Why Jeep Wrangler Sun Visor Won’t Stay Up?(Easy Solutions)

Sun visors are great and all, but when they keep dropping and blocking your view, they can be pretty annoying. While most people don’t pay much attention to them, we’re assuming you do, so we are here to help.

The most common solution for when your Jeep Wrangler sun visor won’t stay up is to actually fix the hinge of the visor that works to keep it in place. Find the screws that are getting loose and tighten them using a good visor repair tool kit. 

Don’t worry, we won’t just leave you with this information. Stick around and learn all about why your Jeep’s visors won’t stay up and about 5 ways you can keep it up or fix it permanently. 

What Causes The Sun Visor Of A Jeep Wrangler To Not Stay Up?

There are a few reasons Jeep Wranglers end up with dangling visors that won’t stay up. It really can get quite annoying and you want to pinpoint exactly what is causing it. Check the visors to see if they- 

  • Have the screws loose on the hinge, which is supposed to hold it together 
  • Appear to have the clips wider than they should be
  • Are barely staying up because the hinge itself is broken and will fall off any moment. 

5 Easy Solutions For Jeep Wrangler Sun Visor Won’t Stay Up

As it is such an irritating issue that needs quick fixing, we are going to go ahead and explain the solutions you can apply. Let’s do this!

#1- By Tightening The Nuts And Bolts

The hinge of the sun visor might have become loose due to constant bringing down and putting up. Over time, they tend to slowly loosen up and become droopy. Resulting in the visors not staying up at all. The majority of the time it is because of this reason, so the solution is quite self-explanatory. 

You’re gonna have to buy a good sun visor repair kit for this though. When you have it, carefully tighten the loose nuts, screws, and bolts, to make sure the hinge stays in position no matter what angle you set it at. 

This ought to prevent the drooping for good, That is considering this was the issue, to begin with. If the visor is not broken and simply just got loose over time, this is what you should do without hesitation.

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#2- Using Zip Ties 

Now, if the visors appear to be broken, but you don’t have the budget to completely replace them, this could be a temporary solution. 

You can use zip ties to keep the sun visors up and fixed in position. Simply wrap the zip ties around the visor, along with the hinge, and affix the ties. With the zip ties, the attachment is more permanent and only if you cut the ties, you can bring the visors of your Jeep Wrangler down again. 

The only issue with this solution is that, if you want to pull the visor down, you have to cut the zip ties, as mentioned. This results in you ending up with a floppy sun visor again. So, keep extra zip ties in the Jeep to reattach the ties to keep the visors up again. 

#3- Use Velcros

But if you want more control, you can use velcro instead of zip ties, which should allow you to take it off whenever you want. Velcros are a great alternative and can be found almost anywhere. There’s a chance you have some lying around in your house too. 

Cut the two ends of velcro and apply glue to the back of each piece. Attach the two pieces to the visor itself and the roof of the car. When you push the sun visor towards the roof of the Jeep now, the velcro will ensure that it stays up. 

If you don’t have velcro at home, you can find it at literally any DIY or hardware store. You can even buy them online.

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#4- Get VisoRiser

However, if you want to get the same effect without your interior looking DIYed and cheap, you can get VisoRiser. If you can invest in VisoRiser, you get to have more control over it, without having to replace the visors. This device works as a sort of clamp that holds your visor up.

You can wrap this device around your visors the same way you would the zip ties and velcro. But since it has a sturdier build, make sure to bend the VisoRiser on the edges to fit the visor snugly. After doing so attach the two ends and you’re good to go!

VisoRiser is definitely a game-changer when it comes to temporary solutions for floppy sun visors. If you can invest in one instead of opting for zip ties or some other cheap solution, your Jeep would still look great without you spending a fortune on the visors.

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#5- Full Sun Visor Replacement 

And finally, if all else fails, it is better to fully replace the sun visor instead of trying to DIY it. It may come as a surprise but Jeep Wrangler sun visors are quite expensive considering how they don’t have a ton of technical components. 

Replacing the visor is not that difficult. You just have to carefully take the old floppy visors out by unscrewing all the nuts and bolts. And then, place the new ones in position. Screw the nuts and bolts for the new one, and tighten them till you’re done. 

If this process sounds too complicated, ask the guys at Jeep’s customer service to install the new visors for you. They would be more than happy to offer this service. In case you purchase a third-party visor, there will be instructions in the box they come in, so just follow them. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Many of you still may have some questions regarding this issue. Well, we might know the answers to some of the most common ones that people asked. 

Why Should you Repair Jeep Wrangler Sun Visors?

If your visor is drooping down, it could lead to an accident if the driver can’t see the road properly. It also ensures it doesn’t droop down all of a sudden and obstruct your view. 

Do Third-Party Sun Visors Fit Into Jeep Wranglers? 

Not all visors are made the same. However, some third-party companies produce components that are compatible with certain brands. There are many brands that make sun visors specifically for Jeep Wranglers that are half the price. You can find a lot of them on Amazon. 

Where to Find a VisoRiser for my Jeep Wrangler?

Being the life-saving device it is, VisoRiser is quite affordable. You can find it on Amazon and eBay at pretty cheap prices. There are many models available depending on the size. Make sure you get the one that fits your Jeep Wrangler’s visors. 

How much does the sun visor repair kit for a Jeep Wrangler cost?

A full repair kit for Jeep Wrangler sun visors costs roughly $50 to $60. You can find many on Amazon, just be sure to get the ones that are best for Jeep Wrangler. 

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Many people struggle with faulty sun visors and do nothing about it. Don’t be like them. Visors are very important and if they don’t stay up, it can cause many problems. Especially if it’s the one in front of the driver’s seat. 

You really don’t want the obstruction of your view while driving. So it is crucial that you get the sun visor fixed as soon as possible. If you are low on money, use the DIY tips we shared like the zip ties and velcro. Or if you can get a better solution like the VisoRiser, that’s even better!

However, if you can replace the part entirely, it ensures that your visor will be easier to control. With a new one, you never have to worry that your Jeep Wrangler sun visor won’t stay up. Choose the solution of your liking, and get that visor fixed! 

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