Why Jeep Sky One Touch Leaking? (Easy Steps to Solve)

Jeep sky one touch is one of the updated and pricy features in the wrangler industry to ensure an easy roof removing system.

Now people buy one touch included jeep to stay happy and noiseless. But owners get really disappointed when they see their newly bought jeep sky one touch leaking.

If you are one of them, I know your sorrow, and my suggestion is to talk to your supplier as early as possible. if the problem is really negligible, try my mini tips that may help you solve the one-touch leaking problem

Fixing Jeep Wrangler Sky One Touch Problems

Find Out From Where Tt Is Leaking.

When the vehicle’s one-touch leaking, the first and foremost duty is to find out the defective place, take a clear look from side by side when your wrangler is in the wash or the rain. If you find a remarkable hole, you can easily fix it rather than an invisible error.

Talk To Your Dealer Or Supplier.

If you buy a brand new wrangler or Rubicon, XJ or TJ, or the others, you must have a warranty and service policy. So, retake the papers and read all the terms and conditions to check whether you have an opportunity to fix your one-touch jeep problem.

I think this is the best and easy way to fix a vehicle’s roof problem without any personal customization. Personal customization is always unhealthy and risky unless you are an off-road vehicle expert. I think generating a jeep name, choosing beautiful decals is enough when you are trying to make your first customization.

Clear All The Junks 

Once you find the broken place from where water is leaking, your next step will be clearing junk around it. If you don’t remove all moles of rust, keep in mind that it will rewind your jeep’s roof whenever it gets an opportunity.

Do you want to have a perfect finishing? Clear all junks, dust, and other garbage, and don’t take a time-saving step before any automotive repair.

Spray Heavy Duty Silicone

silicone spray can make longer your jeep exterior’s life by removing any possible dust and rust. Its chemical process hinders any rust from taking shelter in your jeep and helps kits to adjust in vehicle’s parts.

There are many online and offline suppliers from where you can buy this product from 10 to 25 dollars. If your one-touch system uses a rubber pad with a soft top, you can also try silicone lubricant plus, which is considered the best for rubber kits.

Use Seal Kits

Use Seal Kits

When you see the jeep’s top is going to decay and your dealer is not responding to servicing issues, then using seal kits is the most trusted solution. Remove older or broken kits that seem noisy and adjust new seal kits, which you might buy in a low price range.

Check Perfect Opening And Closing

Check Perfect Opening And Closing

one touch is exclusive features that ensure perfect opening and closing over jeep top. There must be no disturbing closing and opening that can leak liquid when you buy a no jeep. But, it happens when you don’t check the rooftop after the end of an outdoor trip.

Always check the entire top so that there is no wood, Tree bunch, or anything unusual that can hinder one-touch closing. If you face that unusual problem that can also leak water, fix it as early as possible.

Check Roof Rack And Take Fewer Pieces Of Stuff On Top

people try to carry their whole house on the jeep’s ceiling when they are planning for a trip, which can pressure the one-touch system. When they are doing this for an extended period, it makes a permanent injury on the jeep’s top. If you have done that type of cut on the roof, take the necessary steps to protect the sky one touch.

Always use an adjustable roof rack that doesn’t make pressure on roof technology if you are a wrangler owner, and use a lightweight roof rack for Grand Cherokee.

Check The System

one touch is an automatic system, and there should be a chance of program and electrical error that can hinder perfect roof closing. And I think this is a hidden chance of leaking your sky one touch.

Check The System

You should not check it alone as you don’t know everything about the jeep. just include checking the one-touch system in your regular maintenance list or call a serviceman immediately when it is leaking


jeep sky one-touch leaking problem decreases the riding taste of a family planning for a trip in a rainforest. It reduces the joy and safety of a traveler in any place, especially in a rainy or winter season.

So, take the necessary steps regarding the depth of the problem, and I think my suggestions will help you make wise decisions.

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