How To Get Better Gas Mileage In A Jeep?(11 Tips To Follow)

A beautiful trip could be the worst when your Jeep stops in the midway. It might be happening for multiple reasons, and poor gas mileage is one of them. Maybe you have a fully-loaded vehicle gas tank according to your route. But I am sure poor gas mileage in your Jeep will make you cry.

No more bad words; now I will let you know how to get better gas mileage in a jeep. Remember that my suggestions will help you to get slightly better mileage, but it will not change something drastically. 

11 Ways To Get Better Gas Mileage In A Jeep

If your Jeep has a limited gas mileage from the factory, you can not change something bigger without changing some major accessories. If it happens suddenly, still, you may have a lot to do. Follow the list below; I think it will make you happy on your next trip.

1. Warm-up Engine 

Most jeep drivers make a common mistake that they just start the engine and begin to drive. As all the parts of the Jeep are not entirely ready to work, they need more gas for perfect working.

In addition, a cold engine can’t cooperate with other parts and wants to remain silent. So when you are thinking about driving, your first duty is to start the engine and make it hot enough. Surely, this practice will increase your jeep mileage. 

2. Check Air Filters

check jeep air filter

Every jeep expert suggests checking regular air filters for better gas mileage. It provides an incredible riding experience and not only increases gas mileage. Check air filters if it is full of dust or rust.

If it is more than eight years old, then replace It with the best one in the market right now. I say it again; the air filter is considered one of the major elements for better fuel economy.

3. Change Cooler

If your jeep cooler does not work properly, it will hinder your total riding. So, for the best gas mileage, checking the cooler is always important. But, the problem is that a usual driver can’t examine it in a perfect way.

So, I suggest you take your Jeep to a mechanic on a regular basis. If he can identify something abnormal, fix it as soon as possible.

4. Constant Riding 

If you change your vehicle speed randomly, it may dispute your vehicle gas mileage. Rapid engine power movement requires more gas from the vehicle tank. Always try to drive I a constant speed.

But, it never means you can’t brake or accelerate your vehicle. It indicates that if you are comfortable driving in 70, try to keep your jeep speed nearby 70 most of the time. Your gas mileage will come into a pattern when a driver rides at a regular speed.

5. Limit Idling

many drivers waste most fuel resources of a country by remaining idle in the Jeep. You are not only damaging the country’s resources but also making the fuel economy lower.

So if you are talking with others on the road or in traffic, please stop the engine switch for the welfare of the nation. How do you think the mileage will be high, wasting your jeep fuel!

It looks pretty normal and less important to the driver. But, read all the data and reports about this, and you will be terrified. 

6. Use less AC

it is neither essential nor my suggestion. Some of the experts also suggested this for a better gas economy. But, if your gas mileage is extremely poor, then you should try to save gas in every possible way.

when there are problems in your jeep climate control system, your vehicle needs extra fuel. If you are much far from the nearby gas station, stopping ac can save gas to reaching the station. 

7. Clear Jeep Roof

As Jeep is a recreational vehicle, you may carry a lot of essential products from bike to kayak over your Jeep. But when it becomes heavy, it will be tedious for your vehicle to carry extra weight.

best roof rack for jeep grand cherokee

If the vehicle is a wrangler, you should also minimize the weight from inside, and if it is a grand Cherokee, please remove the roof rack from the Jeep Grand Cherokee so that you can not make the jeep top-heavy.

If a roof rack is must needed, you can also try a lightweight roof rack for Grand Cherokee.

8. Reduce Aggressive Brake

Nobody will believe that an aggressive brake can make fuel economy lower. When you press a sudden brake, all the kinetic energy turns into stability. So, the vehicle needs more fuel than the regular to transfer this energy.

So, from Newton’s law, it is true that an aggressive brake wastes a lot of gas. So, always drive at a regular speed and never hue and cry about the rough brake.

9. Accurate Tire pressure and Alignment

Yeah, tire pressure is another important matter for running your vehicle accurately. If the pressure is slightly less, the vehicle will not move fast how much you accelerate.

Moreover, it can damage the jeep engine and other parts. So, keep tire pressure in accurate pa, not much or much less if you find something strange On your wheel, remove the spare tire with help of quality jeep jacks and put it under your vehicle. 

Tire alignment is also essential when you are using extra braking components or spacers. If you don’t find current wheel spacers beneficial, then remove them from wheels or configure better spacers for the jeep wrangler. 

Tire pressure and alignment don’t impact fuel economy directly, but it slightly helps. Actually, it’s more important for jeep security than milage. 

10. Check The Four-Cylinder Engine and Spark Plug

jeep spark plug

If you are a new jeep owner and know less thing about jeep heart. Then, don’t make any decisions yourself to check them well. Of course, a bigger and better engine helps you get better gas mileage.

If your engine serves less gas milage from the factory, at best, you can discuss with your supplier or manufacturer company for a perfect replacement. Spark plugs make full engine ready by simply igniting to the gas slender. Check this essential accessory regularly whether it is working or not.

If it seems problematic and you want to swap it with a better one, please take model-oriented plugs that fit your vehicle. Discuss it with your regular auto mechanic for better understanding. 

11. Regular Maintenance

After all, one thing can expand your fuel economy, and that is regular maintenance. Any owner should do it both for gas mileage and jeep security. It can be checking the jeep diesel engine to jeep radio problems.

When you use a vehicle regularly and check it from time to time, then remain idle; obviously, you will get better performance from every aspect. So don’t forget maintenance every three months to get better gas mileage. 


Poor gas mileage is like a curse when you are in the driving seat and always looking for a gas station. What I have told you here make them your regular practice instead of searching for how to get better gas mileage in a jeep.

I think this time, you will have a fantastic riding experience for the long route.

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