Where Is The Jeep Grand Cherokee Battery Location? [Replacement Guide]

Battery location on any vehicle is a must to know a thing before even driving it. Especially if you have a Jeep Grand Cherokee, you might be in trouble tracking the battery. This might lead you to ask where the Jeep Grand Cherokee battery is located.

There are currently five generations of Jeep Grand Cherokee running on the road. Some of these model years have their battery located under the hood, whereas most other models have theirs in a surprising location.

If you are about to replace, repair, or jump-start the Jeep Grand Cherokee Battery, go through this article till the very end to find the battery conveniently.

Where is the Jeep Grand Cherokee battery location?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the most selling and popular SUVs in the USA. This model from Jeep ensures adventure, sports, and luxury at the same time. 

That is why all the generations of the Jeep Grand Cherokee have become equally popular since its launching date.

Until now there have been five generations of Jeep Grand Cherokee since 1993. Not all the model years possess a similar location for the vehicle’s battery. 

Therefore, you must know its exact location for any physical interaction with the battery.

1st Generation Jeep Grand Cherokee Battery Location

The Jeep Grand Cherokee started its journey back in 1993. It continued till 1998 as the first generation. The basic under-hood engine layout was kept similar to other SUVs on the road.

Therefore, the first-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee battery was located under the hood. To be precise, you need to look at the compartment left to the engine, just in front of the passenger’s side, to track the battery.

Therefore, you only need to pop the hood by pulling the latch under the driver’s seat to replace the battery. After that, secure the hood and disconnect the negative and positive terminals. 

You can use a ten mm socket wrench and regular pliers to remove the brackets and pull off the battery.

2nd Generation Jeep Grand Cherokee Battery Location

The second succession of the Jeep Grand Cherokee started right after the first generation in 1999. It continued for five years and ended in 2004. There were not many developments and modifications made.

Thus, the battery location remains similar to the first generation. However, a slight alignment and shifting are done in the second-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee battery location.

In the second generation, the battery is located on the extreme left side of the engine bay. It is readily visible once you open the hood using the latch under the driver-side dash. 

Besides, no battery covers are installed in those vehicles, which means you can use only a set of pliers and a specific-size wrench to remove and replace the battery.

3rd Generation Jeep Grand Cherokee Battery Location

The third generation of the Jeep Grand Cherokee had two segments. Its WK and Wk  Facelift from the model years 2005 till 2010. This generation has seen a major change, especially in the vehicle’s engine bay.

Firstly you will be surprised to see the entire battery case or battery bracket after popping the hood. It is because the location of the battery has been completely changed from under the hood to below the passenger seat.

Therefore, if you are planning to remove, service, or replace the battery of a third-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee, you need to look directly under the front passenger’s seat.

Although the newer arrangements made it difficult to interact with the battery. But removing it from under the engine bay made it easy to include advanced features adjacent to engine components.

4th Generation Jeep Grand Cherokee Battery Location

Similar to the third generation, the fourth generation of Jeep Grand Cherokee had three sub-segments. The years of the WK2, WK2 Facelift, and WK2 Facelift2 models have been included in the fourth generation.

The generation was launched in 2005 and continued till 2021. However, there was no major change in the battery location. It was located as it was in the third generation of Jeep Grand Cherokee, which is under the front-passenger’s side seat.

You need to disassemble the entire seat to interact with the battery. Simply use the seat shift switching located on the right panel of the seat to move it forward and elevate.

Approaching from the back end of the cabin, you will find a small compartment hidden under the passenger seat. Use a flathead screwdriver to pop it out. And your vehicle’s battery will become exposed.

5th Generation Jeep Grand Cherokee Battery Location

The fifth generation Jeep Grand Cherokee is the latest version of the series. It has been introduced since 2022 with an extension name of WL. No change is made in the battery location after the fourth generation.

You can find your fifth-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee under the front passenger seat. Shift the to the front and elevate it from the ground. Now lift the battery compartment cover using a flathead screwdriver. 

After removing the cover, the entire battery will get exposed and ready to be replaced.

How To Replace The Battery Of The Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee battery being dead is common for a heavy-duty SUV with a large engine. Besides, a discharged battery, low CCA, and a failing battery require tending or a complete replacement. 

Since all vehicle batteries have a limited lifetime, these require replacement as soon as you find the SOC under 13V. Therefore knowing the correct way to replace the battery in a jeep Grand Cherokee is important.

Step 1: Initial Preparation

First, ensure your safety by wearing goggles and certified hand gloves to avoid accidents. After that, use a memory save to save all the logs and your settings to the vehicle. 

It is essential because removing the battery resets all the applied settings in the vehicle’s computer.

Step 2: Locating The Battery

Jeep Grand Cherokee’s first and second generation have their battery under the hood, to the engine’s left. 

All other generations or model years keep the battery under the passenger side seat. Therefore, tracking the battery location depends on your vehicle’s production year.

Step 3: Removing The Old Battery

First, remove the battery terminal cover if available.  Now, use a 10mm to 13mm socket wrench and pliers to remove the battery’s negative terminal. 

After that, unhook the positive terminal similarly, followed by disconnecting the battery vent tube for AGM batteries.

Pushing the battery rearward and lifting at the same time, remove the battery from the compartment. The H7 is used for gas-powered engines, whereas H8 is for diesel-powered engines.

Step Four: Installing A New Battery

Ensure the new battery is completely charged and SOC (State of charge) and SOH (State of health) are decent. A standard battery check or multimeter can be used for this job.

After a proper inspection, slowly put the battery inside the compartment. Now reconnect the battery terminals and secure them with a battery cover.


The following real-time questionnaires from Jeep Grand Cherokee would be helpful for your further query about the battery location replacement procedure.

Are There 2 Batteries In A Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Some Jeep Grand Cherokees possess dual battery systems for the engine cranking and the ESS system. However, the usual Jeep Grand Cherokee comes with a single yet powerful battery.

How Long Does Car Battery Last On Jeep Grand Cherokee?

On average, a Jeep Grand Cherokee car battery lasts 3-5 years. Regular maintenance and recharging can extend the lifetime to 6-7 years. However, the battery’s longevity in the Grand Grand Cherokee depends upon the driving style and maintenance of the vehicle.

What Voltage Is A Jeep Grand Cherokee Battery?

A healthy battery in a Jeep Grand Cherokee comes from 13.5V to 14.3V. With time the SOC decreases gradually. If your multimeter shows the SOC anything below 70% or 12.6V, it means the battery should be reconditioned or replaced with a new one.

Where Is The Start/Stop Battery On A Jeep Cherokee?

The auto start/stop battery in Jeep Grand Cherokee is known as the auxiliary battery. It is also located under the passenger side seat adjacent to the main battery. Not all generations of Jeep Grand Cherokee have an auto start/stop battery.


Not finding the battery in its place in an emergency can be frustrating. Therefore if you are a Jeep Grand Cherokee owner, you must know the exact location of the battery according to your vehicle’s production year or model.

It will help you to locate the battery easily for replacement or any kind of battery repair. This way, you can save up to $100-$200 that might be given to a mechanic.

We hope this article helps you easily locate the battery of your Jeep Grand Cherokee and guides you to effectively and safely replace it with a new one.

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