Jeep Grand Cherokee Climate Control Reset: Quick & Easy Guide

You can reset the climate control settings in Jeep Grand Cherokee quickly by pressing and holding the control knobs located on the dashboard. A frozen climate control system can ruin the comfort of the Jeep Grand Cherokee for the driver and passengers.

Taking your Jeep with a climate control error to an authorized dealer can be costly. Go through this article to learn the easiest and quickest trick to reset your Jeep Grand Cherokee climate control system.

How Does the Jeep Grand Cherokee Climate Control Work?

In a sports utility vehicle (SUV) such as Jeep Grand Cherokee, maintaining the cabin atmosphere is crucial for a comfortable journey. 

For this, a fully controllable climate control system is included. Let’s check out the components and how they work.

Automated Sync and Manual Temperature Control Systems

You will get dual-zone automatic temperature control in the Jeep Grand Cherokee. This enables you and the passenger to select optimum temperatures independently.

With this technology, everyone in the vehicle can enjoy the temperature they desire without compromising the comfort of others.

Humidity Control System

A humidity sensor is also a part of the climate control system of the Jeep Grand Cherokee in all models. 

It measures the level of humidity in real-time inside the cabin and alters the air conditioning system as necessary.

This feature is useful to maintain a nominal humidity level inside the cabin. It is crucial if you want to prevent dry skin and other health issues brought on by low or high humidity levels.

Cabin Air-Recirculation

Another feature of the climate control system in the Jeep Grand Cherokee is the air-recirculation. 

Your Jeep Grand Cherokee can circulate air inside the cabin instead of sucking air in from the outside.

This helps to filter out pollutants and other minute particles, which is especially helpful in places with high pollution levels.

Climate Control System in Different Model Years

In older model years of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, such as 2013 and above, there was no fully touch-compatible console. 

The HVAC system was fully manual and controlled by physical buttons and knobs.

With time, this system has been consistently upgraded to become more automated and efficient. 

The computing system included in the central console often freezes due to electrical or firmware issues. 

That is why it requires resetting to allow the climate control system to work optimally. 

Hence, you must know all possible methods to reset the climate control system before you head to the dealership.

How Do You Reset the Jeep Grand Cherokee Climate Control System?

Sometimes, due to electrical failures or bugs in the system, the climate control system stocks or gets frozen. 

In such cases, you cannot control the temperatures, or regulate airflow from the vents. 

Hence, it becomes very uncomfortable for you and others inside the cabin to travel long distances. A quick fix to this solution is to reset the climate control system. 

Although it will delete all the preset settings you might have made. But you can take control of the cabin atmosphere again.

Method 1: Resetting Using Physical Buttons

First, turn on your ignition and go to the climate control mode in the central console of your Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

After that, press and hold the “Volume” button on the left and the “Browse Enter” button on the right simultaneously.

The buttons are situated at the HVAC control module on the dashboard. Keep holding the buttons until the screen on the module turns black and pops up again. 

This resets the entire electrical module, including the climate control system. Turn on the A/C and turn it to “Auto.”. 

Check if the vents have a fluent flow of air. Try changing the temperatures on the driver and passenger sides individually. After that, try out the “Sync” option and inspect if the system works nominally.

Method 2: By Disconnecting the Battery

If the reset procedure mentioned above does not work, you can try disconnecting the negative terminal of the battery in your Jeep. 

Leave the battery disconnected for ten to thirty minutes and reconnect. Start up your Jeep and try resetting the climate control system as stated before.


Need to know more about the Jeep Grand Cherokee climate control system reset? You may follow these answered questions from the experts and Jeep users.

Why is the air conditioning not working in my Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The air conditioning in your Jeep Grand Cherokee may not work due to low coolant levels, a faulty compressor, a clogged AC system, and cabin filter, or an electrical issue.

Why is my Jeep Grand Cherokee only blowing hot air?

A leaky air-conditioning system, a  bad compressor, or a  low coolant (refrigerant) level can cause your Jeep Grand Cherokee to blow only hot air. Besides, a blown fuse, frozen climate control system, or clogged filter can also cause similar issues.

How to fix the frozen climate control system in Jeep Cherokee?

Turn on your Jeep Cherokee and go to the climate control mode in the console. After that, press and hold the “Volume” and “Enter” buttons simultaneously for a few seconds until the system reboots itself.

Why is the temperature not syncing for the driver and passenger side in the Jeep Grand Cherokee?

A faulty HVAC control module or electrical issues in your Jeep Grand Cherokee can disable the sync option in the climate control system. It leads to not maintaining the driver’s and passenger’s side temperatures automatically.

Final Words

Resetting the Jeep Grand Cherokee climate control system is quite easy and straightforward. Now that you know how to do it, you need not go to the dealer or mechanic and spend a lot of money to repair the climate control system.

Although the procedure is similar for most newer models of Jeep Grand Cherokee. But the older models with manual HVAC systems might require a different approach.

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