Jeep Cherokee Bad Ground Symptoms: With Quick Solutions

When your jeep grand Cherokee is facing some common problems that are not directly related to the engine, probably, your vehicle has a bad ground issue. Today, I will talk about jeep Cherokee bad ground symptoms to identify whether your vehicle has this problem or not.

There are numerous causes that can introduce you to these bad ground symptoms, which you can solve with a little technical knowledge. So, stay connected with me for a better riding experience with your jeep grand Cherokee.

What Are Jeep Cherokee Bad Ground Symptoms?

It’s a problem that comes from an error wire connection and is not directly related to engine parts. Dying batteries, dimming lights, and starting problems are the primary examples of bad ground symptoms.

Common Bad Ground Symptoms On A Jeep Cherokee

Dimming Or Flickering Lights

A dimming or flickering headlights are comparatively related to the error of lights you are using. If changing jeep headlight bulbs or using a better-led headlight cannot overcome your situation, you may have bad ground symptoms.

Dimming Or Flickering Lights

Also, some lights cables or wires are not working perfectly as they should be. For example, turning on the light switch can’t send the power signal as the ground wires are untightened or disconnected.

So, check all the wires related to Cherokee lights, and if you find any noticeable error, fix it in the best way you can afford.

Comparatively Lower Voltage

The lower voltage is one common symptom of bad ground symptoms. When you are trying to start your jeep, it always fails due to lower voltage, and the dashboard’s light always flickers.

You have bought quality batteries that fit with your jeep Cherokee, and whenever you check the battery’s condition, that seems well. But it can’t provide adequate voltage from your trusted batteries because of weak cable mounting.

Everything related to voltage seems disappointing, but all the parts related to power are really cool. So, there is a big chance that your jeep Cherokee is facing a bad ground problem.

Bad Starting

As I said earlier, your jeep’s batteries are okay, but it seems it can’t work well. So, you don’t have a smooth jeep starting, and it takes enough time with a lot of effort. Every time you turn the vehicle’s key and hear a dying sound from the jeep’s inside without starting.

Nothing happens on Cherokee’s engine how hard and soul you try to start it. So, when the jeep’s batteries are okay, and the fuel tank is loaded with diesel, but it is not starting, there is a clear indication of bad ground symptoms.

Windows, Sunroof, And One-touch Opening And Closing Problems 

When Cherokee’s ground cables are not well connected to the exit, problems spread everywhere. Sometimes windows and one-touch don’t work like others parts when bad ground symptoms are visible.

Windows, Sunroof, And One-touch Opening And Closing Problems 

You may find one-touch leaking as windows and one-touch are not opening and closing appropriately. If the problem is still visible after taking the necessary steps, maybe it is a ground symptom on your Cherokee.

Recheck all the cables connected to the sunroof and windows to find the exact problem.

Noisy Climate-Changing System 

Sometimes Cherokee’s Ac provides poor services when you switch off-ON or change the volume key. The temperature inside your jeep is really horrible, and you can’t fix the current situation though, you have no climate control problems.

The Problem With The Windshield Wiper

You can also include this one in the Cherokee’s bad ground symptoms list. Like the other parts, you have to find out the actual cause by checking all the wires from beginning to ending.

The Problem With The Windshield Wiper

People don’t use the windshield wiper unless It is raining or the jeep is in the wash. So, they can’t easily figure out the error in the windshield, like the problem with air conditioning or lights.

The Problem With The Windshield Wiper

But windshield problems can happen all of a sudden when all the cables related to the windshield are not working appropriately in your jeep.

So, when you have a new jeep Cherokee XJ or ZJ, and its wiper is not working accurately, there is a chance your jeep is facing a bad ground problem.

Bad Radio Communication 

Some jeeps provide factory radio for better communication that is connected directly to an external CB antenna. Factory CB radios are directly dependent on CB antenna for better signal.

When your factory CB radio is not getting a better signal or power due to battery, you can also place it in Cherokee’s bad ground symptoms list. So, I always prefer a quality handheld CB radio for the jeep instead of a factory radio.

Though this situation is not directly compatible with bad ground symptoms, you can write it down if you have a factory jeep radio.

Solutions To Cherokee’s Bad Ground Symptoms

  • First of all, you have to know your vehicle and its problems. So, examine every bad ground symptom until you are not totally sure. 
  • Don’t drive until the bad ground cable problem is fixed.
  • If your vehicle is new and has all the legal papers, talk to the manufacturer or dealer to have a quick solution. 
  • Clean all the other connecting plugs and cables with a simple brush. Don’t use a hard brush or any type of liquid. 
  • Then start the engine again and check whether the problem is still there or not. 
  • You can also check the entire cable and connections with or without a mechanic. 
  • Just open the whole cable and reinstall it in its position. Most of the basic ground cable problems have been solved in this way. 
  • Always check the vehicle’s battery and alternator whether they are healthy or not. 
  • If everything fails, then take your Cherokee to a nearby garage or call a mechanic. Maybe you have to swap the whole ground cable of Cherokee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What would cause a Jeep Cherokee not to start?

There are many reasons, including a ground problem when a jeep Cherokee is not starting. As I said before, if the engine and battery are healthy but it is not starting, check the ground cables and wires connected to the steering to solve this issue. 

What is a ground cable?

The ground cable is a major black-colored wire that is directly connected to the jeep battery, and the whole power system is dependent on the cable. Therefore, any type of error in this cable will create a large impact on the jeep’s major functionality. 

How to fix bad ground problems in Cherokee?

The bad ground problem is too much noisy for a jeep owner, and you need to check the whole ground cable to fix this condition. So, find an auto expert if you are a new jeep owner to examine the entire cable with all symptoms.

Actually, all the problems are very basic, and you may fix all of them if you are brave enough to test this cable yourself.

Do Jeep Grand Cherokees have electrical problems?

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles reported that it had found several problems associated with the grand Cherokee electrical system. In some cases, you can find issues with the transmission, panoramic sunroof, suspension, electric steering, heater, and other components that could cause safety concerns.

2018 jeep grand Cherokee is the most criticized for electrical problems on the internet.


Jeep Cherokee bad ground symptoms are like food poisoning in your stomach when you just have bought a new jeep. Take it easy, as I know there are several ways to fix this problem with or without hiring an automotive expert.

Sometimes you need less than 50 dollars to overcome this uncertainty if it is a fundamental ground problem. When you solve all of these disturbing problems, Cherokee is still capable of off-roading through rocky terrain. 

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