How To Ground CB Antenna On Jeep?(6 Easy Steps To Follow)

You have a recent version of the jeep, and would you like to buy a CB radio to have a more aesthetic look? But, thinking about the installation process, you get worried. You may think about how the CB antenna wires go from the tailgate to the driver seat!

Do I need any extra tools? Will I damage the exterior part of the jeep? I can assure you that grounding a CB antenna on a Jeep is quite easy.

Cb antennas are mostly used in trucks or jeep wranglers. Though it seems useless, the jeep owner still searches for radio. Whatever type of jeep you have, the installation process is almost similar.

6 Steps To Ground A Jeep CB Antenna

1. Mount CB Radio

first, mount the CB radio to the ground CB antenna. However, You can do it after the installation of the CB antenna. But be sure it is in the proper location.

2. Open Spare Tire

in many jeeps, CB antennas are located under the spare tire. Open the spare tire cover, and you will find the bolts. Now you need a lug wrench or a drill to lose the bolts. Remove the nuts and pull the extra tire; it will be open.

3. Select Position

you will find two bolts on the right side of the tire carrier. Adjust the bracket in which the CB antenna will remain.  Actually, you can mount the antenna on which side you want. Don’t forget to add the plastic washer and lock washer under the bolts.

Then there is a hole and rubber cover under the CB antenna bracket. Make some space by drilling in the rubber and put the antenna cable between the rubber cover and the hole. You must put the front part of the wire, which will be directly mounted to the radio.

4. Remove Inner Plastic Cover

if you open the tailgate, there will be a plastic cover inner side of the tailgate. Remove the plastic cover to find the antenna cable faster.

Then you will get an extra more cable with a back camera and third brake light. Pull all the cables from the tire carrier.

5. Take The Cable From Antenna To Radio:

now you can directly take the wire to the CB radio. But if you want to make it more beautiful and safer, you have to do something extra to hide the cable under the carpet. There are one or two bolts besides your subwoofer.

Open them and make some space to push the wire. Then, carry the cable from the tailgate to the driver seat under the cover.

In some places, you have to face some extra difficulties to carry the cable. Just Follow how other cables have gone and must reach the CB radio.

6. Adjustment

now, put the CB antenna on the bracket, which has already been installed in the tire carrier. On the other side, joint cable back of the handheld jeep CB radio. Close the bolts behind the subwoofer and also close the inner plastic cover of the rear door.

The spare tire will be in its normal position, tighten the bolts of the tire carrier and the tailgate. Finally, the CB antenna is ready. You can put the tire cover or the number plate over the spare tire.

Finally, CB radio is not a must need communication tool. But every driver can get extra facilities when they are riding in groups and where mobile networks do not work properly. Installation is a general process that can be applied without a mechanic.

It does not require having more extra automotive tools. Sometimes you don’t even need to read the user guide to ground a popular accessory. Use your common sense and try it yourself. I think anyone can do it with fun.

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