How to Troubleshoot and Fix U1504 Jeep Cherokee DTC Code?

If you have a jeep cherokee, dealing with the diagnostic trouble code is nothing new. When the code is stored, you need to find the root cause for which it is present.

Once you know the cause of this code, in most cases, you can fix it on your own or with the help of a mechanic. So in today’s article, we will guide you on how to get rid of the code U1505 Jeep. 

What Does U1504 Jeep Cherokee Code Mean?

In simple terms, the code U1504 means ‘Implausible message data length received from steering angle sensor. This indicates that the PCM’s angle and rotational data received by the steering wheel are incorrect. 

The steering angle sensor in your Jeep Cherokee plays a significant role in determining the steering wheel’s position to ensure the wheels can move according to the direction of the steering. 

The powertrain control module needs to receive the steering position readings from the SAS in order for this task to be completed. However, the code is stored if the data from the SAS sensor is not correct.

If we break it down we get the following: 

  • U= Network
  • 1=  A generic manufacturer-specific code derived from the SAE standard.
  • 5= Idle and vehicle speed. 
  • 04= Specific fault code 00-99 (Here, the fault code indicates issues with the steering control module of your Jeep Cherokee)

Note: According to a statistic of Car complaints, the website gets around 2200 complaints about the Jeep Cherokee. And the worst model year is 2016. 

U1504 Code: What Causes Implausible Message Data Length Received From the Steering Angle Sensor on Jeep Cherokee?

The code U1504 may be stored for multiple reasons. The most common reasons include the following:

  • Bad battery connection.
  • The steering angle sensor lost its calibration.
  • The damaged or worn-out wiring harness of the steering wheel sensor.
  • Bad steering angle sensor.
  • Malfunctioning powertrain control module.

How to Troubleshoot & Fix U1504 Jeep Cherokee Code?

Now you know the possible reason that can cause the code U1504 to occur in your Jeep. So if you can check the causes one by one, undoubtedly, you’ll be able to eliminate the code successfully. 

1. Check and Fix the Battery Connection

The code U1504 on your Jeep Cherokee most likely results from a disconnected battery. And we have come to know this from different forums. Sometimes, when you disconnect the battery and then reconnect it, this can cause the problem.

When the battery connection becomes disconnected, it can’t charge up and supply electrical power to different sensors, including the steering wheel angle sensor.

And so, if the steering angle sensor can’t get enough power to operate, chances are the data it gets is corrupted and causes implausible data delivery. 

You need to check the battery connection first. More precisely,  check the battery voltage to determine whether there is enough power for the SAS sensor. If the battery connection is loose, remove the battery terminal and place it after a few minutes.

Besides, the battery connection can be broken sometimes. In such a case, you should visually inspect the battery connection cable and it will be better to replace it if there is any extreme damage.

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2. Calibrate the Steering Angle Sensor

Next, If there is no issue with the battery connection, you should calibrate the steering angle sensor. The task is not complicated; you can perform it on your own. 

In addition, a lot of Jeep Cherokee owners find that this step resolves code U1504 problems.  Now what happens here is that the steering angle sensor can lose its calibration. 

And if this happens, it won’t be able to get the right readings of the steering angle sensors, and then the data it sends to the powertrain control module of your Jeep becomes implausible. 

The solution to this issue is pretty simple. You need to calibrate the steering angle sensor with the help of the steering angle sensor functionality. Here, you must try a few lock-to-lock turns of the steering wheels. 

While doing this, make sure your start is in start mode. You can check this video to learn how to calibrate your car’s steering angle sensor.

3. The Damaged or Worn-Out Wiring Harness of the Steering Wheel Sensor

Let’s say you’ve calibrated the steering angle sensor. But what if the code U1504 has not disappeared? Then, there is something wrong with the steering angle sensor. 

And when it comes to fixing the issue of the steering angle sensor, the very first thing you should check is the wiring harness related to the sensor.  Chances are the steering angle sensor wiring harness is broken, shorted, or worn out. 

In such a case, the steering angle sensor of your Jeep Cherokee won’t be able to function properly and read data of the steering wheel direction and send it to the powertrain control module. 

First, you should visually inspect the wiring harness connected to the steering angle sensor. You will find the steering angle sensor location under the dashboard.

If you find any wiring harness is broken or shorted, you need to replace it as soon as possible. Check the connectors as well and replace them if they are bad.

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4. Check and Replace the Bad Steering Angle Sensor

As mentioned before, the fault code U1504 is stored when your Jeep’s computer system thinks the steering angle sensor is sending implausible data from the steering regarding steering wheel angle and rotation. 

Now if other issues are fixed but you can still get rid of the code U1504, it’s time to check the steering angle sensor. Sometimes, the wiring harness connected to the steering angle sensor can be OKAY, but the component can malfunction. 

It will be like beating around the bush to expect the SAS to function properly when it is bad. 

And in such a case, the data the SAS delivers to the powertrain control module is supposed to be different. This causes the code U1504 to occur, ultimately causing the stability control not to work.

So here, there is no alternative to check the steering angle sensor to see whether it is terrible. 

There might be physical damage or worn-out signs due to an electrical short circuit. If the SAS is bad, you need to replace it with a new one which might cost you between $130-$560.

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5. Check and Replace the Powertrain Control Module

There is comparatively less chance that the bad PCM causes the issue of implausible data received from the steering wheel sensor. 

However, you should always check the PCM if performing all the steps above turn out to fail.  Due to bad PCM, as it is responsible for monitoring various systems, the U1504 code can take place.

The PCM of your Jeep Cherokee might go bad due to physical damage, electrical problems, software malfunctioning, age, etc. 

So, the key here is to check the powertrain control module based on these criteria. Additionally, symptoms like engine misfires and fuel economy reduction indicate the PCM issue.

Therefore, after checking the PCM carefully (better to go with the mechanic), you should replace it if it becomes defective. It might cost around $800-$1000, including parts and labor costs. 

Here you can check the video in order to check and replace the bad powertrain control module of your Jeep Cherokee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Jeep Cherokee owners who deal with the code U1504 often have some queries. Here, we’ll go over a few questions and their answers.

Can you drive a Jeep Cherokee with U1504 Code?

Unless any emergency crisis occurs, you shouldn’t drive your Jeep Cherokee with the code U1504. This is because that U1504 code can cause the stability control unit of your Jeep to malfunction, which can ultimately reduce your control over your Jeep.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix the Jeep Cherokee U1504 Code?

The fixing cost of code U1504 depends on what component causes the issue. However, fixing the code might cost around $120-$1000, including parts and labor. Moreover, it will be better to contact the mechanic regarding the cost. 

What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Steering Angle Sensor?

When the steering wheel sensor goes bad, the check engine light is supposed to come on. Besides, we will find reduced efficiency of the stability control system on your Jeep Cherokee. 

Final Words

You can’t allow your Jeep to become unstable while driving. And that’s the reason why you should try to fix the code U1504 as soon as possible. 

If you have the necessary skill, you can try fixing it. On the other hand, it is always a good idea to let the job be handled by a professional mechanic.

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