Black Twill Vs. Black Diamond: Differences You Should Know!

Everybody always wants their Jeep soft top to be stylish and shiny. For that reason, choosing the perfect cover is necessary. It is a huge decision to make a big purchase of a soft top.

Jeep soft top designs have evolved over time, and the materials used to make them have done the same. Twill and diamond are among the most used materials in the soft top making.

The black diamond appears more of a dark grey than genuine black in the Twill, especially over time. Black diamond feels like plastic, whereas Twill feels like canvas. Twill reportedly has superior temperature retention and is quieter. Very tiny particles that get inside the Twill may be a little trickier to clean.

So, black Twill vs. black diamond? Which one will you choose? We are here to help you in making your decision wisely and easier!

Black Twill Overview

The body of soft top cars used to be constructed of rugged cloth for a very long period. But Twill, a synthetic textile, took its place during the 20th century.

Black Twill

Twill is a more expensive type of fabric. The rationale behind using this substance is that it is more affordable and robust than cloth. However, over time, it was discovered that Twill is readily damaged and does not take durability into account.

A thin, woven fabric called Twill is frequently used to produce curtains, furniture, and apparel. Twill tops are more soft and flexible despite the material’s extreme thickness. It can be colored any color and is made of cotton or linen.

The Twill is a form of fabric that has diagonal lines all over it. It contains multiple layers, and stitches are applied in various directions. Consequently, compared to other tops, they are simpler to use and more resistant to cuts and wrinkles.


  • Easy to clean
  • Lifetime warranty
  • It can be dyed any color
  • Zipperless technology
  • Better noise insulation


  • Less durable than diamond
  • Hard to clean mud

Black Diamond Overview

From 2003 to 2006, Jeep Wrangler soft tops were included with the car. The black diamond soft top material was a woven cloth to make these soft top covers. It is made of a blend of spandex, cotton, and polyester.

Black Diamond

For many years, car owners have found the black diamond soft top fabric an outstanding option. One of its key advantages is the material’s resistance to wrinkles and stains.

The flexibility of this material, which allows it to be stretched in any direction without losing its shape or degrading, is another advantage it offers.

Black diamond soft top materials are also water resistant. So your car won’t get wet inside if it rains on them.

The most robust and durable automotive material is black diamond. It is incredibly resilient to crushing and abrasion. Many industries employ black diamond material, including aerospace, military, and automotive.



  • Hard to remove

Comparison Table – Black Twill Vs. Black Diamond

Here is a comparison table that will exhibit all the significant differences between black Twill and black diamond at a glance.

FeaturesBlack TwillBlack Diamond
Weight30 ounces28 ounces
ColorPure blackGreyish black
Noise InsulationBetterLess

Differences Between Black Twill Vs. Black Diamond (Explained)

Various companies produce black twill and black diamond soft tops, including Bestop or Softopper. We’ll examine each difference in this review and determine which is superior in each industry.


Black Twill is best known for its pure black color. On the other hand, the black diamond reflects a bit of a grey finish. This is due to the material difference.


Jeeps’ tops come from the manufacturer and are made of a thicker fabric called Twill. It should last longer and attenuate sound a little bit more effectively. The Twill does not sweat through if there is water lying on the top from overnight rain.


It fits considerably tighter now. It even has a superior appearance and does not suffer from the heat or cold bleed that black diamond does. Therefore, Twill is by far the best fabric.


Twill is a heavy-duty, thick fabric, whereas Black Diamond is a lighter, more “stock”-type fabric. So, if you wish to keep your soft top more lightweight and easy to remove, you should definitely go with a black diamond.


In the case of warranty, Twill obviously wins. Twills give you a lifetime warranty because they know how durable this good is.

On the other hand, the warranty for a black diamond is limited and conditional. Various brands offer warranties ranging from 1 to 4 years. Some manufacturers offer extended warranties too.


Twill is a better choice because it is thicker and will trap more heat if you wish to use a soft top all year long and live in a cooler climate. It prevents the jeep’s sky one-touch system from leaking as manufacturers use the hard material.

But the black diamond is so much more robust than Twill. It will last longer and be able to withstand any weather.


A significant difference between Twill and Diamond is that it is quieter and insulates better. Twill weighs 30 ounces, one of the thickest soft top materials available. So it provides a more silent journey and insulation from road noise.

Cleaning Process

Twill features an acrylic outer layer, which means it cleans better. The acrylic fabric has a super scotch guard. So, in most cases, you can just brush it off to clean the dust and debris.

On the contrary, the plastic finish makes it very easy to clean any dust from black diamonds. But it can be tough and tricky to wash it off in the case of mud. Diamond is slightly easier to install than twill, and always remember to remove the jeep spare tire before installing.


A black twill soft top will cost you from $2000-2500. And a black diamond soft will cost ranging $1000-1500. If you are ready to spend a little more, it will be wise to go with Twill.

Black Twill or Black Diamond: Which One To Choose?

Before choosing between two soft top materials, you must be sure of the attributes you want in a soft top and the uses you wish to employ. The minor variations between these two materials have been presented to you.

For fuel-economical riding, choose black diamonds for your jeep and select a tonneau or cap for better mileage in your truck. But if you want to purchase a better one and can afford the higher price, we advise choosing black Twill.

Given their negligible differences, it doesn’t matter if you choose the black Twill over the black diamond or vice versa. Whether you choose a black twill or a black diamond, you’ll be making a traditional choice, which you may be proud of!

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