How To Adjust The Side Mirrors On The Jeep Wrangler?

Side mirrors are an extra set of eyes that allows us to maintain visibility and assess traffic conditions. This is when these eyes are in good condition and are not improperly adjusted. A smooth driving experience is made possible by properly adjusting the side mirrors every time you drive. But do you know how to adjust them properly? 

You can adjust the side mirrors on the Jeep Wrangler simply by turning the dial knob below the middle console and moving it right or left. Left is indicated by L, and R means right. Turning the knob on R and moving it left or right will adjust the right side mirror.

Side mirors are not just any minor parts, they bear significant importance when it comes to safety of your vehicle. Keep reading to find out more relevant points.

How To Adjust Side Mirrors On A Jeep Wrangler To Eliminate Blind Spots.

The idea of correctly adjusting the side mirror was first introduced in 1995 by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). This professional association discussed the importance of properly adjusting the side mirrors of a vehicle. 

It is a good idea for jeep wrangler owners to learn about the SAE rules while adjusting side mirrors.

You can adjust the side mirrors on the Jeep Wrangler simply by turning the dial knob below the middle console and moving it right or left. 

Left is indicated by L, and R means right. Turning the knob on R and moving it left or right will adjust the passenger side mirror. Now let’s explain the SAE standard.

SAE recommends that you put your head up against the window and then move the mirror so that you can only see the side of your car, excluding its edge. 

Doing the same for both the right and left side mirrors of the jeep wrangler. While adjusting the center mirror, make sure to include the whole rear window, if not at least more than 80% of it.

That’s how you can eliminate the dangerous blind spot and save yourself and others from accidents and fatalities.

What is the improperly adjusted side mirror in the Jeep Wrangler?

Like any other vehicle owner, most of the owners of the jeep wranglers adjust the mirrors improperly in that they adjust the mirror so they can see the edge of the vehicle. 

Most do the same when adjusting the driver-side mirror and passenger-side mirror, moving them until we see the back side of the car. 

As a result, this side mirror leaves a huge blind spot behind the car, and you fail to see the entire car in the blind spot. 

So when the mirrors are improperly adjusted, you might get into the next lane of your car and hit another car you did not see in your side mirror, injuring the other car. This happens especially when you run more than 80 km per hour.

How serious is it when a Jeep Wrangler side mirror isn’t adjusted correctly? 

When the side mirrors of the jeep wrangler are not adjusted, or in other words, if you see the edge of your car in the side mirror, you are putting yourself and those driving the next lane of your car in danger.

Side mirrors are law and required part of the vehicle. Before driving, properly adjusting the side mirrors will positively affect the way and make your everyday driving experience smooth.

What are the most common mirror errors that Jeep Wrangler owners can make?

Just like other vehicles owners, Jeep wranglers owners made a few common mirror errors that are listed below:

1. Owners are reluctant to adjust the side mirror

Most of the time, if not always, owners are reluctant to adjust the side mirrors before starting the trip. They do not bother about it or feel that it’s ok. They will do it next time. 

2. Improperly Adjust the Mirror 

Either they are reluctant to adjust the mirror or adjust it improperly. This is due to the lack of proper knowledge and information about adjusting the mirror properly. 

3. Not Checking the security of the mirror 

You might have witnessed the situation that Mirror pulls off or sometimes loses. This happened because the owner neglected to check its security. 

They might have adjusted the mirror properly but did not check the security of the mirror, which is very important. Before turning on the ignition, check if the frame is tightly holding the glass.

4. Not keeping the mirrors clean

On the other hand, it’s possible that the mirror is stable and adjusted correctly, but the mirrors are not clean. 

Unclean side mirrors result in poor visibility around the vehicle, and drivers might find it difficult to turn the vehicle left or right. 

Tips to avoid mistakes when adjusting side mirrors on jeep wrangler 

One of the basic things Jeep Wrangler owners should learn is how to adjust the side mirrors. So you can drive with confidence and avoid injuries. 

Many people perform it incorrectly. The potential errors you might make when adjusting the side mirrors are listed below.

Mistake 1: Adjusting in a way that the edge of the car can be seen in the mirror

Jeep wrangler owners, including me, make the most common mistake: when they adjust the side mirror, they include the view of their vehicle. As a result, there is a huge blind spot, and you miss the greatest view of the road.

Mistake 2: Moving your head while adjusting the mirror 

Another typical error drivers make is to move their heads too much when adjusting their mirrors, which results in improper mirror adjustment. Make sure to put your head up against the window. Be straight and look forward and then adjust the mirror.


By now, we have covered many relevant aspects of jeep wranglers’ side mirror adjustment. The following list of frequently asked questions may also be useful to you.

Do Jeep Wrangler side mirrors fold?

Yes, you can fold the jeep wrangler side mirror. However, you should try adjusting it using the dial knob below the middle console rather than using your hand to do it manually.

Is it safe to drive a Jeep Wrangler without side mirrors?

Side mirrors are the small parts of your car that does not mean they bear less significance. Side mirrors are law and a crucial component of the car that has a huge positive impact on your everyday driving experience. 

When you have a properly adjusted side mirror, you will have a great view of the road, increasing safety and reducing the risk of collision with other vehicles.

How to choose a side mirror for a Jeep Wrangler?

When choosing the right mirror for the jeep wrangler, you should consider the types, including manual, power-folding, and other types. 

The next priority is the style of the mirror. Once you have made all the necessary judgments install it by following the instructions.

Do Jeep Wrangler side mirrors come off with the doors?

The Jeep Wrangler’s mirror is mounted on the door. This might be an issue for someone, but the mirror kit can make things easy.

How to adjust the side mirror in the jeep wrangler to eliminate the blind spot?

As we have stated, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) published a paper that explains what we do and how you can adjust the side mirror properly.


So hopefully, this blog was useful, and from now on, you will be able to adjust your wrangler’s side mirrors properly. Before you do that, learn about the potential mistake you could make and what the SAE recommends.

Side mirrors are small parts of your vehicle but not any optional parts. They bear significant importance and have a greater impact on your everyday driving. 

So it is crucial for any wrangler driver to maintain their mirror regularly and never forget to adjust it before they start driving.

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