Detroit Axle Vs. Moog Ball Joints: The Ultimate Differences

Ball joints are essential parts that connect steering knuckles to the control arms. Detroit Axle and Moog are two premier ball joint manufacturers. Both have their benefits and flaws, though. In the battle between Detroit Axle vs. Moog, you should make your choice based on what’s more convenient for you.

Both Detroit Axle and Moog provide top-tier performance. Detroit Axles are famous for being tough and long-lasting. On the other hand, Moogs are renowned for its premium quality parts.

When it comes to car suspension parts, people frequently have to choose between Detroit and Moog since they want the best quality without spending a fortune. We will dive deep into this topic and hopefully provide more insight into what you should choose.

Detroit Axle Overview

Ball joints are one of the most crucial parts of steering a vehicle. Ball joints enable the ride to move in all directions, directly connected to the steering knuckles.

Detroit Axle

Detroit Axle ball joints are a premium quality manufacturer known for its toughness and longevity. They’re well-recognized for their affordability. They are also a leader on the international scene and have dealerships there.

One of the first goods the company offered was ball joints. Even a whole suspension package is available.

The professionals that developed the kit believe it to be better than any competition in the given price range. The fitment chart recommends this product to customers looking for ball joint parts.

But as for most products that come at a lower price, Detroit Axles, too, have some issues to look out for.


  • They’re more affordable in comparison
  • Build quality promises the ball joints to be long-lasting
  • Free delivery for the product and well-trained service crews
  • Provides warranty of up to ten years
  • Easier to install


  • It doesn’t improve the ride quality in 17 to 20-inch wheels.
  • Quality might not be the best because of cheap micro parts

Moog Overview

Moog’s design is one of the factors that make it one of the top ball joint manufacturers. One key reason why Moog ball joints are so good is that they allow grease to flow smoothly.


As grease gets to the stud, the friction decreases, making the ride much smoother though sometimes it enables the traction control light to ON due to less traction. The design itself is built in a way that enables it to flush out dangerous materials that would otherwise corrode the metal body and shorten its lifespan. The innate steel build also makes the ball joints more durable and robust.

Another benefit of Moog ball joints includes their large housing. It enables dust reduction and better airflow.

Moog ball joints are steeper in price when compared to other ball joint manufacturing companies like Detroit Axle. But still, they’re considered cost-efficient due to their superior build quality.


  • Provides lifetime warranty
  • Premium quality build that enhances the riding experience
  • Grease flow prevents corrosion
  • Better customer service for replacement issues


  • Expensive compared to Detroit Axle
  • Has compatibility issues

Comparison Table – Detroit Axle Vs. Moog

Here’s a quick table to highlight the points we’ve discussed. We will highlight everything as short pointers below.

We will look at their cost efficiency, build quality, and quality of services. Also, how much they enhance the riding experience, their longevity, and installation process separately.

Comparison PointsDetroit AxleMoog
Cost efficiencyAffordableComparatively expensive
Build qualityFollows standard quality controlFollows or exceeds the SQC
Riding experienceIt doesn’t affect the riding experienceSmoothens the ride
LongevityTen years replacement warrantyLifetime warranty
Installation processFlexibleFaces compatibility issues

Difference Between Detroit Axle Vs. Moog (Explained)

Detroit Axle and Moog are premium quality world-renowned parts brands producing top-tier ball joints for semi-trucks like Peterbilt 378 vs 379. But for your convenience, we will take some points separately and compare these brands.

Cost Efficiency

Detroit ball joints are cheaper compared to Moog ball joints. This is mainly because Moog ball joints come with premium micro parts. These parts help in the overall performance.

On the other side of the spectrum, Detroit ball joints lack those premium parts but still provide a tough and durable total build.

If you want an affordable ball joint that’s durable, you should go for Detroit ball joints. If you can increase your budget, though, Moog ball joints might be a better option.

Build Quality

Detroit ball joints are built in a way that strictly follows standard quality controls. On the other hand, Moog matches or sometimes even exceeds that quality control.

Moog comes with premium micro parts that allow smoother grease flow. This grease flow prevents corrosion and provides dust control. You don’t even need any undercoating kits like Woolwax or fluid film to protect the parts.

Boost In Riding Experience

Ball joints from Moog include a smoother grease flow. This, in turn, makes the car run smoother. This is thanks to decreased friction as grease flows to the stud.

They also have more built space that allows dust removal and total corrosion. This increases longevity.


Moog provides a lifetime warranty for their ball joints. This applies to most build quality faults. Due to their steel build, they’re pretty durable, and their micro shape prevents corrosion.

Detroit ball joints provide a ten-year warranty, with terms and conditions applied. Their build quality is also quite durable and rugged.

Installation Process

Moog ball joints are car-dependent. The process might be pretty straightforward, but they might face compatibility issues. They offer complete suspension kits with everything you require to lower the suspension or on your vehicle.

Detroit Axle or Moog: Which One To Choose?

Choosing between Detroit ball joint and Moog may depend on your budget and preference.

If you’re looking for a ball joint that will serve you well and is durable, but your budget is limited, you can go for Detroit ball joints. They also provide a ten-year replacement warranty. As ball joints usually last for three years, this shouldn’t be too much of a concern.

But if you’re looking for a smoother experience and a lifetime warranty, Moog is your best bet. If you can stretch your budget more, you can get the premium Moog ball joints that will smooth out your suspension.

Moog and Detroit ball joints both are premium quality products that are internationally recognised. So you can’t go wrong with either.

Please make your choice depending on precisely what you’re looking for based on the points we’ve mentioned above. Both of these joints will make your steering much smoother and long-lasting as replacement parts go. 

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