First, let us look into the code itself and understand what it means by breaking it down.

  • P = OBD-II powertrain (engine and transmission) related diagnostic trouble code.
  • 0 = Manufacturer specific code for the DTC
  • 5 = Speed control and Idle control code.
  • 22 = Specific fault index for DTC. (In this case, 22 means the oil pressure sensor/Switch circuit low voltage.)

What Causes Low Oil Pressure and P0522 DTC Code on a Jeep?

The P0522 code specifies something fishy is happening with the engine oil pressure monitoring system. This code can pop up on the OBD-II scanner for several reasons.

However, the most common reasons could be a fault in the oil pressure sensor. Here, we have listed some major and associated causes for the P0522 code for Jees. Take a look at these to know if they match your Jeep.

  • Low oil pressure
  • Issues with oil quality
  • Faulty oil pressure sensor
  • Open/short in the oil pressure sensor switch wiring

How to Troubleshoot & Fix P0522 Jeep Code?

The diagnostic trouble code (DTC) P0522 for a Jeep vehicle is present when pcm identifies low voltage from the sensor. 

As stated there are many reasons for which the code is set, finding out the right reason is an essential part to get rid of the code. 

Check out the following potential fixes to remove the P0522 code from your Jeep and keep your engine healthy.

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1. Ensure Oil Level Is Optimum

When the oil pressure drops, less oil is delivered to the engine’s internal components, leading to increased friction and heat and potential damage to the engine.

The engine control module (ECM) monitors oil pressure through an oil pressure sensor and compares it to the predetermined values programmed into the ECM. 

If the oil pressure is lower than the programmed minimum, the ECM will set a DTC P0522. Several factors, such as low oil levels and clogged passages, can cause low pressure.

To fix this, remove the existing oil from the oil chamber and pour a fresh amount of compatible-grade engine oil into your Jeep. 

Additionally, replace the oil filter with a new one, which will keep the oil flow stable and free of debris.

Changing the oil and oil filter can charge you around $100-125, including the labor charges. 

Since this is the safest and easiest way to troubleshoot the P0522 code, you can give it a shot before going to investigate other elements.

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2. Replace the Faulty Oil Pressure Sensor

Considering re-pouring oil doesn’t fix the issue, the cause for P0522 is more serious than it is anticipated. 

The oil pressure sensor measures the oil pressure in the engine and sends a signal to the engine control module (ECM). 

If the oil pressure sensor is not working properly, it can send an incorrect signal to the ECM, indicating low oil pressure when it’s not actually low. 

In this case, the ECM will set a DTC P0522 and illuminate the low oil pressure warning light on the dashboard. 

You cannot fix oil pressure sensors. Therefore, you must replace the faulty oil pressure sensor with a new and compatible one for your Jeep to fix the issue. 

The oil pressure sensor is located behind the fuel injectors. Hence it is very difficult to reach it if you do not have the proper tools. 

That is why it is recommended to take your Jeep to a certified mechanic to change the faulty oil pressure sensor. On average, you may have to pay around $120-$200 to replace the oil pressure sensor.

3. Check for Open or Shorts in Sensor Wiring

If your oil pressure is working fine then there must be an issue with the wiring connections. Aging impacts from corrosion, physical damage, or electrical faults causes an open or short in the oil pressure sensor wiring.

An open circuit in the oil pressure sensor circuit means your car’s oil pressure sensor is affected by damage, a rupture in the wiring, or a disconnected sensor. Hence, it prevents the ECM from receiving a signal from the sensor. 

On the other hand, a short circuit means an unintended connection between the sensor circuit and another circuit, which can cause the ECM to receive incorrect data.

When the ECM detects a low oil pressure condition, it activates the Check Engine Light and may put the engine into a reduced power mode to protect it from damage. 

A thorough inspection and overhauling of the wiring can solve this problem and you are good to go. This process requires a lot of disassembling and is tedious work. 

Thus you can get it fixed from professional spending around $200 or above including labor charges.

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4. Issue with Oil Quality

Lastly, you must ensure the oil you are providing your Jeep is top quality and compatible with oil grade. If the oil is contaminated with debris or foreign particles, it can cause clogging of oil passages, leading to low oil pressure.

The engine may not sustain enough pressure if the oil is too thin or has lost some viscosity, resulting in a low oil pressure warning. 

Besides, considering the engine consumes more oil than it should, the oil level can drop too low, causing low oil pressure.

To fix this, all you need is to remove the old oil and oil filter and pour it into the manufacturer-recommended oil, followed by resetting the DTC.

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These FAQs from Jeep users can be helpful to you in knowing more about the DTC P0522 and troubleshooting it.

Can you drive a Jeep with a P0522 code?

You can drive your Jeep with a P0522 code for short distances, such as going to a mechanic or workshop. But, driving long distances is not recommended as it may cause heavy damage to your engine, followed by sudden stalling on the road.

how much does it cost to fix the Jeep P0522 code?

The cost to fix the Jeep P0522 DTC code depends upon the causes. If your Jeep needs an oil change, you only have to spend on buying new oil. Replacing the oil pressure sensor and switch might charge you around $120-$200, including the labor charge.

Where is the oil pressure sensor located in the Jeep?

The oil pressure sensor location in a Jeep can vary on the model and engine type. However, it is typically located near the oil filter or in the oil gallery, close to the oil pump. Sometimes you’ll find it on the back of the engine block.


Unlike other engine codes on a Jeep, diagnosing and fixing the P0522 code is convenient and cheaper. Since you can change the oil in the home garage, it is better to start from there as no extra money needs to be spent. 

Hopefully, you have found what you were hunting for in this article and successfully got rid of the P0522 code in your Jeep.

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