How To Open Jeep Key Fob Easy Guide

You might need to open your Jeep’s Key Fob for several reasons. One of the most common reasons is to change key fob battery.

You can open a jeep key fob with the help of a screwdriver.

A lot of people also use alternatives such as kitchen knives. But it is not recommended as its sharpness has the potential to damage the internal components.

Opening a jeep key fob is super easy, you should be careful because it can break very easily. And a broken key fob is very tricky to fix. So, in order to learn the right ways of doing it, keep reading!

How To Open The Jeep Key Fob?

Opening a jeep key fob is quite easy. But make sure you do it very delicately as there are chances of breaking it. To do it correctly, follow the steps described below.

Step 1 – Pull Out the Key

The first thing you need to do is release the actual key. We are talking about the primary key of your jeep key fob. You can pull it out by directly pulling it. Some key fobs might have a different approach to them, but more or less, most are the same.

Step 2 – Insert Screwdriver/Key into the Opening Port

Jeep key fobs have an opening port to them. There you can insert flathead screwdrivers to open it. Even though you can use other tools, such as the key itself or a knife, a star head screwdriver, etc., to open it, we recommend using either a flathead screwdriver or the key.

Step 3 – Twist the Screwdriver/Key

Now you have to turn or twist the screwdriver so that it separates the cover from the jeep key fob. And once you do it, you’re done opening it!

Some Problems You May Face When Opening Jeep Key Fob

Even though opening a jeep key fob is easy, you still might face the following two issues. 

1. Screwdriver Does Not Fit

Sometimes, the screwdriver you choose might be too big to fit into the opening port. If that is the case, you will fail to open the key fob.

The solution is to choose a flathead screwdriver that fits the opening port. For that, you might need a screwdriver that is relatively smaller in size.

2. Cover Body Does Not Open

When the cover body does not separate itself after you twist the screwdriver, it is a sign that this part is strongly connected to the jeep key fob.

To fix this problem, slowly work your way around the case with the screwdriver.


The confusions regarding opening a jeep key fob are endless. And we have offered some answers to relevant questions to quell your doubts about this topic.

Can you start a Jeep without a key fob?

Yes, you can start a jeep without a key fob. To do it, you will need to push the stop/start button of the car with a key fob’s top side. And while doing so, make sure you are stepping on your break.

What battery is in a Jeep key fob?

A Jeep key fob uses a CR2032 battery. It is also known as a coin battery. A CR2032 battery is the main lithium coin or “button” cell with dimensions of 20mm in diameter and 3.2mm in thickness. These types of batteries are not rechargeable.

How often should you change the jeep key fob battery?

Usually, a regular jeep key fob battery can last up to three to four years. So, even if your key fob is in good condition, you can consider changing its battery every four years.

How long do Jeep key fobs last?

There are no definitive answers to that. However, most key fobs last up to several years. Some people have reported that their key fob has lasted more than five to six years. Under good care, a jeep key fob can easily serve you for five years.

What happens if a jeep’s key fob battery dies?

You need to change a jeep’s key fob battery if it dies. However, you can also start a jeep if your key fob’s battery is broken. To do that, first, place your foot upon the break. Then, press the start/stop button with the upper end of your dead key fob.


The most crucial part of opening a jeep key fob is how you twist the screwdriver. You might break the conjoining parts if you turn them very aggressively or carelessly. So we advise you to open it gently.

You can also use the main key of your jeep instead of a flathead screwdriver. For that, the inserting port has to be big enough to fit the key. Otherwise, the only choice you will be left with is to use the screwdriver.

And if you face problems while opening the key fob, do not worry. Those problems are solvable. But if any internal component gets broken while opening it, you might need to buy a new key fob for your jeep.

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