Why Are Jeep Window Switches In The Middle? [Explained]

Jeep owners often have some questions regarding their impressive off-road vehicles. Sounds like you? Have you ever wondered why the Jeep window switches in the middle of the dashboard? 

There are a few valid reasons behind window switches’ placement. As you know, the windows of the Jeep Wrangler are removable.

So, having the switches in the middle of the dashboard allow owners to remove the door without hustle. There’s no need to deal with extra electrical components.

Why Are Jeep Window Switches In The Middle?

A good number of people often ask why the window power switches are located on the dashboard. To be more precise, at the middle of the Jeep.

Some consider this placement convenient for the driver when it comes to accessing the window power switches. On the other hand, some Jeep owners consider the placement unnecessary. 

We are with the first group of people. This is because manufacturers know the best position to place the window power switch, making this happen in the middle of the Jeep. Besides, we have also found many valid reasons behind the fact. 

At the same time, if someone has objections regarding the placement of the window switches in the middle, we don’t know why they think so.

If you are from that group, you can tell if you find anything wrong with the window switch placement. Out of curiosity? Okay! 

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1. Makes it Easy for Drivers to Control the Switches

You know the first reason! To elaborate more, having the window power switches in the middle of the dashboard helps the driver control the switches easily.

Especially when driving off-road, if the driver needs to open or close the window, he/she can do it quickly using his right hand while controlling the steering with the left hand. 

More precisely, the position of the window switches in the middle of the dashboard allows for improved ergonomics, as the driver’s arms do not need to be extended as far to reach the switches. Not only that, but the switches in the middle can also ensure a safer drive. 

So, if someone claims that having the windows power control switches makes off-road driving a lot easier, the/she might not be wrong. 

2. Doors Removal Can Be Super Easy

Additionally, most Jeep owners like to drive their Jeep without the doors. In this case, when it comes to removing the doors of the Jeep Wrangler, having the switches in the middle of the dashboard will be beneficial.

To be more precise, owners don’t need to work with removing the electrical connection from the doors too much. 

Beyond that, having the window switches in the middle can help reduce the weight of the doors of your Jeep Wrangler. 

So, this can be another possible and, needless to say, practical reason why we see the windows’ switches of Jeep Wrangler located in the middle.

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3. Keeps the switches clean

You can ensure the window switches remain clean because they are located in the middle of your Jeep dashboard.

Besides, it reduces the change of faulty window power switches. And in this way, you can avoid any issues related to your Jeep windows.  

4. Increases the Beauty of Your Jeep Interior

Jeep window switches in the middle of the dashboard beautify the interior. It looks stylish and aesthetic at the same time. 

We don’t have any doubt about how the Jeeps are designed. From making it look good to ensuring optimal performance.

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Why are Jeep window switches in the middle? Now, you have all the valid answers to these questions. Jeep is exceptional compared to many other cars out there. The Jeep you own now results from years of engineering research. 

So, there is hardly any scope to doubt the Jeep Wrangler’s build. We don’t think you ever feel discomfort accessing the window switches in the middle of the dashboard.  What you need to make sure of is that you take proper care of your Jeep.

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