How to Troubleshoot and Fix U1411 Jeep Liberty DTC Code?

Jeep Liberty is known to be one of the high-performing SUVs. However, this doesn’t mean it is out of any issues. Owners of liberty frequently deal with various DTC codes, U1411 is one of them. 

Fortunately, you can easily deal with the U1411 code on Jeep Liberty  if you take the right approach. In this blog, we will walk you through the detailed troubleshooting steps to remove the code.

What Does U1411 Jeep Liberty Code Mean?

In simple language the code U1411 means. ‘Implausible Fuel Volume Signal Received’ The electronic control module of your car thinks there is a lack of communication between the fuel delivery sensor and the BCM. 

The body control module transmits fuel volume messages to the powertrain control module of your car using the CAN C bus. The fuel level sensor is responsible for directing input to the body control module.  

But due to some issues, if the powertrain control module finds the fuel volume message implausible, you get the code U1411. 

According to car complaints, the most affected Jeep Liberty model is the 2006 model. And most owners of the particular model deal with the code U1411. 

We see there are almost 700 complaints regarding this model of the Jeep Liberty with different issues. Here is the breakdown of the code;

  • U= Network.
  • 1= A generic manufacturer-specific code derived from the SAE standard. 
  • 4= Additional systems for emission reduction.
  • 11= Specific fault code 00-99 ( Here, the fault code indicated issues with the fuel volume message)

U1411 Code: What Caused the Implausible Fuel Volume Signal Received on the Jeep Liberty?

The case of the fuel implausible volume signal received by the powertrain control module appears due to the wrong fuel volume message. 

The fuel level sensor plays a crucial role in directing the input of the fuel volume messages to the body control module. 

So, as the fuel volume message is implausible, the components can become the culprit responsible for directing and transmitting the message. 

Or the elements involved in this fuel volume message delivery system. Let’s look at the possible causes of code U1411. 

  • Bad fuel level sensor wiring harness.
  • Bad fuel level sensor. 
  • Body control module shorted harness. 
  • The body control module has a poor electrical connection. 
  • Defective body control module.
  • Bad powertrain control module.

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How to Troubleshoot & Fix the U1411 Jeep Liberty Code?

The DTC code can be eliminated with ease once you are aware of its potential causes. Here is the troubleshooting guide for code U1411 to fix it in the right order. 

1. Check the Wiring Harness of the Fuel Level Sensor

In most cases, the wiring harness gets damaged or worn out. In these instances, it is recommended to change the wire harness by purchasing a new one. Additionally, we have to make sure the wiring harness is compatible with the fuel level sensor. 

2. Check the Bad Fuel Level Sensor

Possibly, the fuel level sensor wiring harness is good, but the fuel level sensor itself can malfunction. 

So, after checking the fuel level sensor wiring harness, you need to check the fuel level sensor. As you know, properly functioning the fuel level sensor is critical. 

If the fuel level sensor fails or is bad, it can’t transmit the proper fuel volume message to the powertrain control module. 

And for this, the electronic control system of your Jeep detects the implausible fuel volume message and triggers the code U1411.

You know the solution. What you need to do is carefully check the fuel level sensor. Sometimes, the sensor can be corroded or becomes clogged. Clean it properly. 

Additionally, we recommend you check whether there is enough fuel in the fuel tank. Sometimes, lack of fuel can also cause the code. 

If cleaning the sensor won’t work and you find any physical damage, you should replace it. Replacing the fuel level sensor on your Jeep might cost around $900-$1100.

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3. Check Body Control Module Shorted Harness

You can’t allow the body control module to malfunction. The body control module has to be vital in transmitting the fuel volume message to the powertrain control module. 

The body control module can fail first because of the shortened wiring harness. You can’t expect the body control module to run smoothly with a faulty wiring harness connected to several sensors and electrical components. 

The wiring harness of the body control module is often shorter due to the electric short circuit. So first, you need to inspect your Jeep Liberty’s harness visually. 

If you find the wiring harness in extremely wear-out condition or damaged, there are no alternative ways to replace it. Sometimes, a shorted harness might also result in a malfunctioning body control module.

4. Check the Body Control Module Poor Electronic Poor Signal

It might happen that the body control module is not getting the expected power compared to what it needs to run correctly. Usually, the body control module gets electrical power from the battery via a wiring harness. 

Now, if the body control module doesn’t power up properly, it can’t get input from different electrical devices, including the fuel level sensor.

Now what wrong can happen in such a case? You’ve already checked the wiring harness of the body control module. So, the changes are that your car’s battery can’t deliver enough electrical power. 

That’s why you need to test the battery voltage to see whether it generates enough power for the body control module. 

Besides, ensure the wiring harness connected with the body control module is not loose and exposed to cutting. If the wiring harness is loose, you should tighten the wiring harness. 

If you don’t have the equipment to test and tighten the wiring harness, go with the mechanic.

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5. Check and Replace the Faulty Body Control Module

We have covered every possible reason for which the code is present but what if doing so won’t fix the issue?  Then, there is an extreme chance that the body control module goes bad. And do you know what it means? 

If the body control module malfunctions, it cannot receive directed input from the fuel level sensor. 

And,  if this happens, how can the body control module transmit the fuel volume message to the powertrain control module via CAB C Bus? Now, why can the body control module go bad?

Wait a minute! If the body control module goes bad, it can cause other electrical components, such as the headlights, to go out. 

The BCM can go bad due to extreme heat, age, short circuits, etc. In such a case, you should check and replace the BCM, which might cost you $300-$500.

6. Check the Faulty Powertrain Control Module

This is the last thing you should check if the solutions above can’t fix the code U1411. The powertrain control module can go bad and cause an implausible fuel volume signal. 

And if the powertrain control module goes bad, even if the fuel level sensor and body control module are fine, your Jeep computer can trigger the code U1411.

The powertrain control module can go bad for many reasons. Such as if there is a short circuit, extreme rust, corrosion, or thermal stress. So, you should first visually inspect the powertrain control module underneath the hood, driver’s side of the vehicle. 

Now if the powertrain control module is seriously shorted, worn out, or damaged, you need to replace it as soon as possible. 

And it can cost you around $1000-$1100. But before, that always goes with the deep checking process. The engine is supposed to stall due to bad PCM.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve come across too many questions asked by the Jeep Liberty owners regarding code U1411. Here, we provide answers to some questions from an expert’s perspective.

Can you drive a Jeep Liberty with U1411 Code?

Well, you can, but experts do not recommend driving your car with that code. Maybe you can drive for a while but who knows this might cause further damage.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix the Jeep Liberty U1411 Code?

The fixing cost of the code U1411 on your Jeep Liberty depends on what caused the issue. If there are issues with the wiring harness, you need to spend less. If major components fail, you need to spend more. 

Can you fix U1411?

The answer to this question depends on whether you have any previous experience and whether you have the necessary tools. In most cases, people lack the necessary expertise and tools. Therefore, assistance from a qualified mechanic is helpful in preventing further damage.

Final Thoughts

Once the code is stored, try to get the root cause of it. If you are not eligible to find the reason, don’t hesitate to take help from an expert mechanic in such a case. 

The U1411 code is easy to fix. But try to fix the code as efficiently as possible so that it does not appear frequently.

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