Exploring the Trendy Jeep Snazzberry in 2023 [Updated]

After exploring the trendy jeep snazzberry, we found that the Snazberry-coated Jeep models have off-road performance capacity, smart radars, and equipment for comfortable and safer drive. However, the Snazzberry color is only available for Wrangler and Gladiator models produced in 2021-2022.

It leads to the question, “Did Jeep discontinue Snazzberry?” In a word, limited edition color vehicles are available at some dealers. Also, you can get the color with aftermarket customization. But for that, you need to know how to approach the dealers. Let’s get to know the details!   

Overview of the Jeep Snazzberry

Jeep always launches a range of colors for their vehicles. Keeping with the legacy, they have introduced the Snazzberry color for the 2021 and 2022 models. 

However, just because this color is available for 2021-2022 models, does not mean it was launched in 2021. Rather, it was first introduced at Chicago Auto Show in 2020. But Jeep stopped Snazzberry production after a while after its inauguration. 

They could not make the color production run in 2020 due to the pandemic. So, to compensate, they produced Snazzberry-coated trim for the next 2 years after the pandemic. 

The Gladiator and Wrangler models were built in Snazzberry, so the engines of these vehicles are powerful. 

These two lineups feature V6 engines that produce high torque for consistent power,

What Color is snazzberry?

Snazzberry’s color is a shade of reddish-maroon. Generally, the color seems metallic maroon. It means that the Jeep Snazzberry’s exterior resembles the shades of several metals. 

Moreover, the Snazzberry also has a shine to it. As a result, the external body of the Jeep seems reflective. Overall, this is mostly maroon with a tint of red.

Is the Snazzberry available?

Jeep Snazzberry was available mainly for the Jeep Gladiator and Wrangler models produced in the 2021-2022 years. Then, Jeep discontinued the color in 2023. 

So, if you want to order a brand-new Jeep manufactured in 2023, they will not be able to offer the Snazzberry color. 

However, across the Jeep forums and automotive sites, you will find conflicting answers regarding its availability update. We do not blame the forum for the confusing answers. 

Why? This is because this color’s production was postponed and resumed a few times. So many commenters and posters do not have accurate availability updates. 

In 2020, this shiny, color-coated exterior made its debut. Jeep, however, put off building the Snazberry-colored body because of the pandemic.

And guess what? They re-launched the color in 2021 for the 2021–2022 Wrangler and Gladiator models. 

Then, in 2023, Dubbed Earl replaced the Snazzberry. So, officially, from the 2023 model year on, the Snazzberry is unavailable.

Sometimes, you might see the option available on the Jeep site. But upon contacting their customer service representative, Wendy, many clients found out that the website takes time to update the unavailability information. 

So, do not let the website’s options fool you. Instead, ask your dealers or the Jeep team to get the most accurate information. 

How to Get Your Jeep Painted in Snazzberry

As the Snazzberry was mainly a limited edition for the 2022 Jeep exterior, you will no longer find the color option. 

Having said that, some dealers can still sell the Snazzberry-coated Jeep, especially the used ones.

So, to get your hands on such a color, you will need to buy previously-owned 2022 Wrangler or Gladiator models. Another solution we would suggest is to go for aftermarket modifications. 

In order to illustrate, you can contact an authorized dealer to have your old Jeep built with a Snazzberry exterior. If they have the color available, they will do so, but the cost might be more than $295.

Also, you can share your Snazzberry preferences with the dealers. And they might show you some replicas or similar exterior designs that look like Snazzberry. 

But for such customization, you will need to contact reputable aftermarket experts.

Features of Jeep Snazzberry

Jeep Snazzberry does not stand out only for its sleek color. In fact, it also has updated build quality and off-road features that make it a high-end grab. 

So, if you are lucky enough to find Snazzberry Wrangler or Gladiator, you can enjoy the features described below –

Off-Road Build

The body-on-frame construction of the Jeep Snazzberry makes it a sturdy vehicle to explore off-road tracks. So, while driving it on uneven terrain, the Jeep feels durable.

If you are in doubt regarding its performance off-road, let us assure you that the vehicle has Trail Rated Badge.

Jeep certifies a few of its models with this badge after they have tested the vehicle’s movements on different terrains.

And the Jeep Snazzberrry models have passed with flying colors during water fording, ground clearance, and all-terrain performance. So, the driver shifts smoothly while going uphill or on country roads. 

It also features a heavy windshield made of Corning Gorilla Glass. Thus, it prevents cracks in the glass if the debris hits your car while you are driving on rough terrain.

Smart Tech

Jeep Snazzberry Wrangler and Gladiator models have stepped up their safety features with smart technological specs. Let us explain –

Sometimes, obstacles can block the view of the road through the Jeep. It increases the possibility of fatal crashes. 

And to eliminate the issue, Jeep has configured radar detectors in their Snazzberry lineups. The Radar detects if there is a vehicle or obstacle nearby so that you can drive safely.

These models also have Park Sense and Park Assist, so drivers can park without bumping into anything. 

The park sensors and camera help identify whether you are too close to any objects in the parking lot. 


We appreciate that the manufacturer has considered the comfort of drivers. Therefore, they included a right-hand–drive (RHD) option. 

This makes it easier for right-handed drivers to control the Jeep smoothly.  Also, if you need to access the mailbox, the RHD Snazzberry version keeps you close to the mail carriers or boxes.  

And due to the wireless connectivity feature, you can comfortably make hands-free calls and stream music while driving.  

Is It Worth Getting a Jeep Snazzberry?

In our opinion, getting your hands on a Jeep Snazberry is a great deal. Because the unique design and color will make it stand out on the road. 

And if you are a fan of the limited edition model, we guess you will not regret buying it!

The color it shows off has shine and sleekness to it. So, if you prefer a metallic exterior that reflects, this can be your ultimate go-to. 

Also, the Snazzberry models are advanced with high-end tech. So, to get the best of safety, unique look, and comfort, there is nothing wrong with relying on it. 


The confusion regarding the availability of the Jeep Snazzberry color seems never-ending, especially if you are browsing automotive sites for the color. And to put your confusion at rest, here are the queries to explore –

Will Jeep’s snazzberry color make a comeback?

It depends on the Jeep manufacturers. Some of their old colors, such as hydro blue, sting-gray, and granite crystal, have returned for the 2023 lineups. So, you never know when they will relaunch the demanding Snazzberry. 

Is snazzberry a unisex color option for Jeep?

Yes, as the Snazzberry has shades of color, it does not seem too loud or pale. Therefore, all gender types can drive such colored Jeeps. However, if you do not like maroon, this lineup might not entice you. 

Do you need to pay extra for the Snazzberry trim?

No matter which color you choose to build your Jeep’s exterior with, you will need to pay for the color. So, to get Snazzberry Trim, you might need to spend more than $290. The costs may vary according to your region and dealers. 


For exploring the trendy Jeep Snazzberry’s availability, we’d highly suggest contacting Jeep customer support. 

They will better answer whether you can still get this color from some dealers or not.

Also, if you contact them first, they will share an estimated cost for building the exterior in Snazzberry. Thus, it will prevent you from getting deceived by any dealer.

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