Are Spikes On Trucks Wheel Legal?

Spikes on the truck wheels increase the beauty of the truck. A driver’s personality and the logo on the wheel sometimes describe the company’s motto. Trucks with different spikes look chic. But are spikes on the truck’s wheel legal?

Spikes on the truck wheel are legal. Spikes like decorative spikes, hubcaps, and lug nuts offer protection, beautify the truck, and send a serious warning to other drivers.

Hubcaps have the 90s vintage goth look. Unlike plastic spikes, metal spikes can cause significant injuries. Some states like Hawaii have passed a law to regulate the use of spikes.

When contemplating truck customization, it’s essential to choose spikes that align with safety regulations. Plastic spikes are a popular choice for their style, but it’s worth noting that metal spikes can pose a safety risk, potentially causing significant injuries.

To ensure compliance with state laws and regulations, truck owners should be aware of specific guidelines governing the use of spikes on their wheels. It’s also advisable to seek professional advice, and for truck owners looking to enhance both safety and performance, reputable services like G&R Diesel Performance can provide expert solutions.

Whether it’s routine maintenance or performance upgrades, G&R Diesel Performance specializes in optimizing trucks for both style and functionality, ensuring a smooth and secure driving experience.

A shiny spiked wheel is accountable for distractions on the road. Changing lanes becomes a tough job for other cars. But using plastic and alloy-made spikes is safe.

Different Types Of Spikes For Truck Wheel

Spikes come in different sizes and shapes for a truck wheel. Color is another way to find the desired spike. Pointy, long, drill-bits, bullet shape, castle-shaped, and gold rods are the most known shapes of spikes.

There are plenty of options in the color category. Green, shiny, blue, matte finish and red are a few. All these spikes can be divided into three categories.

Decorative Spikes

One of the crucial reasons to use decorative spikes is to decorate the truck. Decorative spikes are cheaper than other spikes. Many online shops sell these spikes. But it’s hard to take proper care of these spikes regularly.

Lug Nut Covers

Lug nut covers look like dull sticks coming out the wheel. Primarily, plastics are used to manufacture the spike. Your car won’t have any deep dents. Instead, the spikes will break into pieces.

The lug nut cover works as an illusion on the road. It sends a warning to the drivers to maintain proper distance.


You can buy hubcaps depending on your choices. Cylindrical, bullet shape, and LED are the preferred hubcap types. Hubcaps offer a lot of variety in size and color. But the pointy shape poses some threats to other cars on the road.

What Are The Spikes On Truck Tires For?

Using spikes on truck wheels has some perks. There are some reasons to use them on truck wheels. Take a close look at their details:


Spikes are put on the wheels intentionally. These parts are easily noticeable from a distance. Spikes give a direct warning sign to other vehicles, especially to the bikers on the road.

It is hard for a truck driver to guess the safe distance from the driver’s seat. So, the cars on the road always maintain a safe distance to avoid accidents.


The trucks look awesome with some spikes on the wheels. A car stands out on the road because of these cool accessories.

Sometimes using spikes expresses the driver’s personality. Showing off a goth or punk-looking truck seems cool, doesn’t it?


Lug nut covers are the most known spikes. These spikes protect the wheel from mud, water, dust, and rusting of the wheels. Bolts remain undamaged and don’t rust for a long time.

Chances of wear and tear damage are reduced to a significant level if spikes are used on the wheels. Spikes work like a wall between ice, dirt, and the wheel. This excellent gadget keeps other cars away, which reduces the chance of accidents.

Are Spikes On Truck Wheels Legal?

Spikes on truck wheels are legal. Spikes used on the wheels aren’t longer than five inches. In fact, they don’t stick out of the fender, bumper, slider, or guard of the car. These decorative ornaments are mostly made of delicate materials. So, it can’t hurt anyone.

The real purpose of legalizing spikes on truck wheels is to protect every vehicle on the road. Other vehicles like cars and bikes will stay away from the truck, and the vehicle will maintain a safe distance also.

Spikes are allowed in the sunshine state, Florida. According to this state’s Uniform Traffic Control statutes, spikes can be extended to 102 inches.

But Hawaii has banned the use of spikes on truck wheels. Spikes longer than four inches are not allowed on the roads of Hawaii. So, the law changes a bit according to the states. You can read more about it here in this blog – https://rhllaw.com/truck-accident-lawyer/defective-truck-parts-accident-lawyer/

Are Spikes On Truck Wheels Dangerous?

Spikes are made of plastic, metal, or soft alloy. The accessories are not strong enough to cause serious injuries. But that doesn’t mean it is safe.

Your car might get some scratches when you try to skip into a lane or overtake a truck. On the extreme level, the outside of the vehicle will get some scratches.

But metal spikes are a dangerous thing. A direct clash between a fast car and a truck might result in a severe accident.

Many trucks have extended spikes that come over the edge of the rim. These extended spikes are highly dangerous. It can damage the inside of the car.

Some of the spikes are shiny. The reflected light from the spikes distracts other drivers. As a result, the car faces an accident.

In a 2012 Louisiana car crashing case, it was found that the truck had some decorated spikes on the front wheel. The safest version of these spikes is the plastic made spike wheel.

Wheel Requirements To Use Spikes

There are specific laws for using spikes on the wheel. Violating these rules result in punishments and sometimes costs money.

Commercial trucks must follow the rules and regulations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, also known as the FMCSA. Here are the details:

●       Broken or cracked wheels and rims are unfit for driving.

●      Bolt holes of the wheels must follow the standard size and shape of the organization.

●       Every hole on the wheel must be filled and tightened with nuts and bolts.

Cracked wheels can’t hold the spikes for the long term. So, it’s likely to cause accidents. Using bolts and nuts of various sizes means the wheel isn’t perfectly attached. It is tough to put spikes on loose wheels.

A missing or loose screw is responsible for serious accidents. So, the screws must be checked before putting on the spikes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are spikes on wheels called?

Stingers and traffic spikes are the general terms for spiked wheels. A tire deflation device is a proper name for spikes on the wheels. Stingers are the classic name of these spikes.

2. Why do truckers have spikes on their wheels?

Truckers use spikes on truck wheels to decorate it. Spikes send warning as well as protect the cars in the truck’s lane. These pointy elements keep the bikers and kids away from the vehicle.


Trucks use spikes to make the car more fashionable. Using spikes on the wheels is not illegal. But a truck driver should be concerned about the road environment while using spikes.

The market has a variety of spikes to choose from. You must know about the FMCSA regulations before you buy any spikes. Deep research will help you find the most suitable spikes for your vehicle.

We hope the debate on whether spikes on truck wheels are legal has answered all of your questions regarding spikes. Stay alert if you move to states that have banned spiked wheels. Have a safe journey with your stylish truck!

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