Jeep 3.8 Engine Upgrades: For Better Horsepower and Mileage

Every Jeep driver wants the optimum output from their Jeep’s 3.8 engine. But it’s tough for a driver, especially a newbie, to find the desired upgradable part for the engine. So, do you want to know the right upgrades for your Jeep 3.8L engine?

You can enhance your Jeep’s 3.8L engine by adding a new short or long tube header. A direct port catalytic converter increases the engine’s performance more than a standard catalytic converter. But a high-flow replacement air intake will improve the engine’s performance by reducing fuel consumption. A 4″ exhaust pipe is a cheap upgrade with enough power for a Jeep 3.8L engine.

If you don’t know replacing which part will boost your engine’s power, contact a veteran driver to learn more about them.

General Jeep 3.8 Engine Upgrades

Upgrading your Jeep’s 3.8 engine will increase your Jeep’s performance. Some parts are expensive, while some are cheap. So, are you considering upgrading your Jeep 3.8 engine but don’t know what or which part you should change?

If you’re a newbie, you can follow this analysis to upgrade your Jeep’s 3.8L, Chevy 305 engine at an affordable price.

Short Tube Headers

Short Tube Headers

You can remove the muffler from your Jeep 3.8 engine. An open tube directed to the exhaust directly connects to the catalytic converter. If you want to increase your Jeep’s engine power, it’s an ideal choice.

Inlet Catalytic Converter

Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converter enhances a Jeep’s performance, especially a direct port inlet catalytic converter. It’s pretty elementary to install. A direct port catalytic converter performs better than average standard catalytic converters.

Long Tube Header

You can guess from the name it’s quite a significant addition to your Jeep’s engine. If you like loud engine noise, it’s a perfect fit for your Jeep. You can easily install the long tube header like the inlet catalytic converter. With loud engine noise, it’ll also provide better performance.

A 4″ Exhaust Pipe

 Exhaust Pipe

A 4″ exhaust pipe not only increases the engine’s performance but also helps to save fuel. So, if you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to waste money on fuel, a 4″ exhaust pipe will be a better and cheaper upgrade for your 3.8 engine.

High-Flow Replacement Air Intake

A high-flow replacement air intake will increase the engine’s air intake. As you know, a Jeep’s engine performs better with more air intake. The horsepower increases from 3 to 4 HP. It also enhances your engine’s torque, increasing the engine power. Consequently, it’s a fuel-efficient upgrade for your 3.8L engine.

Bottom Line

A Jeep with a Paccar, Cummins, or 3.8L engine provides enough power when you use it for regular activities. If you’re driving on different terrains, upgrading it will help you in the long run.

So, what are the Jeep 3.8L engine upgrades? Hopefully, the analysis of this question has provided you with the right engine upgrades. You should check the local price and the part’s condition before purchasing it. Take someone experienced with you who has enough knowledge about these upgrades.

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