Are White Jeeps Girly: Everything You Need To Know

After exploring Jeep demographics, we can assure you that white jeeps are not girly. And more men own Jeeps than females, which indicates that such jeeps are more common amongst men. Also, upgrading the Jeep features or specs can make your Jeep look more masculine than ever.

Modifying the exterior, interior, and upgrading some internal systems can provide a macho look to your vehicle. But if it is not your plan, let us review some manly jeeps to buy from. 

Are White Jeeps Girly?

White is the gender-neutral color for any vehicle exterior. So, white jeeps are not girly. And to back up our claim, there is a study that concludes the white as a more masculine color than feminine. 

Also, symbolically, white represents elegance and modernity. And these two traits can complement all gender types. 

Do Only Girls Drive White Jeeps?

No, girls alone do not drive white Jeeps. In fact, men drive more white Jeeps than females. How do we know so? 

Yes, that is known by the Jeep statistics. According to Jeep’s owners’ demographic, around 72% of men drive jeeps. And 28% of Jeep owners are female. 

It means that men drive Jeeps more than women. And the most common color of the Jeep lineup is white. So, it indicates that men also drive white Jeeps. 

What Are Masculine Jeeps?

The definition of masculine jeeps can vary from person to person. Because two men cannot prefer the same things when it comes to driving a Jeep. 

But in general, a vehicle that has warmer shades of exterior with robust performance and build quality is considered manly.  So, a Jeep with a minimalistic design and greater maneuverability can appeal to men more.  

How to Make My Jeep Masculine?

If you feel that your white jeep looks unmanly, you can go for aftermarket modification to make it more masculine. So, to drive more confidently, go for these customizations – 

Replace Tires

Bigger tires with rugged build-quality look more manly than feminine. So, we suggest replacing the stock wheels with tires that have more circumferential patterns on them. 

These tires can resist stress against off-road obstacles. And drivers prefer such wheels for aggressive driving that fits their masculine personality. The design or grooves on them make them appear macho. 

Also, install wheels that have more speed rating than your vehicle’s speed capacity. And these tires can give some extra traction and smooth performance on rough terrain. 

Drivers that want a manly jeep can go for these as the wheels are better for sporty driving. 

To feel more confident to go on a challenging ride, look for tires that offer wet traction. As per our research, tires with specialized tread patterns provide a better grip against muddy and wet surfaces.

Upgrade the Interior

When it comes to manly Jeep interior, “less is more.” Let us clarify if your white Jeep has an excessive design and color scheme, the vehicle will seem feminine. In order to eliminate that, upgrade the design with simple shapes and warm colors. 

For warm shades of color inside, go for neutral black and charcoal gray colored seats and equipment.  

Also, avoid frills and symmetric design on the seats to bring a manly appeal. For the material of the seats, roof, and center console, we’d prefer to consider leather as it enhances the masculine vibe. 

More Horsepower

According to a study, men tend to drive faster and more aggressively on roads than females. And only a Jeep with more horsepower can fuel that masculinity. 

So, if you feel your white Jeep does not accelerate or perform faster, go for engine modification. 

Replacing the stock engine with a power terrain or engine that can burn fuel more quickly. This will make sure you get more horsepower on the terrain. 

However, if you are not up for that, we suggest changing the exhaust system upgrade. It can cost you around 4150 to $2000+ based on your region. 

Upgrade the Exterior

You do not need to paint your white Jeep with other colors to bring a masculine appeal to the exterior. Instead, we would advise tinting the windows. Confused? 

Well, what we meant is covering the windows with a protective and thin layer of wrap or film. And choose dark-colored film as it gives off an aesthetically masculine look. You will need to contact your dealer and share your preference for the required tinting film. 

However, if it seems too much of a job, change the stock head and tail lights. White jeeps usually do not have bold–looking lights. So, install the ones that look sturdy and have a sophisticated design to it. 

And you can never go wrong with racing stripes or stickers. Get some of them online and place them on one side of the Jeep. Avoid overcrowding the body with stickers to maintain a bold–sporty look. 

What Are the Most Masculine Jeeps?

If you are quite in a fix, whether to go for a white Jeep or not, you can explore these masculine Jeep options. These vehicles are considered masculine in exterior and performance:

Jeep Wrangler

Hands down, Jeep Wrangler is one of the most lucrative yet affordable vehicles. Its body kit or additional components are installed on the exterior, making it look macho. 

It comes in a sports edition as well. So, if you are adventurous enough to go uphill or off-road, Wrangler can be your adventure buddy. And guess what? Its steel wheels, leather seats, and smart tech make it appear sophisticated. 

Jeep Gladiator

The Gladiator lineup from the Jeep offers engine choices. So, if you want to go for more horsepower for challenging driving, choose the Pentastar V6 engine. 

This powertrain produces 285 horsepower which is more than enough for faster acceleration against uneven surfaces. 

Also, it features advanced technological sensors for smart parking and safe driving. Its radar sensors detect any obstacle that you cannot see in front or behind your Jeep. 

Such advancement makes you more confident to drive on heavily crowded roads without bumping into other cars or obstacles. 


We understand that Jeep is not only a vehicle but also a means of expressing your personality. So, if you still have confusion regarding what makes a Jeep masculine and feminine, explore these questions:  

How to avoid buying a girly Jeep?

Jeep comes with limited edition colors and lineups for their vehicles. So, to stand out from the rest, you can grab such a limited model. For that, you will need to regularly check their website. Also, avoid buying loud-colored Jeeps such as pink, purple, yellow, etc. 

Why do some people consider white jeeps girly?

Due to gender stereotypes or generalized views, some people think that women prefer white color. Therefore, some men feel embarrassed while driving white jeeps. But for Jeeps, white is a standardized color for all genders. 

Which colored graphic or car stripes can make white Jeeps manly?  

The most common racing stripes color for men is dark maroon, black, and red. If you place such warm-shaded stickers on your white Jeep, the vehicle looks sporty. Avoid blue, purple, and too intense colors to maintain a minimalism that indicates masculinity. 


You will find conflicting answers regarding whether white jeeps are girly or not across different forums. It mainly happens because some white Jeeps have poor configurations that cannot perform better while water fording and ground clearance. 

And some drivers have gone for aftermarket mod that makes their jeep manly. To get out of such confusion, we highly suggest contacting your dealer. They can share tips on what white jeeps are for your manly traits. 

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