Jeep Wrangler Anti Theft System

So, any regular off-road traveler won’t take it easy when his jeep is so far from his garage for lack of security. Now, the jeep’s all editions, including wrangler Rubicon and Willys, are not so cheap, and moreover, it is related to your hobby and passion.

You don’t need much money or a trained dog to activate the jeep wrangler Anti Theft system to protect your vehicle from thieves. But, you can lose some of the major parts like jeep-led headlights or whole vehicle without an anti-theft system.

Major Steps To Increase Jeep Wrangler Anti-Theft System 

Apply Jeep Wrangler Security Alarm

An alarming system is a very basic and common security system for any vehicle, including a jeep wrangler. Though it seems older, still, it works in the same way as before to make anything secure.

Although you have taken all necessary steps and spent adequate money for vehicle safety, still some expensive external parts like jeep led halo headlights, spare tires, or looking glass are not completely secure.

So, a better alarming system can make you alert when someone touches your jeep at a very unexpected time. It also can expand garage security when your vehicle garage is a bit far from leaving the room and have no security camera on the top.

Use Steering Wheel Lock. 

The steering wheel is a fantastic tool in a minimum price range to activate the jeep anti-theft system. It can protect your whole vehicle and save 25000$ to 40000$, but this tool is not enough to ensure the security of external parts.

Use Steering Wheel Lock

On the other hand, a steering wheel lock is a user-friendly tool, and anyone can afford it between a 40 to 100 dollar budget.

Use Security Tire Clamp

Security tire clamp tool locks vehicle wheels like a steering wheel to ensure the highest security of the jeep. Using process is almost closer to the steering lock, and a thief can’t run the jeep without unlocking this clamp though he is in the driver seat.

Use Security Tire Clamp

You can afford it within 40$ to 120$, and there is a lot of suppliers who can provide the best product with quality customer support. Don’t be confused, thinking about fitment with jeep’s bigger size tires. This security tire clamp will be fit with your 33, 35or 37 inches jeep tires.

Buy A Dashcam 

This is now a common but most effective way to maximize wrangler security from an unexpected incident. This dash camera can keep all the records with its super-powerful camera and send your bedroom.

If there is no light in the jeep’s front side or home garage, some dash cams are so powerful that they can record video on a dark night. You don’t need any extra space in the dashboard as You can keep this dash cam with your jeep handheld CB radio.

Though powerful dash cams with multiple features are much more costly, they can definitely extend jeep security.  

Hide A Mini GPS Tracker

Now, GPS is a popular system using both mobile and automotive industries to ensure better communication. But, you can also use it in a different way to ensure a jeep anti-theft system.

Hide A Mini GPS Tracker

You just need to hide this mini GPS tracker somewhere in the wrangler, and this device will notify the jeep’s current location on your mobile or laptop. Then, you can get back your stolen jeep how far the thief has gone. How wonderful this is!

Use A Hood Lock 

Hood lock is not a must need equipment for jeep security purposes. But, sometimes jeep’s major parts like engines, batteries, Sparkwomb can be stolen under the hood. So, a user-friendly hood lock can protect your jeep heart from outer attack and save you from wasting a lot of money.

Sometimes, your jeep hood can fly when you are driving at full speed, and the jeep’s hood latches are broken. So, buying a hood latch is totally worth it for its security and multiple usabilities.

Insurance For Jeep 

Most of the insurance company covers theft for jeep safety though there are a lot of conditions. It varies from vehicle to vehicle and insurance to insurance. Jeep insurance is always a good idea to protect your wrangler from unexpected incidents like accidents or theft. You just need to find out the finest insurance company who can cover all.

Use A Jeep Lock Alert System.

The jeep lock alert system is an updated version of a general alarm system to protect your vehicle. It can read who is in your driver’s seat or who is the regular driver by its artificial intelligence.

If you have a child who enters the front side of the jeep, it can monitor all. So when this technology has a suspicious one in the driver position, it will automatically notify you, and the alert system will be activated.

If you are fond of modern artificial intelligence, you can definitely try this type of alert system for jeep safety.  

Extend Garage Security

Some owners look at the others side to protect the jeep but ignore garage security. This is not directly relevant to the anti-theft system though it can maximize vehicle safety. So, check garage doors windows and input a CC camera or alarm system that can obviously defend your vehicle and help you to take a nap.


You can apply anything from the above list of jeep wrangler anti-theft systems. Actually, most owners ensure theft protection from that module, and all of them have found an effective solution for jeep safety.

But, from my personal experience, using multiple protecting systems is much more secure than only believing in one. However, you need a thousand dollars budget for your cheap jeep patriots or wrangler to keep it secure from snatching. 

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